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John of Shabden

John Cattley of Shabden
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These pages catalogue the known descendants of Stevan CATLAY and Elizabeth JUBE
who were married in 1609 in Yorkshire, England.

Our family is fortunate in that there have been a number of our ancestors who have recorded the family history back to Stevan Catlay in 1580 in Normanton, Yorkshire. As a result, those of us today who are interested in following up their work, have had a very good basis upon which to start.

  The information at this site is the result of the work of the following family members (in alphabetical order) : Joan Harker CATTLEY, Tim CATTLEY, Betty and the late Gerald COVENEY, the late John David HILLS, Erica HILLS, and Rebecca HUTCHINSON. We also acknowledge assistance from the Brotherton Library, Department of Russian Studies, Leeds University.

The descendants of Stevan CATLAY are spread all around the world and the line continues to flourish. We are in touch with family members in North and South America, New Zealand, Australia, and of course the UK.

If you are a CATTLEY, have a CATTLEY ancestor, or just have an interest in the name for whatever reason, we would love to hear from you.

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