Misc Marriage Batch # Weatmeath
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The following Batch Numbers will give up surnames in county Westmeath
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M702303 áá Mullingar - Westmeath
M702303 áá Street - Westmeath
M701628 Almoritia - Westmeath
M702001 Almoritia - Westmeath
M702303 Ardnurcher - Westmeath
M701611 Athlone - Westmeath
M701621 Athlone - Westmeath
M701621 Athlone (St. Marys) Westmeath
M701991 Athlone - Westmeath
M701991 Athlone (Scots Presbyterian Church) Westmeath
M702303 Ballinahowen - Westmeath
M702303 Ballinahown - Westmeath
M702303 Ballyloghloe - Westmeath
M701611 Ballyloughloe - Westmeath
M701991 Ballyloughloe - Westmeath
M702321 Ballyloughloe - Westmeath
M702303 Ballymore - Westmeath
M702303 Ballynacarrigy - Westmeath
M702321 Ballynahown (Roman Catholic Chapel) Westmeath
M702321 Boher Roman Catholic - Westmeath
M702303 Castlelost - Westmeath
M701617 Castlepollard - Westmeath
M701629 Castlepollard - Westmeath
M702289 Castlepollard - Westmeath
M702303 Castlepollard - Westmeath
M702321 Castlepollard - Westmeath
M701628 Castletown Delvin - Westmeath
M701616 Castletown Geoghegan - Westmeath
M702303 Castletown Geoghegan - Westmeath
M702001 Castletown Near Mullingar (Vastina) Westmeath
M701616 Clonfadforan - Westmeath
M701628 Clonfadforan - Westmeath
M702303 Clonmellon - Westmeath
M702321 Clonmellon - Westmeath
M702303 Collinstown - Westmeath
M702321 Collinstown - Westmeath
M701616 Delvin - Westmeath
M702303 Delvin - Westmeath
M702321 Delvin - Westmeath
M702303 Drumraney - Westmeath
M702321 Drumraney - Westmeath
M702303 Empor - Westmeath
M701616 Enniscoffey - Westmeath
M701628 Enniscoffey - Westmeath
M702001 Enniscoffey - Westmeath
M702303 Enniscoffey - Westmeath
M702321 Enniscoffey - Westmeath
M701617 Kilbeggan - Westmeath
M701741 Kilbeggan - Westmeath
M702303 Kilbeggan - Westmeath
M701611 Kilcleagh - Westmeath
M701621 Kilcleagh - Westmeath
M701991 Kilcleagh - Westmeath
M702303 Kilcleagh - Westmeath
M701615 Killallon And Killua - Westmeath
M701626 Killallon And Killua (Clonmellon Church) Westmeath
M701628 Killucan - Westmeath
M702303 Killulagh - Westmeath
M701616 Kinnegad - Westmeath
M701628 Kinnegad - Westmeath
M702303 Kinnegad - Westmeath
M702303 Leany - Westmeath
M701616 Leny - Westmeath
M702303 Mayne - Westmeath
M702303 Milltown - Westmeath
M702303 Moate - Westmeath
M702303 Mount Temple - Westmeath
M701628 Moylisker - Westmeath
M701616 Mullingar - Westmeath
M701628 Mullingar - Westmeath
M702321 Mullingar - Westmeath
M702303 Multyfarnham - Westmeath
M701628 Newtown Fartullagh - Westmeath
M702303 Noughavall - Westmeath
M701628 Portnashangan - Westmeath
M701981 Rahugh - Westmeath
M702303 Rahugh - Westmeath
M701616 Rathconnell - Westmeath
M701628 Rathconnell - Westmeath
M702303 Rathconnell - Westmeath
M702303 Rathowen - Westmeath
M702303 Rathwire - Westmeath
M702303 Rochfort Bridge - Westmeath
M702321 Rose Mount (Roman Catholic Chapel) Westmeath
M702303 St Marys - Westmeath
M701628 St. Feighins - Westmeath
M702321 St. Marys Parish By Athlone (Roman Catholic Chapel) Westmeath
M701615 Street - Westmeath
M701626 Street - Westmeath
M701628 Templepatrick - Westmeath
M702303 Templepatrick - Westmeath
M702303 The Morentown - Westmeath
M702321 Toberclare (Roman Catholic Chapel) Westmeath
M702303 Tubberclare - Westmeath
M702303 Vastina - Westmeath

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