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Relief Hill and

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Relief Hill is situated on the South Yuba River about three miles east of North Bloomfield.  Captain Monroe, J. K. Reed, Burnham, Tuttle an some others located here as early as 1853 and engaged in mining.  By 1856 the settlement had attained a population of seventy five people and rejoiced in one store, two salons, one butcher shop, two boarding houses, one blacksmith shop and several dwellings.  The town steadily increased in size and importance until 1858, at which time it contained one hundred voters.  It then began to decline very speedily; but in 1862 it was revived and remained a thriving camp for a number of years.  It has now (1880), a population of some seventy five souls.  Robert Moore and William R. Williams, two of the town's oldest residents are still living here.

Text taken from: History of Nevada County California; Thompson and West, 1880


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