Worcester Telegram, County Edition, Wed. morning  June 10, 1953

This is the issue of the paper the day after the tornado struck

Worcester and area.

Will list the Dead as they did..


                Dead, Worcester

Stanley M. Manning, 765 Main street, at City Hospital

Mrs. Arthur Harrison, 24 Chevy Chase avenue, at City Hospital

Robert Jackson, 29 Osceola street, at City Hospital

A Mrs. Gleason, address unknown, at City Hospital

John Mulhern, 96 Clark street, at City Hospital

Mrs. Anna Anderson, Francis street, at City Hospital

A Mrs. Johnson, mother of Stanley W. Johnson of 434 Shrewsbury street, Holden, at City Hospital

Mrs. Fred Leland, 355 Burncoat street, at City Hospital (tentatively identified)

Mrs. Annie (MacDonald) Hutton, 74, of 37 Humes avenue, at Lindquist Funeral Home, 36 Butler street

Barbara Ann Hutton, 6, her granddaughter, also of 37 Humes avenue, at Lindquist's

Anna Carigosian, 32, of 40 Randall street, at City Hospital (tentatively identified)

Nancy Aslanian, 5, of 40 Randall street, at City Hospital (tentatively identified)

Mrs. Elizabeth Montgomery, 102 Randall street, reported dead by Rev. Roger Ferland, A.A., Assumption College.

Rev. Engelbert E. Divincq, A.A., 65, head of Assumption College French department

Sister Marie of St. Helena, 37, of Assumption convent.

Sister St. John of God, of Assumption convent

Ms. Herbert Cleveland, 332 Burncoat street, at City Hospital (tentatively identified)

Jan Paul Niquele, 30, 1 Bliss street

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Falcone, 44 Humes avenue, at City Hospital

A Mr and Frank D'Gostino, 45 Yukon avenue, at City Hospital

Beverly Clement, 8, 147 Uncatena avenue, (tentatively identified)

Michael Sullivan, 14, of Uncatena avenue (tentative)

George Steele, 14, of Uncatena avenue, (tentative)

Dorothy A. Rice, 15, of 16 Longmeadow avenue Shrewsbury

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Daly, 71 Main street

Kenneth Olson, Lake street

Marlene Fisher, 3-month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Fisher, 335 South street

Ethel McDonald, Brewer Estate, at The Memorial Hospital

Mrs. Nora Fuller Mason of Stoneham, a visitor in Shrewsbury.  At City Hospital


Edward B. White, 13, Old Petersham road

Beverly Strong, 19, Old Petersham road



Mrs. James J. Trioli, Turnpike road, wife of the Fayeville postmaster

Mrs. Irngard Noberini, 26, of Turnpike road

Robert Noberini, 1 yr, her son



Donald Marsh, 30, principal of Rutland grammar school, Main street

Robert Harding, about 15, son of Mrs. Margaret Harding, Main street



Mrs. Timothy F. Cahill, 42, of Flanders road

Three unidentified bodies are at the Howard Allen Funeral Home, Shrewsbury



At City Hospital

Howard Pentland, 178 June street

Littleton Hayden, 68, 60 Assumption avenue

James Pickett, 9, 52 Chino avenue

Ann Gustafson, 15, 107 Brattle street

Catherine Danzilio, 40, 203 Chino avenue

Donald Morin, 29, 68 Tacona street

Phyllis Beaudreau, 37, 40 Chino avenue

Rose Clayborne, 45, 1 Stanley road

Celeste Dinor, 29, 23 Great Brook Valley

Celina Vorron, 30, 116 Constitution avenue

Margaret Kellogg, 25, 17 Constitution avenue

Michael Falcone, 27, Calumet avenue

Cecil Preston, 11, 62 Constitution avenue

Edward Novik, 50, 48 Yucon avenue

Ida Hammarston, 69, 39 Randolph road

Irene Goodney, 44, 61 Reed street

John Personis, 34, 1204 Main street

John Pyna, 66, Brookside Home

Alice Bean, 59, Fairchild drive, Holden

Ida McGrath, 79, 149 Tacoma street

Emma Erickson, 79, 7 Olin street

Unknown boy, 12 years

Gwendolyn Hovaganian, 22, 142 Uncantena avenue

Agnes Roslad, 39 Randall street

Arnold Lereau, 190 Chino avenue

Ralph Amidon, 24, 54 Humes avenue

Pricilla Myers, 52, of 3 Old English road

Peter Gilski, 63, Brookside Home

Joseph Sullivan, 63, Brookside Home

Paul Maher

Ida McGeach, 149 Laconia

Edward McInnis, 15, 42 Great Brook Valley

Shirley J. Preston, 31, 62 Constitution

Jean Pilling, 19, 68 Mount avenue

Mabel A. Phillips, 64, 10 Dennison road

Mary Posson

Herbert Oberg, 36, 19 Ali street

Edward Ryan, 63, Brookside Farm

Thomas Saro, 49, 5 King Philip road

Judith Ann Senior, 7, 97 Chino avenue

Philip St. Germaine

Edward Stockman

John Edward Wheeler, 3, 6 New Vista Lane

Kevin D. Wheeler, 22 mos., 6 New Vista Lane

A. Lincoln Estes, 57, 119 Tacoma avenue

Frank Witas, 74, Brookside Farm

Douglas D. Porrell, 8, 19 Great Valley

Michael Carlson, 7-1/2, 127 Brattle street

John Kangas, 60, Brookside Home

Roland Houde, 54, 8 Tupelo road

Michael Melano, 76, 2 Olen street

John Potter, 56, Brookside Farm

Roger LaPerle, 38, 138 Tacoma aven ue

Harold Wambeck, 58, Brookside Farm

Frances Harrington, 52, 21 Knowlton avenue, Shrewsbury

Lena Bottic, 31, 3 Great Brook Valley avenue

Judith Ann Barrett, 10 wks, 3 Great Brook Valley avenue

Lucille Bouvier, 32,  134 Tacoma avenue

Rita Conway, 30, 54 Assumption avenue

Daniel Coonan, 19, 107 Constitution avenue

Carmella Collette, 13, 175 Constitution avenue

Edward Cotton, 48, 49 Sterling street

Joseph DiCenzo, 17, 51 Wilson street

Celeste Dinioa, 29, 23 Great Brook Valley avenue

Dirk England, 3 wks, 29 New Vista avenue

Alice Fortin, 25, 28 Freedom lane

George Fortin, 27, 28 Freedom lane

Lloyd Fortin, 9 mo, 28 Freedom lane

Linda Flynn, 7, 48 Great Brook Valley avenue

Steven Gallant, 5, 18 Tallawanda drive

George C. George, 86, 204 Worcester road

Charley George, 69, 51 E. Worcester street

William Heffernan, 27, 2 Bernice street

Barbara Heitin, 14, 113 Maple avenue, Shrewsbury

Michael F. Halpin, 19 Crescent street, Shrewsbury

Raymond Jasen, 12, 76 Chino avenue

Nancy Johnson, 4, 28 Freedom lane

Irene Kesner, 30, 108 Constitution avenue

Julia LeDoux, 30, 113 Constitution avenue

Robert LeDoux, 31, 113 Constitution avenue

Joel E. Lorden, 25, Amherst, MA

Gerald Paul Ledoux, 3, 34 Thorne street

Francis H. Maki, 50, Brookside farm

Matilda Mingo, 77, 27 Huntington avenue

James More, 13, 18 Chino avenue

Joseph Sullivan, 63, Brookside Home

Helen Pecevitch, 600 South street, Shrewsbury

Constantino Bilanowski, 600 South street, Shrewsbury

Charles Vorron Jr., 53, 116 Constitution avenue

Charles Tomlinson, 63, Attleboro

Maureen O'Brien, 15, 273 Tacoma drive

Pamela Collette, 13, of Constitution avenue

Harvey B. Ramsdall, 81, of 2 Rowena street

Linda Fisher, 4, of 62 Great Brook Valley

Barlony Amanda, 65, 54 Humes avenue

George Logee, 23, 19 Blossom street

Gustaf Lindberg, 61, 4 Gunnison road

Mrs. Elizabeth Brown, 27, Holden

Douglas Brown, 14 months, Holden

Mrs. Grace Leitch, 50, of Blake avenue, West Boylston

William E. O'Neill, 50, 28 Courtland street

James Noonan (child)

Linda Flynn (child)

Richard Walker (child)

Mary Posson (child)

unknown female child

Michael Carlson (child)

Florence Motto (child)

Joan Mott (child)

Peter Marettell, 291 Holden street

Paula Donan (child)

Marilyn Aslanian (child)

Douglas Anderson, 18, 39 Randall street

Elsa Anderson, 43, 39 Randall street

Robert Breadveau (child)

Andrew Kemp (child)

Unknown female (about a year old)

Charlene Sokonski, 120 Clinton street, Shrewsbury

John Kangas, 60, Brookside Home

Charles Tomlinson, 62, 81 Brown street, South Attleboro

Joseph Fred Leland, 76, 353 Burncoat street

Katherine Donzilio, 46, 203 Chino avenue

Irene Howe, 41, 138 Uncatena avenue

Mrs. Catherine Heitin, 43, 113 Maple avenue, Shrewsbury


        Hahnemann Hospital

Mrs. Roberta Hogan, 36 Merrick street

Broderick Martins, 9, no address

Edward Russle, 10 Uncatena avenue

Miss Alver Faucher, 18 Brentwood drive, Holden

William Heyde, 40 Uncatena avenue

Miss Theresa Standring, 19, 39 Boylston street

Mrs. Blanche Lesage, 479 Shrewsbury street, Holden

Mrs. Margaret Mullins, 71 Eunice avenue

Mrs. Shirley Adams, 72 Nicholas avenue, Morningdale

Mrs. Catherine Brooks, 29 Osceola avenue

Miss Pamela Power, 18 Tacoma street, chest injuries


        Framingham Hospitals

Jessie Cole, 60, of Turnpike road, Southboro, at Community Hospital, head


James J. Trioli, 46, Turnpike road, Fayville, Postmaster there, at Union

Hospital, dislocated left elbow and multiple bruises

Gordon Johnson, 48, Middle road, Southboro, at Union Hospital, back

injuries, possible skull fracture and internal injuries

Mrs. Anne P. Sterling, 48, 15 Moreland street, Quincy, laceration of skull, at Union Hospital.  Her son, Ray Sterling, 21, a student, same address, lacerations of left hand.

James Cahill, 12, of Westboro, at Union Hospital, multiple cuts and bruises.  A man who came to the hospital with the boy said it was believed the boy's mother was killed.

Timothy F. Cahill, 69, Flanders road, Westboro, Union Hospital


        St. Vincent Hospital

Mrs. Charles M. Austin, Great Brook Valley, possible skull fracture

Sister Marie de Ste. Genevieve, A. S. M., Assumption college

Mrs. Edmund J. North, 48 Ukon avenue

David B. Hannah, 151 Uncatena avenue

Mrs. Beatrice Anderson, 51 Rochdale street, cuts of legs, face and nose

Mrs. Avra Jaugel, 18 St. James street, Shrewsbury

Mrs. Ralph Aslanian, 40 Randall street, fractured shoulder

Mrs. Robert Sechrest, 39 Great Brook Valley avenue, possible concussion

Brother Rosario Roy, A. A., Assumption College, fire victim

Sister M. Jane de Chantel, Assumption College

Miss Astrid Peterson, 42 Ukon avenue, fracture of right thigh and both legs

Mrs. Annette Bolduc, 135 Chino avenue



The following were released after treatment:

Delbert Smith, 60 Austin street, cuts and bruises of face and forehead

Mrs. Archie Lapoint, 45 Mount avenue, cuts and bruises of arms and legs

Robert Frankian, 40 Randall street, foot injury

Valmore X. Gaucher, 108 Francis street, at Assumption College

Miss Mary Hannah, 151 Uncatena street

John Donahue, 128 Washington street, cut hand

Mrs. Denise M. Courtney, 120 Chino Avenue, cut of neck

Mrs. Mary Francese, 15 Green street, Shrewsbury, bruise of head

Miss Mona Mitchell, 125 Constitution avenue, cut hand

Patricia O'Brien, Great Brook Valley, minor bruises

Kristine Bertelson, cuts of forehead, chin and face

Mrs. Sarah Frankian, 40 Randall street, cut left elbow and lip

Mrs. Majorie Mahoney, 95 Purchase strteet, cut right forearm

Henry R. Benson, 7 Bristol street, overcome by smoke

Mrs. Beatrice Mailea, 103 Tacoma street

Carol Couture, 47 Great Brook Valley avenue, cut right hand

Alfred Marsh, Green's Trailor Park, Southwest cutoff, puncture wound of right forearm

Mrs. Victor L. Salerno, 12 Cameron street

Michael Vigliotti, 65 East Central street, overcome by smoke

Mrs. Margaret Doyle, Hapgood street, Shrewsbury, multiple cuts and bruises

Mrs. Raymond Carey, 19 Great Brook Valley avenue, cut hand

Rocco J. Porcaro, 16 Stanton street, injuries to left arm and face

Mrs. Carmelo Ciaccio, 23 Great Brook Valley avenue, injury to right arm

Raymond J. Silva, 34 Great Brook Valley avenue, injury to left arm

Ronald F. Silva, 1, 34 Great Brook Valley avenue

Rev. Louis Dion, A. A., Assumption College

Mrs. Otto Nelson, 258 Great Brook Valley avenue, multiple cuts and bruises

Otto Nelson, 258 Great Brook Valley avenue, shaken up

Mrs. Virginia Case, Rockdale street, eye injury

Earle J. Shackett, 264 Southbridge street, head injury

Mrs. Helen Rutkiewicz, 60 Great Brook Valley avenue, cuts of back, scalp and arms and eyes

Gerald Hayes, 100 Chino avenue, cuts of scalp, forehead, multiple cuts and bruises

Paul H. Moran, 85 Great Brook Valley avenue, bruises and cuts back and feet

Walter N. Jette, 55 Great Brook Valley avenue, cut head

Peter Ruthkiewicz, 4, 60 Great Brook Valley avenue, cut chin

Paul Ruthkiewicz, 2, 60 Great Brook Valley avenue, cut scalp and chin

Miss Kathleen Sullivan, 75 Humea avenue, multiple cuts and bruises and possible shoulder fracture