Site History

I am the wife of  Robert Hindmarsh a great grandson of Alfred Byrnes and Constance Rhoda Lovell.  I first started my interest in Family History in 2001 and shortly after began my research into the Byrnes family.

I must thank my Mother-in-law, Sarah Hindmarsh (nee Cruwys), who had kept many of the keepsakes that her Mother-in-law, Ivy Hindmarsh (nee Byrnes), had left in her care.  Items such as Ivy's postcard collection, her birthday book and her love letters to her betrothed helped to bring the family alive to me.

My research really took off when I met Pat Curry.  Pat had written a book on the Byrnes family in 2000, focusing on her husband's ancestor, Percy Byrnes - a young half brother to Alfred Byrnes, and we spent many hours corresponding via email.  Pat generously shared her extensive research on the Byrnes family with me.  The next important events were two family reunions held in 2004 and 2006 which brought together many researchers of the Frederick, Lewis and Byrnes families.  We met at the old Methodist Church at Castlereagh the site of some of the ancestral graves and close to the land grants and former homes of many of the people who feature in this history.  Once again I gained much insight from the generosity of the other researchers.  There were also many leads that I could follow up and this has helped to fill out the story. I thank all those who shared information and mementos of of their family with me.  Most of the information for the more recent generations has come from these generous people.

I hope this site engenders an interest in Family History in more members of these extensive families.  Every new researcher will make new discoveries which add to the body of knowledge. 

This is not a story of the famous or wealthy, instead it is the story of successful families who arose from the most humble beginnings, from the outcasts of British society - the convicts, and from those adventurous souls who came with hopes and dreams - the free settlers. 

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