An announcement made today, January 13th, 2006!


This site is no longer the registry for the

Clark/Clarke DNA Surname Project database. The new site is Clark(e) Surname DNA Project

Lead Dowdís announcement can be found below.




This site is no longer the registry for the

Johnston/Johnston/Johnstone DNA Surname Project database. The new site can be found at: Johnson/Johnston/Johnstone Surname DNA Project

Harold Johnsonís announcement can also be found below.









Good morning. My name is Lea Dowd.  After years of wonderful service to this group, Harold Johnson and Suzanne Johnston have passed the gauntlet.  I aspire to be able to live up to the standards that they have set.  I am sure all of us want to thank them for the Project that they started and supported so well.  Linda Sparks Starr will thankfully remain as the Research Coordinator.


We are starting a new year with a new website at http://www.htmlsd.  We would appreciate input from all of you as to the direction that we should go to meet your needs.  Please check the website to make sure that we have your pedigrees and information correctly.  I am not perfect, but do want to make this as perfect as possible.


The biggest change is the way the material has been presented as "Groups".  The DNA results have been wonderful in sorting out different groups.  These groups have been placed together with like participants who match exactly at the 12 marker point or show a one-step mutation.  This gives the closest relationship for connection in this country.  As with everything, there is no absolute, so some groups do have 2 step mutations listed.  A couple of groups are separated, but probably do have a common ancestor much earlier on. Time and more participants will probably hold a wealth of information for the groups. 


In the meantime, it has been suggested to place this disclaimer on the pertinent pages: 

"When reading genealogies presented, it is important to remember that this is a work in progress. The genealogies utilized were submitted by the participants, and no attempt has been made to consolidate them into unified trees.  Please contact the submitters for additional data, comments or corrections."


Does the group want to work on consolidating these pedigrees?  What else would you like to see available?  I ask one favor.  When writing to me, please place your kit number somewhere in the message or subject line.  We have several people with the same names and this will help avoid confusion on my part.


Thank you all for your joining and supporting this project.  If you do not wish to remain on this mailing list, please let me know and I will remove your name.










Hello everyone!


It's here...a new web site!




I think most of us realize that Y-DNA testing is just another tool to be used by genealogical researchers. A tool to help us support or refute existing paper trails, break through brick walls, and hopefully connect and steer researchers in the right direction. A single matching Y-DNA test cannot prove when a relationship occurs though it can certainly provide compelling evidence to support one and can certainly disprove a relationship.


A huge monetary investment has been extended by our participants when you consider the project as a whole! And, we are on record as being a large project....to quote a comment made by one of our participants..."it seems like you find just about every origin: Possible Arabic, Italian, Greek, German and on and on it goes" This new web page format is intended to afford each participant the opportunity to observe the results of his investment and to encourage participation in exploring more advanced studies of this project.


The new format includes several new features...the three main ones being: the Member List, Haplogroup Studies and Family Groups!


The Member List is a wealth of information about our members with links to, Pedigrees, e-addresses and Haplogroup Studies. This is the record of our membership!


Each of our project participants are further listed in his own haplogroup study. Here we hope to add more advanced studies as they materialize.


The participants are further divided into "family groups" and it is here that we'll see the most activity in the days ahead as we try to sort everyone out! I have made an attempt at dividing everyone based on their DNA results. This was not easy! <g> And I'm sure that I may have placed someone in the wrong group...for that I apologize and hope you understand! I'll need everyone's help in establishing and maintaining these family groups for we all should be aware that will always be a work in progress.


A very important part of this "work in progress" is the establishment of Group Leaders within each family group. Our project is so large and diversified that no single person (myself) can be expected to have complete knowledge of each family group. Most of my energy will be extended to maintaining the web page and doing what I can to assist the group leaders. I urge everyone to support this group leader concept!


Many of you may have noticed that the old web site also included the Clark surname project data. Lea Dowd, the Clark surname administrator, has created a new web site for the Clark project and I must say that it's very well done...very professional! She and I have been working to coordinate the announcement of the two new sites at the same time. Her new site is: http://www.htmlsd.com if you would like to take a look!


Enjoy and Take Care

Harold Johnson