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Abominable Firebug is the autobiographical tale of a boy who became a resident of two foster home institutions, a detention center, and, on two occasions, a reform school. Author Richard Johnson honestly tells the story of his often-turbulent boyhood as he shares the harsh realities of the American juvenile detention system during the late 1950s and early 1960s. While sharing far-from-average life experiences, Johnson vividly illustrates his love for his family despite their rejection, his constant resiliency, his need for love and acceptance, and the important role that mentors played in his life. Johnson eventually graduated from college and moved on to a successful career. His story will uplift, encourage, and educate anyone who works with troubled children or has experienced a difficult childhood. "Dick is an inspiration. Through capturing his experiences on paper for all to read, he breathes new hope into the desperate lives of disaffected youth . as professional caregivers, we owe it to all these children to share the knowledge we gain from Dick's book. Read this book and share it with others. Open peoples' eyes to the harsh realities of those children locked and tossed away, and share their worth and potential." -Dr. Mary A. Clisbee, Executive Director, Merrimack Special Education Collaborative, Massachusetts
Title of ebook: Abominable Firebug
ISBN: 0595830471
Publisher: iUniverse, Inc.

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Author: A Johnson, Richard B