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Frederick Arthur Catley
7 June 2000

Born 11 February 1878, Bethnal Green, Middlesex , son of James Thomas Catley and Anna Maria Catley formerly Evans.
I should be grateful for any information about the descendants or ancestors of this young man. He may be the person who died on 16 June 1915.

contact: Charles Evans

18th Century Wiltshire Catley's

16 June 2000

Hi Merv
In organizing some research my father had done, I came accross the following photocopied records:

Mary, dau. of James & Martha Catley of Tisbury, Wilts, born (cannot decifer month) 15th, 1766
James, son of James & Martha Catley of Tisbury, Wilts,, born Feb.? 1st, 1768
Ann, dau. of James & Martha Catley of Tisbury, Wilts. born April 10th, 1769
John, son of James & Martha Catley of Tisbury, Wilts. born March 14th, 1771
Charles, son of James & Martha Catley of Tisbury, Wilts, born ?? 8th, 1772
Newman, son of James & Martha Catley of Tisbury, Wilts. born June 17th, 1776
Elizabeth, dau. of James & Martha Catley of Tisbury, Wilts. born April 8th, 1780
Susanna, dau. of James & Martha Catley of Tisbury, Wilts. born Feb.12th, 1784

I hope this information will be of help to someone.
I am also a Catley by birth and have been researching our branch (Midsomer Norton).
My father has done extensive research through the Mormon Library and I am now trying to correlate the information he left me.
It was great to find the Catley Page and be able to contact others doing the same thing.

Janet (Catley) Newman

Any South African Catley's / Cately's
23 May 2000

I am told that my great aunt, Vera Harris of 44 George St, Eastleigh, Hants UK married Leonard Cately probably in the 19 30s or 40s I understand they went to South Africa. He may have been connected with ships e.g purser. I would love to contact any descendants.

Mrs Bloor

Seeking Isabella Catley

25 May 2000

Maybe you can help me. I am researching my husband's family tree, and got as far as an Isabella Cattley (or similar spelling) who came to Australia on the 'Percy' in 1870, aged about 28. I believe she may have been born in Essex. Does this fit in with any information you have? I plan to search indexes for her, but find it hard to spend much time, due to two young children!
Any info would be gladly received and given.

Belinda Mathers

Henry Catley: BRISTOL?
03 April 2000

I am looking for information on Mary Ann Axhorn b1811 and Henry Catley married in Bristol.
They had three children , Jane b1840 Thomasb1842 and Charles 1852.
If any of this means anything, would love to hear from you as I seem to be stuck on this lot.


Hertfordshire Link

06 April 2000
Thanks for your message. My email address is confirmed.
Thanks to your Message Board I have now been able to trace my ancestors back to James and Alice Catley in Barley, Herts.
Their son Charles married Mary Newman and introduced Newman as a forename into the Catley line.
I am not optimistic about tracing my lineage beyond James and Alice at this time but I will certainly follow up any new leads.
While tidying up some New South Wales records I came across a 1915 death registration record for John G Catley aged 84 years. I also have a marriage registration record for (whom I believe to be the same) John G Catley to Eliza T Elliott in 1858. Also there are birth registration records for their two children, Fanny E Catley (1859) and Amy Bowden Catley (1870).
I noted in the Catley Database a christening record attributed to you for a John G Catley son of John and Frances Mary on 12 January 1832. As the christening date and age at death are consistent for the NSW John G Catley it is likely that this is the same person.

Mick Catley

Lancashire connections ?

22 December 1999
Dear Sir:
My name is Richard F.L.Catley, my fathers name was Albert Catley and my mother is Muriel Agnes Catley (maiden name:Dunn). My birthplace was Ipswich on Dec 21,1950. My mother was also born in Ipswich, she is one of a family of three brothers and five sisters, thier father was Frederick Dunn of Diss. I am apparently the last surviving Catley in our branch of the family. My father was born in Oldham, Lancs, on Aug,10.1918. We believe that the different branches of our families actually originated in Wales (Catley) or possibly Ireland, and the Dunn's are Scots Irish. I hope to someday find out much more, and perhaps this little bit of information will be of use to you.
Yours Truly,
Richard Catley
Predecessors of James T Catley ???


I am seeking the predecessors of James Thomas Catley , married to Mary Martin in Nelson (Stoke) 21/+1/1863. 

Dennis Catley

Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

Hello from Munich

Hi there!
I am trying to latch into other people's research and find some link somewhere in the database but without success. My line comes through Joseph Longbottom Catley (1836-1892) of Southcliffe, Scarborough, who had son James William (1858-1924) married to Mary Battensby of Slights, Yorks. To them were born 10 children between 1888 and 1906. (Gladys, Cissie, Ettie, Mary, Robert, Harold, Wilfred, Edwin, Norman, Alfred). Son Edwin married Hilda Randeu and had a son Edwin (1921-1987), who was my Grandfather. If anyone can link into this lot then it would be wonderful. My aim is to produce some sort of graphical family tree on my web site with links to further information on the branches. It's like one big jigsaw puzzle :-)
I look forward to hearing from you and being of help. Some day soon I will give our site an overhaul and there will certainly be a link to your pages.
Please email us at:
Ian, Rachel, Robert and Yasmin Catley or visit our homepage


Australia/Canada Catley Connection

Dear Merv,

Just to let you know that as a consequence of my request for info about James Fowler Catley on this message board earlier .. a completely new relation from Toronto, Barry Catley, recognised the name, and contacted me!

His great grandfather and my grandfather were brothers, and he has been able to give me an enormous amount of information.

Many thanks for your help.

Kay Catley Heath


Another Lincs/Yorks Link

Please find attachment of Frederick Ross's account of the Catleys.
From what I've managed to check, Ross was pretty good. He moved to London as a carpet salesman, but was also an author writing on a whole range of subjects from the history of carpets to Yorkshire dialect and many other historical subjects.
Just in case you're wondering, Elizabeth Lacy who married Mark Catley had a sister who married Charles Ross of Beverley, Yorks.
I look forward to any comments, additions or corrections.
Best wishes,
Steve Chapman in thundering Dorset.
Success !!!

Thank you so much.
The web pages you sent me to (Lincolnshire Catley's) at the Catley Desk have got my James CATLEY born in Kirmington!
All his family are there, including a brother I knew about. It also explains a few other things, like a family link to Durham and why one of the children had a middle name of NEWMAUGH (it is a corruption of NEWMARCH, James's mother's maiden name).
I am going to nip back straight away now and have a really good look. Thank you once again...I am so excited!!!
Rosemary Fearnley
Another Welsh Catley


My grandfather was named ERNEST CATLEY and was born in the Welsh valleys (Abafan) c1905.

Andrew Catley

New Zealand Catley Help Required

Is anyone out there doing research into this branch of the Catley family?
I am keen to trace the family of my paternal grandmother, Clara Louisa Stewart (nee Catley) born Carterton NZ 1891.
Any information gratefully received.
James Stewart
Dunedin, New Zealand
New Cambridge Info

I have found the following records of CATLEY:
Probate Records, Cambridgeshire - Elizabeth CATLEY, Sawston, spinster VAC 3:88 1807 CA I+
Cambridgeshire Baptism Index 1801-1837:
Elizabeth 1835 Cambridge Place Joseph and Sarah St Andrews the Less, Cambridge,
Elizabeth F. 1835 St Andrew the less Joseph and Sarah St Andrews the Great, Cambridge,
William 1833 St Andrew the Less Joseph and Sarah St Andrews the Great, Cambridge.
Regards Vicki
Another Theatrical Catley

Hi Merv,
It was great to find your pages on the Catley name and I noted some famous Catley's on one of the pages. You might like to know that:
Gwen Catley - Opera and popular singer in her day (Soprano). Radio Show - resident singer in "Much-Binding-in-the-Marsh" with Kenneth Horne and 'Stinker' Murdoch.
Films included "We'll smile again" with Flanagan and Allen. Plus many operas and musicals. I will let you have more details if you require.
Could you please post the following on the message board for me: 
I'm just starting to look at the family tree and know that my father had a cousin who was Gwen Catley the singer who died a few years ago. If anyone researching their family tree had Gwen as a relative then could they please let me know.
Clive Dale
Brazilian Cattley's

As a member of the Brazilian branch of the Cattley Family I wish to congratulate you on a most interesting, well developed and useful site.
The history of the Brazilian Cattleys has been passed on to Tim Cattley, in the UK, with as much detail as my father (Terence Paul Cattley, b. 1913) and I could gather.
We were also in contact with Patricia Cattley-Bray, who directed us to your page.
We will be pleased to reply to inquiries from any Cattleys (or Catleys) regarding our branch.
With best wishes,
Kenneth Cattley
Robert Cattley born c1798 ???

Hi to all CATTLEY researchers,
I too am researching the Cattley surname. I will tell you what I have because it's only 2 names, may be they will sound familiar in your research.
I have Robert born about 1798 and his daughter Agnes Cattler Cattley born 1824, she married John Jowett. Does this sounds familiar to anyone ?
Utah, USA.
Welsh Catley

I'm Robert Catley, born Nantyglo in Wales in 1942, my father was Leonard Preston Catley, born Newbridge 1901.
My Grandfather was Edward Catley born about 1870 and active in the Salvation Army in late 19th century in Ebbw Valley and coalmines. Would like to here from any possible connections.
Bob Catley, now South Australia.
James Fowler Catley from Yorkshire

Hullo! I am new to this research, my paternal grandfather was JAMES FOWLER CATLEY who came from Yorkshire, was married and had children and then skipped off to Canada where he had an illegitimate child (my father) and then skipped off to NZ when the authorities were after him.
Does anyone have links with this James Catley?
Many thanks and have a good christmas,
Kay Heath of Sydney, Australia 
Seeking the ancestors of Elijah Catley (Wales)

My name is Glynis Brown (nee Catley). My father was Jack Catley, born in Southend-on-Sea, Essex July, 1919. His father was Elijah Catley born in South Wales abt. 1885 and he was youngest of thirteen children. All the boys were miners but my grandfather suffered from a mild form of spina bifida which meant he could not go down the mine. He was therefore trained as a pithead electrian. I believe at least one of his siblings went to New Zealand. 
I believe after his apprenticeship he left S. Wales for the Northampton area and finally settled in Southend-on Sea and married May Agnes Green abt 1908. They had three children, Fred (abt 1909-1983), Molly (abt 1914-1923) and Jack (1919-1986). My uncle, Fred, I believe had only the one son Michael. 
I have two brothers, Peter (1947) and Ian (1957) and one sister, Alison (1950). 
I am very anxious to trace the family back but have been unable to locate the village where my grandfather was born. The name I have in Manithislan, which I have spelt phonetically.
F John Catley and I have exchanged information and he has been kind enough to do some research for me but with little success. If anyone can assist in any way I would appreciate the help. 
I am live in Victoria, BC, Canada and would gladly assists anyone needing help form this part of the world.
Yours truly
Glynis Brown

Info on Elijah
Just to let you know that Richard John Meredith has found a connection between my grandfather Elijah and the Midsomer Norton Catleys. His Father was Elijah as we thought and his grandfather Josiah. He has not forward all the details to me yet but basically in a very short time span I have gone from knowing nothing to basic overload thanks to The Catley Desk.
Once I have something more organised I will forward for addition onto the desk.
Many thanks,
Glynis Brown

Tasmanian Catley's

Hi Mervyn,
When I was a lad in Tassie, my best friend-John Andrews, had a grandmother by name of Catley. I believe his mother Leila was a Catley. We used to go there every week. John is still living in Tasmania J Andrews 22 Pirie St New Town, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. 7008. You might write John Andrews, since he would know about grandmother or grandfather Catley.
Jack Batchler
Another Happy Cattley Researcher

I am so happy that we finally have a place on the internet.
All my information can be found through Erica Hills. I would also like to thank the Cattleys of Brazil for all the information they shared and my 1st cousin Susan.
C.L.Patricia Cattley-Bray
American/Canadian Cattley's

Hi, I am Susan Harding-Judd, a Cattley descendent from the Canadian Line of George William Cattley and Hannah Milne. My line immigrated to the United States at the turn of the 1900s to Niagara Falls, New York. Robert Cattley was my great-grandfather and George's only child. My mother is the only living relative of this line as her brother Robert passed away some time ago. His line can be found through my cousin Patty who is on line also with the Cattley page.
George is Robert and Caroline Cattley's oldest son and he went to Toronto (known as Muddy York at that time).
Susan Harding-Judd
Hertfordshire Catley to Australia

Thank you for your email of 10 September 1998, I have now visited both home pages that you gave me. Hannah Catley married into my spouse's Watson line, she was christened in Barkway, Hertfordshire, the daughter of Charles & Hannah (nee Roberts) became a pioneer into South Australia, met and married Joe Watson there in 1840. They moved on to New Zealand and had 3 children christened in Auckland, they resettled in Sydney, NSW, Australia.
The Newman (Newnham) forename came down in the Watson line but we have been unable to match up with other Catley researchers. I note that Mick Catley refers to the Newman name. A Watson cousin, her spouse and I had the opportunity to handle and video tape the Catley Family Bible. Over 200 years of events are recorded and it is now in the possession of a Watson descendant.

Reg Bonney
Seeking Cambridgeshire Catley's

Regarding the Catley web page, I think it's outstanding, I had a great time looking through it and learning much more than I imagined. I intend to put a link to it on my home page.
I am researching CAT(T)LEY from Cambridge early 1800s to South Australia up to 1865.
Vicki Barrett
New Zealand Catley

Hi there, I have just looked through the list of Catleys you have. I am a direct descentant of Zachariah Catley (the lucky last one of the list) he is a 3 or 4 greatgrand father. Some of us have tried to go back before he and his parents but have come to a dead end. A lot of the NZ family branch has been documented here. My sister is living in London at present.
I am rather busy at present so will get back in the next couple of weeks.
Jocelyn Catley
Saskatchewan Catley

Delighted to hear from you. I am indeed one - from the Saskatchewan Catleys - Grandfather George and his brother Norman, their father Mark, migrated from UK. Will send more later. Good to hear from you!
M Catley-Carlson
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Catley's are common in this part of Hertfordshire

I saw your request for Catley - I have just found one in my ancestry if it is of any help, but as it's a new name I haven't yet much info. Sarah Catley married John Totman 17/10/1770 at St Stephens, Barley, Herts - the name in this part of Herts is very common.
Seeking Knowledge of Newman Catley

Congratulations for your efforts in setting up The Catley Desk site. You have done a very good job. I could not access it when I tried on Thursday (Australian time) but I got into it last night (Friday) without any trouble. I was surprised at the amount of information you have already accumulated although disappointed that at this stage it is not directly relevant to my interests. However it is very early days and I am optimistic for the future. I particularly like your inclusion of a message board. This is an ideal way to stimulate and encourage exchange of information. In fact I would like to make use of it with the following message if you can accommodate it:
I have references to several Newman Catley's from England in the late 18th century and early 19th century. As this is an unusual christian name, its use by the Catley families suggests to me that it might be because of a marital link with the Newman family.
My ancestor, Charles Catley (b.1781, d.1850) had a son, Newman, who was aged 15 years recorded in the 1841 census (apparantly under Cattley) when they lived in Ponders End, near Edmonton, Middlesex.
Other records from the IGI and which I cannot link to my ancestors are:
Newman Catley C. 1747 Hert. Fa Charles Catley
Newman Catley C. 1774 Hert. Fa Newman Catley
Newman Catley C. 1776 Wilt. Fa James Catley
Newman Catley C. 1823 Oxford Fa Charles Catley
There is also a marriage record for Charles Catley to Mary Newman 30 July 1738 at Barkway, Hertford, E.
I would be pleased to hear from anyone with a Newman Catley connection.
Mick Catley
Catley's in Yorkshire


I am not actively researching the CATLEY surname, but have a couple listed in my own research as they married sibblings of my direct ancestors. Not much information, but here is what I have.
Sarah CATLEY born or baptised 16 December 1778 Haworth, Yorkshire. Father James CATLEY.
Sarah married William HIRD 14 November 1799 @ Kildwick Parish Church. Lived in Cowling & died there 20 September 1843.
William & Sarah had 9 children I can give you their names, if you are interested. I have 1841 census information for this couple. Also have a John STEPHENSON who married a Anne CATLEY born about 1773, she could be sister to the above Sarah atleast she is about the correct age.
John & Anne have atleast 5 children that I know about & one son is named James! Good luck with your research & if I can be of further help please let me know.
Margaret Buyar
Sent as info only, this person does not wish to be contacted.

John Catley (Catling)

My fifth-great-grandfather John Catley married Susannah Bartlett at Halstead, Essex in 1757. I cannot find his baptism in Halstead so any sightings of a John Catley baptised circa 1730 would be of interest. Sometimes the family is registered as Catling.
Thanks, Merv Davies
Richard Charles Catley

I have a Richard Charles Catley married to Harlech Condon (b.1900) in my Bradney tree in Australia but nothing else about him except they had a son.
Regards, Ann Woolf of Waikerie, South Australia.
Joseph Catley

One of my sets of gg-grandparents were Joseph and Sarah Catley of the hamlet of Milton, Weaverham, CHS, where Joseph was a farmer. According to the Census both Joseph and Sarah were born in London, MDX (i.e. north of the Thames) around 1793. As luck has it, two Joseph Cat(t)leys were baptised in MDX around that time:
Joseph CATLEY son of Wm. and Susannah baptised at St Mary, Whitechapel on 2 Jun 1793
Joseph CATTLEY son of John and Margaret Catherine baptised at St Matthew, Bethnal Green on 21 Jul 1793
Given that Joseph and Sarah's eldest son was named William, Joseph's parents are likely to be William and Susannah.
Mystery: How did a lad from the east end of London become a tenant farmer in Cheshire by about 1820?
I have explored a number of possibilities, none of which tie in with my family so far:
+1. William Cattley (1788-1835), after whom the orchid genus cattleya is named, only child of John and Anne Cattley, resident of Wood Street, Barnet. Too young to be Joesph's father. Various wills of this Cattley family are in the PCC wills at the PRO.
2.Anne Catley (1745-1789) the famous singer (Dictionary of National Biography). Her sister Jane married James Fox in about 1765. Anne lived with Major General Francis Lascelles in Ealing. I have a transcript of her will and traced some of her grandchildren but have not yet located her parents or linked her to my gg-grandfather.
3. John and Elizabeth Catley from Hackney. Their son Zachariah emigrated to New Zealand in 1841 - I am in touch with one of his descendants who has lots of information about this family.
4. I have extracted several sets of Catley records from the 1851 census for Middlesex. One group clearly came from Garforth, Yorkshire.
Chris Newall

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