Fountain of Faith - A Collection of Devotional & Thought Provoking Pages to refresh the spirit.


Hello, and welcome to my website dedicated to our Savior Jesus Christ.  Life as a born again Christian is victorious, but it isn't always easy.  Satan takes advantage of every opportunity to make us afraid, cause us to stumble and steal our joy, making our spirits parched and weary.  That's why God commands us to help each other, hold each other up and pray for each other. We are all parts of one body, the Body of Christ, and God's Church can't advance His Kingdom unless the body works in harmony together.

Therefore, in the spirit of joining with my brothers and sisters in Christ, and to reach out to others and spread the good news, I offer these pages of devotionals, dedications and prayers as the Holy Spirit has led me.  He has inspired each of these pages, perhaps to use them to reach out to you at this very moment to lift you up, comfort and encourage you, refresh a thirsty spirit, or impart his Holy Wisdom to your life.

Enjoy these pages below and may God use them to enrich your life, refresh your spirit and bring you closer to Him.  Bookmark this website and come back often, as I am only just beginning to build this ministry, and have many more pages to add.  And may God bless you!

All About Us

"The Birdcage"

The History of my Church

Are You Saved?

A Sinner's Prayer of Deliverance

"The Letter"

Life As A Pastor's Wife

"A Phone Call From GOD"

"Are You A Pumpkin?"


The 23rd Psalm ~ Simplified

"IF" ~ For A Christian

911 - An American Tragedy

The Lessons of Noah's Ark

"Information Please"

Who is this JESUS..?

The 7 "Ups"
Memorial to my Grandfather

Leonardo DaVinci's "Last Supper"

"Are You Blessed?"


The Twelve Names of God

"The Life of St. Patrick"
This blessed me beyond description!  A must read for EVERY Christian.

"Dance Like No One is Watching"

"Twenty-Six Guards"

"...Anyway" by Mother Theresa

"Are You A Coffee Bean?"

The Good Sense GOD Gave A Goose"

If I Had My Life To Live Over
A tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness

The Revelations of "The Lord's Prayer"


~More Coming Soon~


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