Herriman Mansion Restoration Project

Herriman Mansion Restoration Project

Photo of Herriman Mansion today as viewed from the SW

The Project

The Herriman Mansion in Wadena, Iowa was constructed in the late 1850's by the founder of Wadena, Major D.B. Herriman. The building has enjoyed an interesting history but is now in a state of severe disrepair. This site was born out of a collective effort to raise the necessary funding and consciousness to have the Herriman Mansion, also known as The Brick, declared an historic site and to make the necessary repairs to restore it to its original beauty.

Project Coordinator

Currently the lead coordinator for this project is Ev Zupke, whose grandparents lived in the Herriman Mansion for a few years during the early 1900's and his mother stayed with her sister's family in the mansion in the mid-30's . He prefers to be known as the "temporary" project coordinator. Efforts are currently underway to identify a leader and coordinating group made up of people living in the general vicinity of the property; however, there will be positions available for anyone who has a passion for supporting this project as guided by the governing board which is now being established. If you can help out in any way, please e-mail him at: [email protected].

Other Herriman Mansion Websites

In the near future we will be hosting a number of photos and illustrations related to this project. In the meantime, some of these are currently available at the following sites (which are free to view, but require establishing a personal account with Snapfish):

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