Stanley Biographies

Stanley Biographies

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Biography of: Needham Stanley  McCracken County, Kentucky

Source; Biographical Sketches from, "Kentucky, History of the State"
Main Author; William Henry Perrin 1887

Needham Stanley, deceased was a native of North Carolina and was born in 1812. In 1832, being then just grown to manhood, he removed to Kentucky and located in McCracken County, wherein after years he became an important farmer. Mr. Stanley was a man of more than ordinary ability, both mentally and physically; was thoroughly read in both common law and medicine, but devoted his time exclusivly to the industries of the farm. He succeeded far beyond the average farmer, which was due to his physical energy and remarkable will-power. In common with the mass of southern planters, he lost heavily by the results of the civil war, yet at his decease left an estate of several hundred acres of land, together with other extensive possessions. He was for many years a deacon in the Baptist Church, in the faith of which he died in April, 1870. His wife, to whom he was married in McCracken County, was a Miss Margaret Ratcliffe. She is a native of Virginia and a sister of George Ratcliffe, the present sheriff of McCracken County. Mr Stanley reared a family of twelve children, all living except one, and noted for their strong physical development and sterling qualities. Their names are as follows; Lucy, wife of A. Williams; Robert, William; Ann,(deceased) wife of E. Futrell; Rebecca, wife of Exum Futrell; Richard P., deputy sherrif of McCracken County; Jennie, wife of George W. Lee; Ellen, wife of Robert A. Burgess; Fannie, George and Charles Stanley.