1932 Aegis-Bloomington, McLean Co., Illinois high school annual with photos and names of all students

In Memoriam Horatio G. Bent

Deceased June 16, 1931 

On June 16, 1931 
Horatio G. Bent passed 
form our midst, 
leaving us the memory 
of a life beautiful in 
the service of the 
public schools of

We, the members 
of the Board of 
Education and its 
officers, wish to pay 
to him a just tribute 
of honor and esteem.

For thirty-six years 
Mr. Bent served at 
various times as
president, treasurer, 
business manager and 
secretary of the
Board; the longest 
term of service given 
to the public schools
of Bloomington by any
of it's citizens; an 
evidence of the 
confidence placed in 
him, by the patrons
of the schools.

     He was a man of 
superior mind, of 
unselfish conduct, of
strict integrity. His 
good cheer and kindly, 
courteous manner, his 
loyalty to the 
teachers, his thorough 
understanding and rare
ability in 
administering to the 
needs of the schools; 
his years of faithful, 
loyal service won for 
him the high esteem of 
all his associates. 
The entire community 
has felt the influence 
of his fine 
personality, his 
energy, his clear 
thinking and wise 
counsel for its 
schools. To all who 
would receive it he 
gave the lavish gift 
of himself.

     He has left an 
imprint on the records 
of the public schools 
of Bloomington that can 
never be removed, and 
we who knew him so well 
may say in truth, it 
was good to have had 
such a friend.

C. Stephenson
S.K. McDowell
E.L. Brown
Louise Seibert
Clara D. Munce
Kaywin Kennedy
Alfred O. Brown
A.G. Erickson
Mattie C. Bishop

1932 Bloomington High School Aegis

Dedication to Grace Parker, Latin Department
Superb Teacher - Unfailing Friend

     To Miss Grace Parker who, as inspiring teacher, brilliant
scholar, exemplary character, constant friend and loyal educational
servant, has enriched our years in Bloomington High School, the
Senior Class of 1932 dedicates this volume in grateful and loving

1932 Aegis Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Mary McDorman
Business Manager: John Morris
Business Staff: Mark Brennan, Howard Frank, Tom Guy, Jimmie 
          Jackson, Everett Melby, John Morrison, Charles Northrup, 
          Robert Ochs, Richard Postlethwait, Bradford Rogers, Albert
          Sayers, Nyle Scholl, Clinton Soper, Leon Steele, John Van 
Literary: Ruth Armstrong, Miriam Brown, Katherine Colvin, Mary 
          Katherine Davidson, Susan Havens, Virginia Mammen, 
          Geraldine Merchant, Nancy Raisbeck.
Alumni: Virginia Deetz, Betty Nierstheimer, Adolph Zalucha.
Athletic: Melville Ewert, John MacKay.
Art: Edith Ernst, Jess Goodheart, margaret Troegle, Eva Van Winkle.
Assembling: Edna Bigger, margaret Egan, Doris Hamlow, Ruth Johnson.
Humorous: William George Brown, Floyd Sakemiller.
Organization: Grace Beyer, Charles Hardway, Marjorie Hillrichs, 
          Audrey Marshall.


W.A. Goodier, Principal          S.K. McDowell, Superintendent
J.P. Harrison, Social Science    P.C. Kurtz, Vice-Principal
Louise Lange, Social Science     Bess Cash, Social Science
H.L. Adams, Social Science       Russell Roberts, Asst Coach Soc Sci
Grace Parker, Latin              Efie Sutton, Latin and English
Gertrude Marquis, French         Netta Niess, Spanish, Phy Geography
Bertha Wykle, Mathematics        Lorah Monroe, Mathematics, English
Rilda Betts, Mathematics         Grace Collins, Mathematics, English
Florence Holloway, Substitute    Mildred Lierman, Mathematics
Grace Inman, Dean of Girls,      Fannie Campbell, English
          English                Blanche Stubblefield, English
Maude Leonard, English           Bertha Morris, English
Margaret Jones, English          Alata Mae Harrison, English
May English, English             Carl Bickel, Substitute
Lucy Parke Williams, Librarian   S.A. Chester, Physics
Marie Phillips, Physiology       E.R. Kirby, Physics
H.L. Slicehenmyer, Chemistry     Vina Kilby, Home Nursing
L.K. Wright, Biology             Ethel Rose, Chemistry, Mathematics
Amelia Vorndran, Phys. Training  Margaret Means, Phys & Com Geography
H.R. Hastings, Athletic and      Dora Munson, Household Economics, 
      Physical Training Dir.              Physiology
M. Maude Smith, Art and Design   Bernice Moulic, Clothing and Survey
Mildred Sutherland, Clothing     L.S. Wood, Industrial Arts
S.F. Bloomquist, Industrial Arts Harold Van Dyke, Industrial Arts
Ethel Gunn, Dramatic Coach       Frances Kessler, Music
Carrie Ruffner, Music Supervisor Alpha Myers, Typing, Shorthand
     Orchestra, Glee Club        Portia Alexander, Commercial
Jessie Cline, Bookeeping,        Elizabeth Nettleton, Shorthand
     Mathematics                 Ethel Oldaker, Bookeeping
Wahnetah Brummett, Typing        Frances Donahue, Commercial
Eunice Hendryx, Telephone        Amelia Rexroat, Secretary to Sup. &
      Operator, Clerk                      Principal
Dorothy Stone, Sec to Principal

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