Marriage License issued November 12th A.D. 
1868 to Seth Henline and Amanda E. Hughes.
This certifies that on the 12th day of 
November A.D. 1868, I joined in Wedlock 
Seth Henline and Amanda E. Hughes, the 
parties above named, according to the 
usual custom and laws of the State of 
                 J.C. Rofs
                  Minister of the Gospel

This certifies that Allen Wood and Mina 
Henline of Colfax,State of Illinois were 
united in Marriage According to the 
ordinance of God and the Laws of Illinois 
at Bloomington in said county on the 
second day of March A.D 1893.
                  William P. Kane
                   Minister of the Gospel

This is to certify that William Scholl and 
Ilene Wood of Colfax, Illinois were by me 
united in Marriage on the 23rd day of 
August in the year of our Lord 1911 at the 
Marriage Parlor, Bloomington, Illinois.
                  W. Hendryx, official

This is to certify that on the 11th day 
of August in the year of our Lord 1940 
Mr. Nyle Scholl of  Bloomington and Miss 
Zeta Cox of Bloomington were united in 
Marriage at the Grace Methodist Church,
Bloomington according to the ordinance 
of God and  the Laws of the State of 
                  Rev. Frank Marston

JULY 4,1890
Hiram Henline and Viola Taylor 
celebrated Independence Day 
appropriately by getting married.

JULY 10, 1890
Wm. Harris and Miss Julia Lawrence were 
married last night by Rev. Corn of
Cropsey at the residence of the bride’s 
father, five miles north of Colfax.

MARCH 3, 1891
Mr. Alexander Gillan and Miss Rhoda M. 
Wiley were united in marriage at the
M.E. parsonage on Tuesday evening.

MARCH 4, 1891
Mr. Samuel Clark and Miss Mary Hughes 
were united in marriage at the Methodist 
parsonage on Wednesday evening at 4 

DECEMBER 18, 1891
Harvey Davis and Miss Annie Woodard were 
married Sunday afternoon by Rev. T.J. 

OCTOBER 25, 1892
David Kitner, the drug clerk, went to 
Jacksonville Tuesday and came back
yesterday with a bride, having married 
Miss Elsome Wednesday afternoon. They
will live in La Salle Stoops’ house until 
Mrs. Stoops returns from school.

OCTOBER 27, 1892
Henry Woodard and Miss Minnie Stout, of 
Stanford, were married yesterday by
Rev. King at 3:30 p.m.

JANUARY 25, 1893
Elzy Thompson, of Melvin, and Miss Sarah 
Bunn, of Colfax, were married Wednesday 
by Rev. Dabney at the residence of Henry 
Bunn, the bride’s father.

JUNE 27, 1894 (Date of notice)
Miss Rose Johnson, formerly of Lawndale 
has been married at Lexington,
Neb., to George Quinby of that place.

APRIL 17, 1895
CROPSEY - Ed Kessler and Katie Fargher 
were married at the residence of the
widow Ankers Wednesday evening.

OCTOBER 9, 1895
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Henline, Mr. and Mrs. 
L.R. Wiley and Mr. and Mrs. H.L.
Willhoite attended the wedding of Miss 
Julia, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Thos. 
Wiley, at Gibson Wednesday evening. The 
groom is Frank Hurt, a prominent young 
veterinary surgeon of Ford county.

MARCH 4, 1896
Wm. Hanna and Miss Mary Brown, near Chenoa, 
will be married Wednesday, Mar. 4th at the 
home of the bride’s parents. They will go
to keeping house soon as the groom has 
rented his father’s farm in Yates township.

SEPTEMBER 17, 1896
Will McClure and Miss Minnie Burnett were 
married in Bloomington last night by Rev. 
Gilliland. The bride is a Bloomington young 

DECEMBER 22, 1897
David Gillan and Miss Della Henline were 
united in marriage Wednesday evening at the 
M.E. parsonage, Rev. Jno. Wilkinson 
officiating. Miss Henline is a daughter of 
Henry Henline, well known in and around 
Colfax, and is a very charming lady. Mr. 
Gillan is the youngest brother of Alex 
Gillan. The young couple will occupy one of 
Henry Henline's farms.

Last night at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
William Gaddis of Colfax was solemnized
the marriage of their eldest daughter,
Grace E., to Harlan M. Stuckey, son of
Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Stuckey, 507 West
Jackson Street, Bloomington. The
ceremony was performed by Rev. N.H.
Robertson of Stanford in the presence 
of over 100 guests. Promptly at 6:30
Miss Luverne Waltmire of Tremont 
played the wedding march. The procession
was led by little Fern McClure as flower
girl; then came Miss Helen Gaddis,
sister of the bride, as maid of honor,
with Mr. David Stutzman of Carlock,
cousin of the groom, as best man. Then
followed the bride and groom, who took
their places beneath a canopy of pink
and white streamers banked with palms
and ferns. After the ceremony a supper 
was served. The bride's gown was of 
white embroidered net over white satin,
with a wedding veil of tulle. She 
carried a bouquet of bride roses and
Roman hyacinths. The maid of honor
was attired in pink silk. The little 
flower maiden was all in white and
carried a basket of roses and hyacinths.
The color scheme was pink and white. Mr.
and Mrs. Stuckey left for a short
wedding trip, after which they will be
at home to their friends at Colfax.

McLean Co IL #8238  Jan 9, 1890
Samuel T. TANNER b. Ohio 25 and
Mattie DAVIS b. KY 18 (signed Mother)
residence: Minier, Tazewell, IL
parents:  Samuel Tanner & Lydia Flanders
  James Davis & Elizabeth Bauta (Bentley)
place: Bloomington, IL
date: Jan 9, 1890 registed Jan 9, 1890
witnesses:  F. L. Osborne, Wm Lamme
certified: Colostin D. Myersle?, Judge
Submitted by Mary Buchholz

JUNE 8, 1898
Miss Ivy Gladys Loar, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. T.J. Loar, who has been teaching in 
Utah for the past six years, was married 
Wednesday, June 8th, at 12 o'clock in the 
First Congregational church at Salt Lake 
City, to Elmer Ellsworth Corfman, a lawyer 
of Provo City. They will be at home after 
June 22 at Provo City, Utah.

JANUARY 15, 1899
Elmer O. Baker and Miss Zelia J. Hogan were 
married Saturday by Rev. Baker.
They are living at the Reagan hotel.

SEPTEMBER 10, 1868
Marriage License, Issued September 10th A.D. 
1868, to John M. Brown and Catharine Thompson 
State of Illinois, McLean County.  This 
certifies, that on the 10th day of September 
A.D. 1868, I joined in Wedlock John M. Brown
and Catharine Thompson, the parties above 
named, according to the usual custom and laws 
of the State of Illinois.  Witness my hand 
and seal this 10th day of September 1868.
                     Alex. Steele J.P.

Marriage License issued March 26, 1855 to
Rees Horney and Catherine Warner afft on file.
State of Illinois, Mclean County
This certifies that on the 1st day of April 
A.D. 1835,I joined in wedlock  Rees Horney and 
Catherine Warner according to the usual 
customs and the laws of the State of Illinois,
Witness my hand and Seal this 1st day of April 
Shelton Smith
Minister of the Gospel

LeRoy Journal 
July 14, 1905 
LeRoy, Illinois 

Four people were united in marriage by Rev. B.F. 
Shipp at the Parsonage of the Grace M.E. Church 
in Bloomington, Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 
o'clock. The couples were George E. Phillips of 
Downs and Miss Elsie Hall of Glenavon and Gordon 
H. Fonger and Miss Helen Wheeler of Sabina, IL. 
About a half dozen young people were present at 
the wedding.

    Miss Anna E. Peterson, daughter of Mr. and 
Mrs. Claus Peterson, of Colfax, and Marvin A. 
Stroh, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stroh, of 
Saybrook, were married at 4 p.m. December 27 
(1934) at the Lawndale Evangelical Lutheran 
Church.  The Rev. E.M. Bunge of Chenoa, the 
pastor, officiated at the double ring ceremony.  
Miss Wilma Stroh, sister of the bridegroom, and 
Raymond Hofer, of Chicago, were attendants.  
Mrs. Henry Juers, Jr. played the wedding march.  
Mrs. Verna Ehrhart sang "At Dawning" and I Love 
You Truly."  The bride wore a veil and a pink 
satin gown with blue accessories.  She carried 
an arm bouquet of yellow roses.  The bride's 
maid was dressed in blue silk crepe with gold 
accessories and carried a mixed bouquet.  A 
wedding dinner was served to 75 guests at the 
home of the bride's parents.  The bride's cake 
and table decorations were pink and blue.  Mr. 
and Mrs. Stroh went to Chicago for a short 
wedding trip, and will make their home at the 
farm of the groom's parents near Saybrook.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stroh of Saybrook are 
announcing the marriage of their youngest 
daughter, Lorene Emily, to William F. Hahn, 
son of George A. Hahn of Chicago.  The 
ceremony was performed on Saturday afternoon, 
August 27, (1938).  The attendants were Miss 
Wilma Stroh, sister of the bride, and Mr. and 
Mrs. Harry Howell of Chicago.  
    The bride is a graduate of the Saybrook 
High School with the class of 1932, and has 
been employed in Chicago for the past six 
years as a cashier.
    Mr. Hahn is a graduate of the University 
of Illinois College of Pharmacy and is 
connected with the Fred Harvey drug stores in 
    The young couple will be at home in Chicago 
to their friends after October 1.

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