1901 McLure School

(Now 0ver 100 years ago and sent to me by Marianne Stuckey Carraway, grandniece of Frank Gray)

The photo above will be of interest to the “old-timers” of Colfax. The group is of
the School District No. 5, which was later changed to Dist. 172 and known as
McClure School, located three miles south and one mile east of Colfax. The
school house and the ground was sold when the schools were consolidated and
is now the home of Mr. and Mrs. Elton Gee and family. 

BOTTOM ROW: Stanley Ritchie, Homer Ritchie, Owen McClintock, Earl
Thompson, Howard Ritchie, Lee Thompson, John Sailor.

SECOND ROW: Bertha Gray, Alta Harris, Mabel Iseman, Cora Iseman, Eleanor
McClintock, Grace Wonderlin, Jessie Gray, Edith Harris, Leonard Ritchie, Lee
McClure, Dwight Sailor.

THIRD ROW: Zelda Retch, Eva Retch, Nettle Spruce, John McClure, Frank
Gray, Mrs. Chris Ritchie, director; Minnie Bradford, teacher; D.D. Sailor, director;
Roscoe Hicks, Elsie Hicks and Lizzie Turnipseed.

The picture was taken November 25, 1901. Frank Gray, who brought the old
photo to The Press, is the only one living in Colfax at the present time. It is
interesting to note that the 45-star flag has the field arranged similar to our new
50-star flags.

1925 Colfax 6th Grade

This is the 6th grade class of Colfax school in 1925. 
Please let me know if you can identify any of the 
children in this photo so I can add their names.

5th and 6th Grades - 1914 - 15 - 16 Colfax Public Schools, Colfax, Illinois

Teacher - Miss Marie Junks, Normal, Illinois

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