The Cattley "Logo/Arms"
An Unofficial Cattley 'Arms'

The Cattley family are among the many families who, during the course of their history have adopted a shield of arms and crest without, to the best of our knowledge, any member of the family being granted official arms by the College of Arms.

There is no such thing as a family coat of arms since these are only granted to an individual and his direct male descendants. However, the fact that a family has used a coat of arms, authentic or otherwise, is a part of the history of the family. The following is an example of shield and crest used by at least one branch of the CATTLEY family. (Note the colours are not necessarily true as they have been lightened to show detail.)


Photo : C.L. Patricia Cattley Bray

Many trading companies adopt Logos, and today, all registered companies must have a "seal", even if it is only a rubber stamp. It seems very likely that this image might have been used as a kind of family/company seal.

This shield comes into the category of a "canting seal of arms" in that it features the cat - so making a pun on the CATTLEY name. The cabled anchor suggests sea-going connections as one might expect of Russia-merchants reliant on shipping for their living.

Any comments or other examples of this shield would be most welcome. The motto reads T'Espere. Any ideas about its meaning would be gratefully received.

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