BAILEY origins I have Found



      BAILEY origins I have Found

Variations of the Surname:


Rumor has it that our BAILEY origins were from Scotland. Still another belief was that we were Irish and yet another says that we were definitely of English origin.

Here is what I have found so far:

Scottish BAILLIE

The Descendants of Wallace
Sir William Wallace of Elderslie, onetime Guardian of Scotland, is believed to have had a daughter, said to have married Sir William BAILLIE of Hoprig. No known evidence exists to support this, but the oral testimony appears to have been well established from around the 13th century.

Armorials of Scottish Baillies - see Family Armorials for the LINK to view the various Bailey Arms, or go directly to Bailey Arms.

Sir John Baillie of Hoprig in East Lothian signed an agreement at Berwick in 1292 with a seal bearing six mullets. Either his heir or the subsequent heir would have been the William whose name is forever famously linked to Wallace, and is claimed as the ancestor of the several different Baillie lines ~ Lamington, Dunain, Innisbargie, Dochfour, Parbroth, Carphin, et al.
David II granted a charter of Lamington to Sir William Baillie of Hoprig in 1368. Forman's Roll records the early use of eight mullets on sable (8 stars on black shield) for the Lamington family. His grandson, Sir William Baillie of Lamington, married Marian, dtr of Sir John Seton of that Ilk, and from that union sprang the lines of Dunain and Innisbargie, and subsequently of Dochfour.
The fourth son of the Baillie-Seton alliance, William, continued the Lamington family, and when another Sir William became the last male in the direct line, he arranged for his heiress daughter to marry Edward Maxwell, the younger son of Lord Herries, who was to take the name and arms of Baillie of Lamington. The arms of the heiress daughter bore a chief argent (silver or white across the top of the field).
Their descendant, William Baillie of Lamington, recorded his arms ca 1675 with nine estoiles instead of eight mullets. The Dunain and Dochfour branches at this time were expanding quickly, their daughters taking the tradition of the martyred Wallace blood into many Scottish families and their younger sons to London and into southern England.
The arms of Baillie of Lamington eventually settled at azure nine mullets (blue shield,  9 stars) or 3,3,2 , and 1 (arranged in that pattern on the shield), but the senior line ended with an heiress, Margaret Baillie of Lamington. She took the new undifferenced arms to her husband, Sir James Carmichael of Bonnington, and their daughter, Henrietta, also an heiress, took the quarter on to Robert Dundas of Arniston.
Elizabeth Dundas of Arniston, yet another heiress, then took her heraldic heritage to Sir John Lockhart-Ross. Their granddaughter Matilda married Sir Thomas Cochrane, grandson of the 8th Earl of Dundonald, and their eldest son Alexander, 1st Baron Lamington, placed the Baillie of Lamington arms in his first quarter, but with the golden mullets changed to estoiles.
Although the mullets and estoiles eventually turned to gold, the ancient arms undoubtedly bore silver stars (with either straight rays, mullets, or with wavy rays, estoiles) as the Baillie motto "Quid clarius astris" suggests. The first cadet lines to come off the main stem differenced by tincture, as did Jerviswood, while the later ones differenced with a bordure , as did Parbroth.
The heirs to Sir John Lockhart-Ross appear to have been in right of the undifferenced Baillie of Lamington quarter, but their male line is now extinct and no heir general has yet claimed the right to its matriculation. There appears a prima facie case for their inheritance by Farquharson of Invercauld. (Lord Burton, representer of Baillie of Lochfour, bears the azure coat of nine estoiles argent (wavy stars of  silver color) differenced by a bordure  engrailed (or scalloped border) or, and several other families have established the right to other differenced versions.)

Explanations of the words above, used to describe the fields :

Field: the shield-shaped part of the coat of arms

Mullets - stars with straight, pointed rays.

Estoiles - stars with multiple wavy rays.

Bordure Engrailed - - a scalloped-edge border
Instead of just dividing the field with straight lines, we can use wavy lines, zigzags and various other patterns.

Tinctures: can be colours, metals or furs shown on a field

Bordure: ( sub-ordinary): a field with a border

Chief: (major ordinary): where there is a decorative or coloured band across the top part of a field


English Bailey

I believe this is most likely our Bailey place of origin - England. Perhaps our English BAILEY ancestors were originally from Scotland, and were a part of the Clan Baillie.

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Map showing "The Bailey Green in Hampshire, England". MORE to be added here!

Check out the Given Names in the Somerset Bailey list below!

Somerset Archive -Taunton, Somerset, ENGLAND
BAILEY, BALEY, BAILY (1743-1879)

COPYRIGHT NOTICE================
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Somerset Archive and Record Service with the proviso that any subsequent
copying is free of profit and MUST retain this copyright notice. Anyone
wishing to include a copy as part of a profit-making publication or
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Service at Obridge Road, Taunton, Somerset, TA2 7PU United Kingdom.
(Internet: [email protected] or [email protected]).
PARISH REGISTER TRANSCRIPTIONS==============================
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copies of the parish registers purchased from the Somerset Archive and
Record Service who take no responsibility for their accuracy or
completeness. Due to the enlightened attitude of the Somerset Archive and
Record Service, anyone wishing to transcribe from fiche copies of parish
records they have purchased and to publish them in machine-readable form
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(1) the transcripts are circulated without profit to the transcriber and
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Record Service.

1743 05Aug - Hannah Bailey - Edward and Sarah
1747 18Sep - Sarah Bailey - Edward and Sarah
1752 31Jan - John Baley - Edward and Mary
1754 05May -  Edward Baley - Edward and Sarah
1771 27Feb  - Joan Baley - Moses and Hannah
1772 03Nov - Sarah Baley - Moses and Hannah
1775 15Feb - William Baily - Moses and Hannah
1777 07May - John Baily - Moses and Hannah
1779 30Apr - Isaac Bailey - Andrew and Sarah
1779 20Sep - Moses Baily - Moses of Asholt
1779 26Sep - Betty Baily - John and Hannah
1808 10Jan - Mary Baile - Richard and Hannah
1810 18Mar - Hannah Bailey - John and Jane of Bromfield
1810 24Jun - James Bailey - Richard and Hannah
1812 31May - Moses Bailey - John and Jane of Bromfield
1813 04Jul - Elizabeth Bailey - Richard and Hannah (labourer)
1815 23May - Charlotte Bailey - John and Jane Bromfield (shoemaker)
1818 15Mar - Isott Bailey - John and Jane of Bromfield (shoemaker)
1820 11Jun - Honour Bailey - John and Jane of Bromfield (shoemaker)
1839 03Feb - George Bailey - James and Sarah (mason)
1840 24May - Susan Bailey - James and Sarah (mason)
1841 14Nov - Emma Bailey - George and Sarah (labourer)
1843 01Mar - Elizabeth Bailey - George and Sarah (labourer)
1844 24Mar - John Bailey - James and Sarah (mason)
1866 03Jun - Clara Bailey - Charles Frederick and Louisa Ann (shoemaker)
1867 29Sep - Aldred Herbert Bailey - Charles Frederick and Louisa Ann (shoemaker)
1871 09Nov - Henry Bailey - Andrew and Louisa Ann of Goathurst (labourer)
1879 26Jan - Sarah Jane Bailey - Andrew and Louisa (labourer)



Early American / U.S. of A. BAILEYS

These Baileys were early English colonists, among those who settled on lands belonging to the Dutch in New Amsterdam (NYC, & vacinity, etc), and on Long Island (Kings & Suffolk county, & vacinity, etc., NY) .


The Register in alphabetical order of the Early Settlers in Kings county, Long Island, from its first settlement by Europeans in 1700: with contributions to their biographies and genealogies, compiled from various sources."

Author: Tennis G. Bergen 1881

Publisher: S.W. Green & Sons 454 pages

[NY Genealogy - subject: ]

1. Bailey, Thomas, (see Bayles),
   p 17, Genealogy

2. Index: 402
   Bailey (see Bayles), 17
   Bailies (Baylis), Elizabeth, 148

3. Index: 403
Bayles, Elizabeth, 133
   (Baylis), family of, 23
   John, 227
   Thomas, * 58, 133
Bayley, family of, 24
   Thomas, 124
Bailies, Damris, 195


[Abbreviations Used in these records]:

1. Lib2 Con - unless otherwise Specified, refers to the books of convenyances (sic) on file in the office of the Register of King's County, NY

2. m - married or marriage

3. Gd - Gravesend (town of)

3. Ja - Jamaica (Long Island)

4. rec - records or recorded

5. sup - supposed or supposedly

6.  wid. - widow

7. ass. - assignment roll

8. Trans - transcript or transcripts

9. Man. - manuscript or manuscripts


Bayley, family of,  p. 24

"BAYLES or BAYLIS, Thomas, of Gd, (sup) English, m. Elisabeth ____; owned lots Nos 16 and 17 in the N. woods of Gd in 1684, and lots Nos. 8 and 15 of Gd Neck in 1689, as per Gd Rec. Feb 11, 1688-9, he sold his house and garden-plot in the village of Gd to Isaac Haselbury and Richard Gregory of Gd, as per p87 of Lib2 Con. Jan 21, 1690, a suit was brought against his wid. by Jan Hansen, as per Gd rec, having previous to her marriage with Bayles, m. Ralph Cardell, who by a deed of gift gave her his whole estate. There was a John BAYLIS at Ja as early as 1660, at which locality and its vacinity (sic) numerous persons of that name reside. Signed his "Thomas Bayles".
BAYLEY, Jonathan, (sup) English, on ass. roll of Gd of 1683.


Baylis, Family of,
    Thomas, p 58 (genealogy)

CARDELL or CARDAEL, Ralph (Sup) ENGLISH, m. Elisabeth ________; d. prior to Mar 1689. Oct 3, 1639, he and Christophel Laurens undertook a tobacco plantation of 3 morgens, at Gowanus, as per p. 207 of Vol.1 of  O'Callaghan's Man. Trans of Dutch Man.
Accompanied Lady Mody, and among the first settlers of Gd.
Dec. 2, 1653, sold to Mathias Capito, plantation - lot No. 13, and Mar 23, 1663, bought of Jan Jansen, (the) Ver Ryn Plantation - 1ot No. 19 in said town.
Feb 22, 1696, Isaac Haselbury and Elisabeth, his wife, heirs and executres (sic) of Ralph Cardell, late, of Gd, dec., in Gd Neck, as per town Rec.  His will is dated June 10, 1684, and after his death, his wid. married Thomas BAYLES. He made his "Mark" * to his documents.

* Mark - in those days it was a stylized signature. These were made into seals, to be stamped on documents with sealing wax and also became branding irons to identify livestock, as Dutch town ordinances later required. - not to be misunderstood to mean that he was illiterate and just wrote an "X" on the documents, as was the case in later Amer. history, of some of the Frontier folk.


Title: Records of the town of Brookhaven, Suffolk Co., NY. Vol 2 - 1880 (1118 pages) (Patchogue, NY.)
Subject: Brookhaven (NY)  History - Sources.

   Oyster agent, Edwin Bailey, 1869, p. 372 (1870) - 405

Toleration Fee, Edwin Bailey, agent to collect in S. Bay - 372
Toleration Fee,  oysters in West Bay, E. Bailey to enforce payment - 405

p. 287
   May 1st, 1899 - Edwin Bailey - named as one of the Board of Trustees


Book - "Local Tales & Historical Sketches"
Author: Henry D. B. BAILEY and John W. Spaight
Publisher: J. W. Spaight - 1874
Fishkill Landing, NY - 434 pages
Subject: [Dutchess county, NY] - History of
List of Illustrations

p. 78

In the time of the Revolution, there were two families whose name were BAILEY, living in Fishkill Village, one a great-grandfather of the writer, who was born in the town of Westchester, Westchester county, NY., who purchased a farm in Fishkill containing 214 acres of land. The farm is now owned by Charles C. Rogers and William M. Barber. The old homestead house was where Baxter now resides, and was replaced by the present edifice a few years ago (d. 1874).
The other BAILEY left the city of New York when the British took possession of it (during the Revolutionary war), and sought temporary shelter in Fishkill in a small building near the highway close to where Mr. Rogers now resides. This BAILEY was a cutler by trade, who made or repaired the sword of Gen. George Washington while he resided there, and stamped by his name upon it, "J. Bailey, Fishkill." Historians who have written upon the subject have said that the BAILEY with which family I am connected, made the sword, not knowing that there was another BAILEY, whose name was (also) John, living in Fishkill Village during the Revolution. This cutler left Fishkill after the war,  and returned to his home in New York (city).

p. 349  - "Sketch of Fishkill Village"

"The first settler west of Fishkill Village was John N. BAILEY (the cutler). The house he built was taken down a few years ago, and a splendid mansion has since been erected. BAILEY left in the Spring of 1778, and removed to Poughkeepsie."

p. 356

"The next house east of the creek (west of the village) was the residence of John BAILEY, great grandfather of the writer, who was born about 1794, in the town of Westchester, Westchester county, N.Y.  He was a builder in the early life, and took contracts for building mills in New Jersey, and came to Fishkill in 1730 or '31. He purchased a farm of Madam Brett, containing 214 acres of land, and then made farming his occupation. The farm is now owned by Charles C. Rogers & William M. Baxter. He married Mary, daughter of Johannes Terbush, who lived in Fishkill. Mr. Bailey had six children, four sons and two daughters:

John (BAILEY), born  December 4th, 1732;
Esther (BAILEY), born February 5th, 1735;
Nathan (BAILEY), born June 22nd, 1738;
James (BAILEY), born June 7th, 1741;
Elizabeth (BAILEY), born July 20th, 1743;
Henry (BAILEY), born November 16th, 1745.

When my great grandfather purchased this farm, the country was new, and tribes of Indians yet remained in Fishkill. Wild animals abounded in the mountains, wolves howled his dwelling nights, and the beavers had built a dam across the small stream that runs through the farm at its mouth, where it empties in the large creek. In the Revolution his children had all married and left home, except Nathan, grandfather of the write, who married Abigail, dau. of John PINE, and remained with his father.  Nathan had two children. John Nathan (BAILEY), father of the writer, born November 11th, 1767, and Mary (BAILEY), my aunt, born December 31st, 1772. In the Revolution, the family consisted of John BAILEY, my great grandfather, then about 72 years old; Nathan, his son, 36 years old; John, grandson and father of the writer, aged nine years; Mary a grand daughter, , aged three years; and a number of negro slaves.

p. 308

"Stephen PURDY...married Esther BAILEY, a daughter of John BAILEY, great grandfather of the writer, who had five children- four sons and one daughter:
Elizabeth PURDY, b. Sept 3, 1758;
Francis & James PURDY, twins, b.  Jan 14, 1760;
John PURDY, b. Aug. 14, 1765;
Stephen PURDY, b. Oct 10, 1767.



"History of city of  N.Y. ; from its earliest settlement to the present time",
 by Mary L. Booth, Pub 1860 (852 pages)

p. 655 - Gen. Theodorus BAILEY, postmaster in NYC in the beginning of the 19th Century.



"Hist of the town of Conesus, Livingston county, NY - from its first settlement in 1793 to 1887; with a brief genealogical record of the Conesus families. - Pub 1887 (198 pages)
- by William P. Boyd
Subj. - Conesus (NY) genealogy)

p. 142 - the Hist of Conesus


"There were two families by this name in the town, yet I can not fully describe them. One of them, James, who m. Etta SWIFT, and has one child, and resides in Buffalo. The other, is Timothy BAILEY'S family, that lived on the Marrowback Hills, of which I am unable to speak of."

p. 152 - Conesus Center

"Amanda DENNISON, dau. of David (who was born in 1772 & died May 14, 1854), married Job BAILEY.

p. 168 - Conesus History

"Minerva BAILEY was 3rd wife of William PENNING, who came to Conesus in 1876 or 1877. He m. 1st Sarah HOLMES by whom he had one child named Fred (PENNING).
m. 2nd, Harriet HOLMES.
Minerva Bailey-Holmes gave William two children, George and Herman.

p. 172 - Conesus History

"(Etta) Ettie SWIFT, dau. of William SWIFT, marr. James BAILEY. William SWIFT came to Conesus as a wagon maker in 1835. He married Mary A. HEWITT, lived for a time at Conesus Center, and then removed to Union Corners. Ettie was their only child.


Census records
Are any of these Baileys related to us?

Look at the other surnames with them - Doty, Teagarden, Rose...all related later in Wisconsin. Could there be a tie here?

Brown Township was formed in 1833and its first census was in 1840
HEAD-OF-HOUSEHOLD YEAR PAGE --------------------- ---- ----
Andrew, Daniel 1850 490Armstrong, Julia 1850 481
B-----, Casper 1840 008Bailey, Henry 1840 009
Bailey, Henry 1850 483Bailey, James 1840 008
Bailey, James 1840 009Bailey, James 1850 483
Bailey, John 1840 009Bailey, John 1850 484
Bailey, Joseph 1850 484Bailey, Mathew 1850 484
Bailey, Samuel 1850 486
Rose, David 1850 486
Rose, Solomon 1850 482
Tegarden*, Abraham 1850 484Tegarden, Abram 1840 008
Tegarden, Henry 1850 484Tegarden, Moses 1850 484
Tegarden, William 1840 009Tegarden, William 1850 484

* ( in all other records spelt TEAGARDEN, with the "ea" or with "ee". See next record.)
Darke county, Ohio - Pioneer Hall of Fame
web site:

BAILEY, Henry (____-____) m Nancy RUNYON (1818-1909) DES
BAILEY, James (1814-1891) m Mary Ann TEEGARDEN (1815-1859) SBF, REM
BAILEY, Lavina (1801-1875) m Walter W. FRENCH (1792-1880) DH
BAILEY, Letty (c1804-____) m Jacob STRAIGHT (c1801-____) PPD
BAILEY, Mary Margaret (1831-____) m-2 John G. MENDENHALL (1826-1857) GJJ
BAILEY, Nancy (c1814-1885) m James STONEBRAKER (1814-1875) AAH
BAILEY, Stephen Houston (1847-1910) m Sarah Catharine [GIBNEY] CRICK (1848-1914) SBF
DOTY, Abigail (1822-1902) m John CAYWOOD (____-____) TSK
DOTY, Frazy (1792-1879) m Martha MILLS (1800-1886) TSk
ROSE, Hopkins Jr (c1821-1849) m Edna Elmore CHRISTY (1827-1885) MW-S
ROSE, Solomon (1811-1882) m Eliza BIDLACK (1814-1903) DKB

NOTE: Teagarden, Doty, & Rose families became part of the Bailey Family in Wisconsin Territory.


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