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 Edward (Teddy) Hinchley
In the Northumberland Fusiliers

Vera and Edward Hinchley at the Payne residence in Launceston in the 1950s

A cutting from a Dartmouth or Plymouth Newspaper

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We are seeking the connection of Mr Payne with the Hinchley Strike Family.
GUESS !  Edna Vera Jones married Mr Payne ?
This photo "To Uncle Ted and Auntie Jean" (Hinchley) in 1962 has the caption:-
"Phyllis, Leonard and the boys Paul, Phillip, Andrew, not to forget
"Pop"(Payne) -- Phyllis is the daughter of Mr Payne."
What was her Married name ?

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"Pop" Payne & Ted Hinchley in Launceston 1950s

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