Johannes Scholl Family Album

John Scholl

               Johannes (John) Scholl was born April 9, 
               1855 in Maulbach, Oberhessen, Germany and died 
               February 4, 1910 in Colfax, McLean Co., IL. He 
               married Fredericka Dunkleman on August 4, 1882
               in Bloomington, McLean Co., IL. Together they
               raised a family on a farm in Colfax.
               While still underage, Johannes and his brothers,
               Kasper and Heinrich were sent to this country by
               their parents to escape being conscripted by 
               Bismark, who was taking young boys from their 
               homes and putting them on the front lines.

Fredericka Dunkleman Scholl
Fredericka Dunkleman was born October 11,
1858 in Heilbronn, Germany and died November
23, 1908 in Colfax, McLean Co., IL at the
age of 49, the daughter of L. Dunkleman and
J. Wolf. She married John Scholl and lived
a sparse life on a small farm, but was dearly
loved by her children.

I know very little about her or her
family except for a letter saved by my
Grandfather, from her niece in Germany, 
except that she spoke German in the home and 
died too young. She bore 7 children and is 
buried in Wiley Cemetery, Colfax, IL.

This is a photo of John and Fredericka Scholl's children in 1912 in front of 
the home of "Pete" and "Kate" (Scholl) Watson the first Christmas after they
were married.

From L-R: John Henry "Yock" Scholl, Ethel (Bunn) Scholl holding their 
daughter, Lylith, Norvell "Norvey" Wright, Bertha "Bert" (Scholl) Wright, 
Fred Scholl, Elizabeth "Liz" (Scholl) Canute, Melvin Canute, their son, 
John Canute, Ilene (Wood) Scholl, Leona Fincham (little girl), William 
John "Bill" Scholl, Katherine "Kate" (Scholl) Watson, Lewis "Pete" Watson,
baby Thelma Fincham, Lemual "Lem" Fincham and Pauline "Polly" (Scholl) Fincham.

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