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Are you related to Alfred Byrnes or his wife Constance Rhoda Lovell?


This family settled around the Nepean River at Castlereagh, NSW in 1879.


Alfredís ancestors include the convicts David Byrnes (Burns), David's wife Ann Reffin, and George Lewis as well as the free settlers Christopher Frederick and his wife Mary .


Constance Rhoda Lovellís family originated in Oxfordshire in England.  Constanceís family settled around the Castlereagh River near Coonabarabran, NSW in the late 1850s.  Other members of her motherís family (the Barnes) also settled in this area


This project started out as a book on the History of the families of Alfred and Constance.  It was only towards the end of the project that I decided to publish on the web.  It is for this reason that the majority of the information on this site is in the format of PDF files


To find out about Alfred and Constanceís ancestors, their life and the lives of their children and descendants follow the links


Castlereagh Connection Files



The  descendants of the Lewis and Frederick families might also be interested in a brief history of the Convict Thomas Sims.  He married Mary Frederick who was Alfred Byrnes' great aunt.  Thomas was a respectable, retired businessman in the bustling town of Sydney at the time of his death in 1853.



Thomas & Mary Sims



This web site will be updated as additional information is discovered. This will involve modifying the book files when necessary. Check the site history page to find out about corrections and new information.


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