Rare old photos of residents and settlers of Colfax, McLean Co., Illinois

Place the Face Contest

     The Coflax Press ran a contest (sorry, I don't know the date) for
their subscribers to identify residents of the past. My grandmother
saved and labeled every one! This is that series.

     The first person to identify either or both of the above 
pictures will receive one year's Free subscription to The Colfax 
Press. This is the first in a series of pictures from the past. To 
qualify for the year's subscription the picture must be identified 
before the Tuesday following its publication. Winners and their 
answers will appear in the next week's paper.

     Mrs. Frank Bilbrey was the first of five persons to correctly
identify last week's elderly gentleman as James Williams, one of the
first settlers at Colfax. Mrs. Bilbrey received a year's free 
subscription to The Colfax Press, as will the first person to identify
this week's photo. The boy, which appeared with last week's old-timer
was not correctly identified.

     GOOD NEWS FOR THE RURAL CONTESTANTS! Mrs. Emma Cole beat a good
many people to last week's free subscription by naming the mystery
man as Dr. D.F. Douglass. This week 2 free subscriptions, for one
year each, will be awarded - one to the first person in town to
correctly identify the above photo, and another will go to the first
correct guesser from the rural routes. This is a chance for the 
country folks, who get their papers Friday morning, to get in on the


     Last week's picture of J.R. Arnold was identified first by Mrs.
Kate Grending, of Benton City, Washington, who was visiting in 
Colfax. Mrs. Ida Willhoite, of R.R. 2, received the second free
subscription. The same opportunities are open this week, with a free
subscription going to the first person in town to identify the above
picture, and a second free subscription to the first correct
identification from anyone on the rural routes.


     Due to a misunderstanding as to who lives on the rural routes 
and who lives in town, three free subscriptions were awarded last 
week. After Jay Turnipseed identified the picture as that of Dr. 
Frank J. Mittan, Mrs. U.S. Hatch, of Rt. 1, and Ival Bunn, of Rt. 2, 
both received subscriptions. We'll try to award two subscriptions 
this week, one to town and one to the rural routes, but anything can 

     Mrs. Nancy O'Neil was the first person to identify last week's 
picture of Mrs. LaSalle Stoops. The rural route winner was Mrs. 
Luther Wagoner, of Route 1. Both received a free extention of one 
year to their subscriptions. Two more free subscriptions will be 
given this week, one in town and the other on the routes.

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