HarvardArchives Van Waters, Miriam. Papers, 1926-1931: Finding Aid.

                           Harvard Law School Library Cambridge, MA 02138

          14 (continued)
               The Juvenile Court as a Community Institution, manuscript
               Parole, 8 folders
                    F.1 Trustees of Massachusetts Training School: Boys' Parole Division
                    F.2 Notes on Lancaster Industrial School for Girls'
                    F.3 Notes, Lyman Industrial School
                    F.4 Harold Smith case
                    F.5 Boys' and Girls' Parole Department: Commonwealth of Massachusetts
                    F.6 Boys' released from parole
                    F.7 Lyman and Shirley boys released from parole
                    F.8 Lyman and Shirley boys released from parole

          27-1 Bettman, Alfred: correspondence, 1927
          27-2 Boston, City of: child welfare
          27-3 Boston Juvenile Court: statistics
          27-4 Boston Social Union 1927
          27-5 Cabot, Fred P. (Judge): Boston Central Court
          27-6 Cabot, Richard C. (Dr.)
          27-7 Children's Aid Society
          27-8 Conference on Jail Detention: 1929
          27-9 Consolidation of courts
          27-10 Forms, etc., court
          27-11 Frankfurter, Felix. Correspondence, chiefly with MVW, 1928-1935, 1938
          27-12 Glueck, Sheldon. Interviews conducted by SG with MVW, 1926; carbon of typed MS of SG.
          27-13 Home visits - summary
          27-14 Juvenile court (general)
          27-15 Juvenile court laws
          27-16 to 27-17 Lancaster (Mass.) Industrial School for Girls
          27-18 Legal aspects of juvenile court: history. Typed carbons of various brief studies, some by MVW.
          27-19 Los Angeles County, CA
          27-20 to 27-21 Lyman School (Westborough, MA): correspondence and report by MVW
          28-1 Memoranda, notes, reports: 1927, 1928
          28-2 Parsons, Herbert C.
          28-3 Police statistics
          28-4 Probation officers: qualifications
          28-5 Shoplifting: statistics
          28-6 Senate (MA) document no. 330; 1916
          28-7 Shirley School for Boys
          28-8 Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
          28-9 to 28-10 Staff conference notes: 1927-1930
          28-11 State of knowledge. Holograph and typed notes, MVW, Sam Warner and others
          28-12 Warner, San B.: statistical study. Includes letter and memo re Harv. Crime Survey
          28-13 Correspondence: miscellaneous
          28-14 to 28-15 Book notes and background research
          28-16 to 28-17 Brown, Sibyl. "The Juvenile Court as a community institution in the Municipal Court of
          Roxbury District."
          Carbon copy of typed MS, 240 + 10 p.
          29-1 Holograph notes of Miriam Van Waters
          29-2 Index, pts. 1, 2, 3, 4. Two groups, one incomplete.
          Index to MVW's part and additional sections
          29-3 Notes on method, outline, etc.
          29-4 Outline of study of Boston delinquent children, 14 and 15 years of age, for the year 1920, by MVW.
          Includes photocopies of correspondence re this outline.
          29-5 to 29-8 Van Waters, Miriam. "The Boston Juvenile Court and the Judge Baker Foundation."
          391 p. (p. 331-376 missing)
          Typed MS, tables
          29-9 Van Waters, Miriam: Introduction to "Criticising Massachusetts Criminal Courts."
          Carbon of typed MS, 30 p.; also holograph notes by MVW
          29-10 Van Waters, Miriam. "Parole."
          Six-page typed MS of article on adult parole in Massachusetts: unfinished.
          29-11 Van Waters, Miriam. Preliminary holograph drafts for Harvard Crime Survey REPORT
          Includes some notes and articles on juvenile delinquency, and a pamphlet on the Mass. Department of Welfare.
          Includes correspondence, copy of letter from FF, 1937
          29-12 Van Waters, Miriam. "Report of Division on Juvenile Delinquency." 1927
          Holograph outline, plus typed sections entitled "Comments on the absence of health examinations...:" "Social
          agencies," etc.
          29-13 to 29-14 Van Waters, Miriam. "Report of the Section on Juvenile Delinquency."
          Typed carbon of MS of MVW's part in the Harvard Crime Survey's published REPORT
          29-15 Van Waters, Miriam. Typed drafts of subsections of her part in Harvard Crime Survey REPORT
          Subsections entitled: "Juvenile delinquency and juvenile courts;" "Central Court;" "Criticism in Massachusetts;"
          "Legal objections to juvenile courts," etc. Includes some holograph notes.
          29-16 Van Waters, Miriam: post-1934 idems
          Correspondence; agenda of meetings; proposed drafts; Massachusetts Child Council research. 1935-1939.
          Mainly copies of letters and mimeograph material