BY JAMES SAVAGE, published 1860

HUDSON, DANIEL, Watertown, a. 1640, removed to Lancaster 1664, by wife Joanna had Daniel, born 26 May 1651; Mary, 7 September 1653; Sarah, 1 January 1656; Elizabeth 11 January 1658; Joanna, 6 January 1660; John, 10 March 1662; William, 12 June 1664; Abigail; Ann, 1 January 1668; Nathaniel, 15 May 1671; and Thomas; was killed says Willard, by the Indians 11 September 1697, with his wife two daughters and two children of his son Nathaniel.

DANIEL, Boston, one of the wretched survivors of the crowning mercy of O. Cromwell 3 September 1651 at the bloody field of Worcester, when Daniel was made prisononer shipped in November 1651, arrived in May the following did not, perhaps, live long.

DANIEL, Lancaster, son of the first Daniel, married February 1674, Mary, youngest daughter of John Maynard, and she died 1677.

FRANCIS, Boston 1630, fisherman, came from Chatham, Co. Kent, son of William, was one of the first, as Judge Sewall believes, who set foot on this peninsula of Boston, so that, probably he came in the fleet with Winthrop had wife Mary, and by her, Elizabeth born 13 October 1640; Deborah, baptized 18 June 1643, whose age is not told; Mary, 18, baptized 20 Aug 3, died soon; Mary, again, 22 August baptized 10 September 1644; Susanna, as the town record calls her, 15 December but the childs record of her baptizm on 21 of same December 1645, calls her Hannah, age 7 days old; Samuel, 19 July 1650; and Sarah, 27 November 1653; freeman 1673, died 3 November 1700, aged 82. His will of 21 August 1697, probably 14 November 1700, names wife Elizabeth to be extrix. and gives all his real and personal estate dwelling, ferry boats, lease of ferry wharf &c. during her widowhood and mentions daughter Perkins; and son Arthur Smith; Francis, and Samuel, son of his son Samuel; besides John Wheatly, the grandson of his wife Susanna married John Howlett, and next Edmund Perkins.

HENRY, Hempstead, L. I. 1647.

JAMES, Boston 1642, by wife Ann had Lydia, born 17, baptized 23 Apr. 1643, died young; Deborah, 3, baptized 20 October 1644; James, 25 August 1646; Lydia, again, 15 March 1648; his wife died 3 December 1652, and he married 3 February foll. Rebecca, daughter of William Brown, who died 14 November following having born John, 8 November 1653, died soon; and he by a third wife Mary, had John, again, born 26 January 1655; Mary, 22 July 1656; Lazarus, 21 October 1658; Bethia, and Abigail, twin 13 December 1659; Samuel, 23 March 1661; Ebenezer, 4 March 1662; and Eleazer, 19 June 1668.

JOHN, Lynn 1637, an unworthy servant of John Humphrey. Winthrop II.

JOHN, Boston, 1655, of who I know nothing, but that he was one of the three who took inventory of William Davis, perhaps a brother sailor.

JOHN, New Haven, by wife Abigail had, baptized in her right, Abigail, born 25 March 1654, baptized 8 February 1657; Sarah, 5, baptized 12 Apr. 1657; Mary, baptized 8 July 1660; and Samuel, born September baptized 13 November 1664. Usually the name is Hodgson. Abigail married December 1680, Richard Blackleach of Stratford, and died March 1713.

JOHN, Marblehead 1674. JOHN, Duxbury, had wife Ann Rogers, daughter of John, and to her, in his will of 20 November 1683, gave his estate during widowhood though he had four daughters Hannah, who married Japhet Turner; Rhoda, married ----- Palmer; Elizabeth married  ---- Vicory; and Abigail married ---- Stetson.

JONATHAN, Lynn, probably son of Thomas, had Moses, born 15 July 1658, and probably other children may be the freeman of 1691.

JONATHAN, Lyme, married 17 June 1686, Sarah.

MOSES, Lynn, prob. son of Jonathan of the same, freeman 1691.

NATHANIEL, Boston, son of William, married 1 December 1659, Elizabeth daughter of William Alford.

NICHOLAS, Hingham, freeman 9 March 1637, is, beyond doubt, the same as Hodsdin, or Hodgen, who was at Hartford 1635, removed to Boston, that part called Muddy river sold his estate 1650.

RALPH, Boston, a woollen draper, came in the Susan and Ellen, from London, 1635, aged 42, with wife Mary 42, and three children Hannah, 14; John, 12; and Elizabeth 5; (but John was his brother) freeman 25 May 1636, died before his wife. His will of 24 September 1638, gave no children but Hannah, any thing so we may well presume, that Elizabeth was daughter.  It was not until 20 November 1651, when was also that of his wife dated 26 September preceded in which she gives to her grandchildren Hudson and Hannah, children of John Leverett by her daughter Hannah, who was daughter and to his daughter Elizabeth by the second wife Hannah married 1639, John Leverett, and died probably in 1644.

RICHARD, Marblehead 1668, may be a soldier under Capt. Turner, in 1676, at Northampton.

SAMUEL, Boston, son of Francis, married December 1674, Abigail, daughter of Sampson Shore, had Francis, born 15 August 1676; and Samuel, of uncertain date, both named in the will of grandfather SAMUEL, one of the companys called "the flower of Essex," under Lothrop, who was killed at Deerfield, 18 September 1675, and perhaps was of Marblehead 1668.

THOMAS, Lynn 1637, had Jonathan, and perhaps other children

WILLIAM, Charlestown 1630, came probably in the fleet with Winthrop was freeman 18 May 1631, and removed early to Boston, of whose children he was member before Charlestown church was organized and continued at BOSTON; brother perhaps, son William, and wife Susan, by who he had Nathaniel, baptized 19, but born 30 January 1634, as says the town record which may be more correct in saying, that Richard, their sons died 26 October 1641, probably unbaptized. He went home before 1656.

WILLIAM, Boston, call. the younger, was born  1619, freeman 12 October 1640; may have been son of the preceding or not, by wife Ann, had Hannah, baptized 19 March but in town record born 16 Apr. 1641, died next month; Hannah, again, 12 March 1644; before her birth he went to England and served as ensign in the company of John Leverett, under Israel Stoughton, in the Earl of Manchester's army for the Parliament. The unhappy consequence of his absence, and his wife's exposure to temptation, for which she was whipped is told by Winthrop. She had no more children.  Frothingham, 78, has confused the junior and senior, as to the time of removal and service in England. Later in life, he was a lieutenant in 1654, and Capt. in 1661, in service at BOSTON married 23 January 1677, Mary, widow of John Fownell, and died in summer of 1681. His daughter Hannah married Benjamin Richards, and next, in 1666, married Richard Crispe.

HUDSHON, JOHN, Hartford 1649. The spelling may be careless in the records and possibly the person is Hodson; but the name is unimport.

The following are from various sources

The HUDSON's were among the early settlers of New England.  William, Francis and Ralph were in and about Boston before 1636 and were among the prominent citizens and intermarried with some of the most influential families.  It is doubtful whether the Hudson's who have been in Marlborough and the neighboring townsfrom time to time, descended from either of these families.  All who have borne the name have been rather migratory in thier chracter; for we find them at one time in one place and at another time in another place.  Scarcely any family of their numbershas furnished so many soldiers in the Indian, French and evolutionary Wars.

Daniel Hudson - the ancestor of the Marlborough Hudsons, came from England about 1639.  He was in Watertown, Massachusetts in 1640 and settled in Lancaster about 1665.  He purchased of Major Simon Willard, a Proprietors Right for 40 pounds, land situated on Gibson's Hill in Lancaster.  He married Joanna and had six or seven children before he came to Lancaster, where thier births are recorded.  He and his wife and two of thier daughters, and two children of his son Nathaniel, were killed by the Indians in one of their incursions into the ill-fated town in 1697.  Though he died in Lancaster, he appears to have been absent from that town some portion of the time between the date of his settlement and that of his death.

In 1673, "Daniel Hudson, of Concord, sometimes of Lancaster" purchased 20 acres of land in Lancaster, of John Moore, of Sudbury, and in 1674 Daniel Hudson "Late of Lancaster, but now of Cambridge Village" (Newton, Massachusetts) deeded to his eldest son Daniel "who is about to be married to mary Maynard, of Sudbury, daughter of John Maynard" the same 20 acres of land.  In 1688, he and his wife deeded to thier son William, land near Gibson's Hill in Lancaster.  Daniel's will, dated 1695 and provedOctober 14, 1697, mentions wife Johanna, and sons William, Nathaniel and Thomas.  An agreement connected with the settlement of the estate is signed by Nathaniel Hudson for himself and his brother Thomas and by Samuel Waters in right of his wife Mary Hudson, Jacob Waters in the right of his wife Sarah Hudson and James Atherton, in right of his wife Abigail Hudson.

Most of the male members of the family appear to have left Lancaster soon after the death of thier parents.  The destruction of the Lancaster records and the migratory characterof the family, deprive the genalogist the information neccessary to give connection of the descendants.  The name in ancient records is frequently spelt with a "T" - Hutson.

Daniel Hudson, son of Daniel and Johanna,  after the death of his wife moved with his son Daniel to Bridgewater, where his son married.  Some of the descendants of this family moved to Hartford, Connecticutt and others moved to the state of New York.

William Hudson, son of Daniel and Johanna, was in lancaster in 1687 and had six acres of land granted to him by the town "as a bounty for killing wolves".  He probably moved to Bridgewater with his brother Daniel where he was married and died.

Nathaniel Hudson, appears on the records of Lancaster to have had land set offto him in that town in 1718 and 1726, in virtue of the right of his father "Goodman Hudson", he could not have been a permanent resident of Lancaster, for in 1709 "Nathaniel Hudson of Billerica, formerly of Lancaster" conveyed land in Lincoln, Massachusetts to a Mr. Buss.  The Lexington churh records show that three children by the name of Hudson were baptized there in 1705; as the name of one of them was Nathaniel and as Lexington at that time was bounded on Billerica, Massachusetts, where Nathaniel resided.  There is also a strong presumbtion the John Hudson, who was in Marlborough soon after Seth, and Nathaniel Jr. was another of his children.

The whole Hudson family appear to have been men of arms rather than letters and thier record is traced quite easily on army rolls as on the town books.

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Seth Hudson, son of Nathaniel Hudson and Rebecca Rugg, was admitted to the church in Marlborough on February 28, 1727.  He was a soldier from Marlborough in 1759 in Captain Williams Company.  He wasfirst a sergeant and the a Lieutenant and had a command at Fort Massachusetts.  He had in 1726 land laid out for him in Lancaster.

Note: see related story on Seth HUDSON the famous "counterfeiter" under Short Storys section.

John Hudson, son of Nathaniel Hudson and Rebecca Rugg, resided first in Marlborough and then in Berlin, Massachusetts.  In 1755 he was in Captain Samuel Howe's Company in the Expedition against Crown Point; he was also one of the Alarm men attached to Colonel Abraham William's Company in Marlborough in 1757.  He also served at the commencement of the Revolution; it appears that he and two of his son were in service in the French War and he and eight of his sons were in the Revolutionary War at some period of it's continuance.

Elisha Hudson, son of John Hudson and Elizabeth McAllister, was in the French War in 1758 and 1759 and also in the Revolution.  He moved to Clarendon, Vermont where he died.

Charles Hudson, son of John Hudson and Elizabeth McAllister, was for three years in the Continental Army.

Stephen Hudson, son of John Hudson and Elizabeth McAllister, enlisted from marlborough in to the Continental Army at the age of 16.  After the experation of this service, he entered on board a "privateer", which crossed the Atlantic and cruised on the coast of Great Britain, Spain and Portugal.  After returning home, he enlisted for a Western Campaign against the Indians.  While in service in the Continental Army, he with others, were taken prisoners and taken to Philadelphia and thrown into prison for several months.  The "Philidelphia Jail" anfd the "Jersy Prison-Ship" wer his homes for sometime.

Charles Hudson, son of Stephen Hudson and Louisa Williams, was Pastor of a Restorationist Society in Westminister for twenty years; represented that town for four years in the House of Representatives, the County of Worcester six years in the Senate; three years in the Executive Council and the District for eight years in Congress.  When he left Congress, he entered the Navy as an Officer in the Custom House at Boston.  He had twenty five consequative years of service under the State and National Government.  In 1849 he moved from Westminister to Lexington where he was living in 1861.

Charles H. Hudson, son of Charles Hudson and Ann Rider, graduated a Civil Engineer from th Lowell Scientific School, Harvard Universty in 1855.

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