Grafton and Upton Railroad - Grafton Massachusetts   

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Grafton RR / Grafton & Upton Railroad

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News Article 1 of G&U RR History

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News Article 2 of G&U RR History

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G&U RR Engine 1974

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North Grafton RR Depot

(1852 Tidbit not G&U- but is Grafton related)
From Puritan Recorder Jan 29th, 1852
Railroad Accident
The morning train from Worcester, on the Boston and Worcester Railroad, which is due in Boston at a quarter past 9 o'clock, was detained an hour by an accident that occurred in Grafton, MA, near the Millbury Junction.
One of the wheels to the tender broke and forced a hole through it, and let out the water required for the engine. No further damage was done nor any person injured. -Mail 23d.

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G & U Railroad Ticket

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G & U 1903 Postcard
Grafton/Worcester 1903 cancellations. 
Grafton & Upton R.R., "make check payable to G + U. R.R. Co., freight charged on N.Y.C. Car
48327- Bit. Coal from North Grafton to Grafton Mass is $8.04, Respectfully"
Stamped: Sept 23, 1903 E.S.Clark Jr.,  -Agent Grafton Mass- Grafton & Upton RR
Collect From Consignee/B

This lock is marked G & U RR on the hasp. The lock was made by E.P.BURNE & CO., BOSTON, MASS. It was offered on e-bay.

Following by photographer Edward S. Clark Jr. - These photos still remain in family collection. Only these copies remain to the best of our knowledge. The only permission granted to use was to G.E. Hopper 1980's to do a book on RR. This book was never produced to my knowledge! Two photos at bottom were provided by Mr. Hopper. 

edwardsclarkrr.jpg (13853 bytes)Edward S. Clark Jr. -  Agent for G&U RR
Born July 8, 1866, died Feb.26, 1908 in Pinehurst, NC. Cap says agent. He took most of the photos on this page as he was also a professional photographer with studio.

ngraftonrrstation.jpg (37174 bytes)North Grafton Depot early 1900s

gandurrgrafton1.jpg (42624 bytes)Working on the lines along G&U tracks
Looks like the two men are carrying the pole repair platform.

gandurrgrafton2.jpg (39648 bytes)Rail cars and engine at North Grafton station (?)

gandurrgrafton4.jpg (60748 bytes)Steam engine along the G&U RR

gandurrgrafton5.jpg (37386 bytes)Rolling stock on the G&U 

gandurrgrafton6.jpg (42927 bytes)Rolling stock in station on G&U with wire spools
Assume line installation or replacement going on.

gandurrgrafton7.jpg (51120 bytes)Line repair along the G&U track.

gandurrgrafton8.jpg (46128 bytes)G&U RR, Upton Road, near old G&U station
Frank Donahue's barn to right.

gandurrgrafton9.jpg (47715 bytes)G&U tracks Upton Road, Grafton Mass
Frank Donahue's barn to right. Frank's house can be seen at corner North St. (1st on North St.)

gandurrgrafton10.jpg (35123 bytes)Donahue's old barn at Upton St. in Grafton
See Leonards house in rear, telephone exchange was in here

gandurrgrafton12.jpg (51719 bytes)G&U RR wall poster for Grand Opening in 1890

gandurrgrafton13.jpg (32337 bytes)North Grafton scene of G&U RR
This was the Boston & Albany Depot. See Medford & Upton car on G&U passenger tracks at North Grafton. Likely 1920s period. Building behind the people waiting was B&A Depot. Small building on left, was Grafton Express building. See express carts near trolley. Buildings in rear were Nelson Shoe Co. and Storey Box Co. See RR crossing guards shanty under RR sign. Small building at rear was Shepards lunch. In 1974 it was a private home.

From Mr. Hopper
Excellent article by Gordon Hopper at the
 "National Railway Historical Society" website

gandurrgrafton14.jpg (25166 bytes)G&U at Grafton Center
Grafton & Upton RR sometime between 1890 and 1902. See train headed for Upton.

gandurrgrafton15.jpg (23806 bytes)The G&U RR station in Grafton Center around 1912-1915