Potosi -
a Ghost Town
and the
Fairview Community
Muriel Martens Hoffman
Dennis J. Hieronymus (Ed.)

Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments

Township 25 North, Range 6 East of the Third Principal Meridian

Settlement on the Prairie, 1854 - 1860

Part 1: The War Years

Part 2: The War Years - At Home

Part 3: After the War

The Village of Potosi

Life in and around Potosi

Fairview Church

Fairview Cemetery


Belle Prairie Township Map, Hand-drawn, circa 1877

Cropsey Township Map of northern 18 sections, 1874

Patrons of Potosi Post Office

The “Butternut War” at Potosi - article from the Fairbury Blade

“New Railroads,” D. B. Stewart’s Letter to the Editor, Bloomington Pantagraph, January 27, 1877

Biographies and Obituaries: Dr. Abraham W. & Milton Green, Philip J. Decker, John C. Austin, Benj. Walton and David S. Crum

50th, 65th and 75th Anniversary Celebrations of Fairview Church - articles from the Fairbury Blade

History of the 129th Illinois Volunteer Infantry

129th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, Company E

69th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, Company G

Census extract of Belle Prairie Township - 1870

Census extract of Belle Prairie Township - 1880

Census extract of Cropsey Township - 1870

Census extract of Cropsey Township - 1880

Sources Consulted

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