John Stow with his wife and six children came to New England in one of Winthrops companies and settled in Roxbury, Massachusetts.  He arrived here the 7th of the third month 1634.  He was made freeman 1634, member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, 1638 and Representative, 1639.  He was the father of Thomas of Concord and of Middletown CT..  Elizabeth, wife of John died 1638.  Stow was a very ancient name in England, particularly in Middlesex and Linconshire.

Thomas Stow, son of John Stow and Elizabeth, was in Concord before 1640 where he had a family  of at least three sons, Samuel, Thomas and Nathaniel.  He and his brother Nathaniel owned 600 acres of land bertween Fairhaven Pond and the Sudbury line.  Thomas sold his right in 1660 to Thomas Gobble and David Dean, he had previously moved to Connecticut.  He probably left Concord about 1650 and moved to Middletwon, the a part of Hartford.

Samuel Stow, son of Thomas Stow, was in Marlborough before 1684 at which time he bought of Waban and James Atchuit, two Indians from Natick, for  3 pounds in money and 3 pounds in corn twenty acres of land in Marlborough.  He was also one of the proprietors of Ockoocangasett plantation, purchased of the Indians.  He became a prominent man in the property and the town.  He served in Philip's War and probably came to town soon after the peace, as his name appears on a petition for the plantation in 1677.

Thomas Stow, son of Samuel Stow and Elizabeth Stone,  his will was proved Oct 8, 1765 and mentions sons Benjamin, Thomas, Samuel, Stephen, David and Experience Newton, deceased; also son Josiah, who is required to provide for the support of his mother, Hannah.

John Stow, son of Samuel Stow and Elizabeth Stow, his will proved July 1761 mentions sons Manasseh and John and daughters Elizabeth Eager, Hannah Ward, Mary Howe, Keziah Morse, Abigail hager and Sarah Hager.  Manasseh was from Southborough, Massachusetts.

Samuel Stow, son of Thomas Stow and Hannah Johnson, was elected Deacon of the Church in 1770.

Heman Stow, son  of Simon Stow and Sara Hayden, his children were not recorded in the Town records,
however their dates of birth were taken from private records and may not be arranged in the order of birth.

Martin Stow, son of Heman Stow and Abigail Brown, was killed when he fell from scaffolding in a barn.

William Stow, son of Heman Stow and Abigail Brown, graduated from Williams College in 1811, read theology and settled in Wilmington, Vermont.

Martin Luther Stow, son of Heman Stow and Abigail Brown, graduated from Williams College in 1813 and went into practice, first in Marlborough and then in Northborough.

Quartus Stow, son of Simon Stow and Sarah Hayden, was in service in several campaigns in the revolutionary War.  There are no Town records of his childrens births, though he had several.

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