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Ancestor County Page Number
Status Family Site
Adams, John Jefferson 963: Vol I Early Settler
Joe Kmatz
Badger, Joseph, Rev. Trumbull 662: Vol. II First Missionary
 and Early Settler

Rodney H. Badger
Barber, Uriah Scioto 561: Vol. II Early Settler/
Rev. War Veteran

Robert Milton Barber
Cora Tula Watters
Beck, Jeremiah Clermont 408/9: Vol. I Early Settler
Deborah Mattox Lloyd
Bell, John, Maj.  Lucas 137: Vol. I Member of the Ohio Commendery
Karen Kravcov Malcolm
Bemus, Samuel Ashtabula 263 : Vol I Early Settler
Marg Mickelson Courter
Benham, Robert, Capt. Warren 741: Vol. II Early Pioneer
Jim Williams
Benjamin, Jonathan Licking 82: Vol. II French & Indian
War Veteran

Clifford Charles Hancock

Bible, George W.   

Williams 848: Vol. II German Settler

Sharon Kenan

Bissell, Samuel Summit 653: Vol. II Founder of
Twinsburg Inst.

Terra Elswick

Boggs, John, Capt Pickaway 411: Vol II Early Settler
Dr. William Lee Baran
Bonser, Isaac Scioto 561: Vol. II Early Settler/
Rev. War Veteran

Cora Tula Watters

Brawdy, Steve


830 Vol. II


Daisy Thompson McClure

Brown, James


632 Vol. II


Edwin W. Brown, M.D.

Brown, John          


 647: Vol II


Mrs. Darrell Kobza

Coburn, Asa, Maj. Washington

782: Vol. II

Early Settler

Debbie Noland Nitsche

Conine, Jerimiah Ashland 112: Vol. I Early Settler
Dennis Way
Copus, James Ashland 256: Vol. I Early Settler and

Deborah Carder

Cutler, Manasseh, Dr. Washington

796-798: Vol. II

Member of the Northwest Charter

Mary K. Haynes

Cuppy, John        


600: Vol. II

Indian Scout

Laura Placeres

Curry, James W. Union 704: Vol II Early Settler
 Richard Pittaway
Dimmit, Ezekiel Clermont 410: Vol I Fist Cabin in Batavia
Clermont County GenWeb
Denham, Obed Clermont 408: Vol. I Founder of Bethel
Clermont County GenWeb
Devol, Jonathan, Capt. Washington

782: Vol. II

Shipbuilder and Member of Ohio Company

Sarah and Donn Bitter

Delores Norton

Jason Potter

Doolittle, Benjamin Champaign

372: Vol. I    

First Settlers of Urbana    

William Taber

Dutiel, M. Scioto

565: Vol. II

French Settler

Joan Asche

Dusenbury, William      


382: Vol. II

Rev. War Soldier

Sandra Mitchell-Quinn

Fee, James Clermont 409: Vol I Framer of State

Clermont County GenWeb

Fowler*,  James (Rev.)  [Towler]


700: Vol. I

Early Settler

Annette Towler

Foye, Andrew J. C. Ohio Society
of New York
180/1: Vol I

321: Vol. II
 A. M. Merkel
Fankhauser, Niklaus Monroe 266: Vol. II Early Swiss Settler
 Samuel R. Fankhauser
Gaylord, Joel Summit 629: Vol. II Early Settler
Mary Brown

Gilson,  Eleazer    


663: Vol. II   

First Mail Carrier

Karen Beeman Morrison

Grant, U. S. Clermont
(Point Pleasant)
420: Vol I Civl War Gen. and
U. S. President

Clermont County GenWeb
Geyer & Newton Meigs 217: Vol. II Flour Merchants
Stella R Thompson
Gregory, Edward Riggsphotos Adams

230: Vol. I


Renee Batson

Haymaker, Frederick   


440: Vol. II

Early Settler

Mary Lou Veal

Hebel*, Joseph


201: Vol. II

County Treasurer

Cherry Stebel Heape

Hines, Albert B.


887: Vol. I

County Officer

Gary S. Hines

Howe, Henry Hamilton n/a Book Author
 Carol Allaire 

Hutchinson, Daniel


936: Vol. I


Elaine Griffen

Light, Jacob Clermont 409:Vol. 1 Founder of Point Pleasant
&  New  Richmond

Clermont County GenWeb

Lindsey,  John


561: Vol. II

Early Settler

Judy Carter

Lytle, Wm. Clermont 409: Vol. I
Founder of

Clermont County GenWeb

Ingles, William


887: Vol. I

Early Settler

Linda Rowland

Kibby,  Ephram, Capt.


741: Vol. II

Pioneer & Soldier

Albert Bingham

Miller, Jacob   

Perry 383: Vol. II Cofounder of

Paul W. Martsching

Mason, William Bond

Washington 738: Vol. II Early Settler

Debbie Noland Nitsche

Morris, Benjamin Clermont 408: Vol. I Early Settler
Clermont County GenWeb
Morris, Thomas Clermont 415: Vol I Early Senator
Clermont County GenWeb
Nail, Henry, Sr. Richland 474: Vol II Early settler and Rev War Veteran
Charles E. Nail III
Noble, Warren P. Seneca 577: Vol. II Bank President
Jamie Reinhart

Norton, Samuel    

Crawford Several Early Settler

Marnie Norton Weeks

Perkins, Simon Trumbull

673: Vol. II

Early Settler

Merritt Woodard

Pope, Henry


484: Vol. I


Katherine Schlangen Lostan

Probst & Son Meigs 217: Vol. II Furniture
Stella R Thompson
Ralston, Andrew Belmont 258: Vol I Early Settler
 Philip B. Strauss
Ross, Oliver Highland 912: Vol. I Early Settler
Laurie Ross Sutton
Scranton, Strafford S. Mercer 236: Vol. II Probate Judge

Lori A. Frank-Alstott

Seitz, Enoch Berry [Beery]*

Darke 532-534
 Vol:. I

Karl Seitz

Smith, Almira Gott Union 712 Vol. II Early Settler
Jennie Jacobs
Symmes, John Cleves Hamilton Several Early Settler
Circuit Judge

Shirley Honore
Taber, Bennett Champaign 372: Vol. I First Settler of

William Taber

Tiffin, Edward, Dr.

Ross Several First Gov. of Ohio

 Donald A. Tiffin

Tisher, Jacob Monroe 266-267 Methodist

Brent Andrew Tisher
Washburn (Nathaniel) Adams 224: Vol. I Early Settlers

Amy Huebner

Wilhelm, Henry W.


151: Vol. II


Kenneth Thompson

Wirick, Samuel J. Wyandot 597: Vol II Auditor 1888
Susan Palmer Spencer

Wood, John


408: Vol. I

Associate Judge

Kim Browning

Wright, John, Capt.


639: Vol. II

Early Settler

Del Rasmussen


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