Lannert & Lanhart

Orthographic variants of the root Lahner and Lanner. The last consonant is not part of the root. It is merely an excresent 'T' due to variations in spelling but most often differences in pronunciation from region to region.

On a geographic note, the Lahn River, a major tributary of the Rhine River, flows just north of Frankfurt am Main in the Lahn Valley of Western Germany. Almost all of the early German family history originates within 50 miles of Frankfurt - known in years past as Hessen-Darmstadt (Hesse-Darmstadt).

From Ted Lahner - The meaning of the name Lahner in Leinleiter Valley, between Bamberg and Nürnberg.-- Information that I had indicated that our name means "wire maker" Our genealogist in Germany, Dr. Hannelore Brunseik-Lahner, has done some more extensive investigation in to the meaning of our name. She writes " It is interesting that about 1690 in the parochia register in Unterleinleiter our name has been written 'Leiner', Lanner', or 'Lahner' and about 1710 all the names have been written 'Lahner'. Der Lahn is borrowed from the French word "la lame'. It came to Germany at the beginning of the 18th century probably with the Huguenot. The meaning of 'la lame' is 'fine metal plate', 'sword blade' and 'flat wire'. The meaning of 'der Lahn' is 'flat rolled threads of pure or plated metals or web of metal'. Before that time only the word 'die Platte' (Platte=flat) exists. The word 'der Lahn' cannot be found in the dictionary today. 'Leiner' perhaps has come from 'der Lein', that is 'flax' and products of flax. 'Die Leine' means in the language of the early days the rope produced from flax used to tow ships and used to measure' In the Leinleiter valley flax had been cultivated from ancient time. Also it is interesting that in the dialect of the Frankische Schweiz, Leinleiter was often pronounced Lahnleiter. Probably 'Lahner' and 'Leiner' were two different professions, Was 'Leiner' a profession and then also the name of the natives and 'Lahner' a special profession of the immigrants from France and then their name? In the region of the Frankisch Schweiz has 'Leiner' been transferred little by little to 'Lahner'? Is our name originally 'Leiner'? Is our name the profession 'wire maker', or 'rope maker' or 'linen maker'? And what about all the Lahners in Austria? "


Lahner ~ Lannert ~ Lanhart


"wire maker"
"dweller on the Lahn"

Lennert - Lennart - Lehnart - Lehnert - Lenhart - Lennard could be lower German variations to the English "Leonard" - Leo (Lion) Hardy (Brave). [German-American Names, 2nd Edition, 1995, George F. Jones] [A Dictionary of Surnames, 1988, Patrick Hanks/Flavia Hodges] ** Note: according to the book by Mr. Jones, above, Lennert means "tenant".

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