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The purpose of this site is to collect all information pertaining to this surname and its variants, that will facilitate Catley research and present this information on the web so that it can be freely accessed by any Catley cousin at any time.

Unfortunately we have had to close our message board. It has been replaced by two mailing lists and we sincerely hope that you will subscribe so that we can all get to know each other and share our interests. You will find details, along with the messages on old Message Board, here

At Chris Newall's site you will find the home of the CATLEY Database, his Cheshire CATLEY research, as well as a list of other researchers who have Catley connections.

If the CATTLEY variant is your particular interest, then check out The Cattley Pages

Individuals who have CATLEY/CATTLEY/CATLY/KATLEY etc. mentioned in their gedcom or other genealogy files whether a large amount such as F John Catley's  research (now incorporated in Chris Newall's site) which reaches back to the 17th century, or just a few Cambridgeshire CATLEY's as displayed at Vicki's Genealogy Page, all are welcome.

Merv Davies' Essex CATLEY research in North Essex, England, has shown that before literacy was common, the surname was sometimes recorded by priests and enumerators as KETLEY, CATLING, CATLINS etc.    However, in general I am sure these are separate surnames, but they may be included in the database if they come from an area where Catley's are found, as they may be mis-spellings.

Phil Clements has sent us transcriptions of CATLEYs in Midsomer Norton in Somerset and these have now been incorporated into Chris Newall's CATLEY Database

The late Frederick Ross's account of the The Family of William CATLEY and Elizabeth Rands of Limber, Lincolnshire sent to us by  Steve Chapman is another valuable addition which we hope somebody with be able to connect with.

If you have no luck here, there are many larger genealogy web sites, offering valuable information and some with massive databases. One of the most useful is The Church of Jesus Christ & Latter Day Saints FAMILYSEARCH where you can search the IGI (free).

For United Kingdom & Ireland genealogy, GENUKI is a great site.

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