Letter from Martha Henline in Kansas to her sister-in-law in McLean County

				Western Park sept the 24th 79
Mrs Manda Henline
	Dear sister I received your kind and ever welcome letter 
a few days ago and was excedingly glad to here from you and to 
here that you was all we are all tolerable well but Mom she has 
not been very well for a day or too I guess she is trying to have 
the ague. well Manda I am awful tired tonight Ella and I Cleaned
up the shanty today we are looking for cretia about the last of 
this month she said that the girl that was working for her was 
coming to Emporia kansas and she thought she would come out with 
her tell minie I would like ________ there to help her drink cider 
but I dont care about my bely getting any wider than it is I have 
got to bee as big as Ella I have been stouter since we have been 
out here than I ever was in my life I haven't been sick a day since 
I left there. you have beat me going to church this summer I 
haven't been but once since I left Illinois I have been to sunday 
school twice it is awful lonesome out here I wish lots of times I 
was back there I have been to a good many dances out here there is 
some of the best dancers out here I ever saw dance. I expect you 
have got your hands full I _____ would like to see little Gracy you 
must have her picture taken and send out as soon ase you can and 
Emmas & venas we haven't got either one of there pictures I was 
out to davids yesterday they are all well Marty and clarence had
about forty fights while I was there it is nip and tuck with them 
which can whip how do you like to live up at the head of the timber 
do you ever see or here anything of my feller I guess he has gone 
back orr ____ I haven't heard from him for a long time I expect 
some of the girls back there have cut me out O well let him go 
there is lots of boys in kansas I am about to catch a feller by the 
name of haymaker I think I can get him then I will go to making hay 
There is going to be a Picnic about 3 miles from here next sunday 
I expect I will go well Manda I guess I have wrote enoug for this 
time you must write soon and often
					Give my Love to all
					from Martha Henline

					Excuse all Mistakes

*Thanks to Debbie Morningstar Powell for sending me a copy of the original letter.
**transcribed as written

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