Christmas Greetings

                                    November 17, 1918

Dear Bro.

     Ilene & you keep asking me to write more often. 
Well I know I don't write very often but if you knew 
how I hate to write you wouldn't say a word. How are 
you? I am feeling fine. Things don't seem the same over
here since the hostilities ceased. I get so lonesome I 
don't know what to do, there was always more or less 
excitement & now there isn't any.
     Wishing you a merry Xmas & a happy New Year. I am 
as ever, your Bro. Fred

To the left is the picture of Fred in the aeroplane.
On the back it says:
1. Guy Koepp, one of my two chums
2. Me, This picture was taken in a hangar & isn't 
   very good.

This is a Curtiss JN 4 Type Aeroplane

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