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Posted March 24, 2015
Sarah Colyer
Email:  [email protected] 
Hockleys in Old Notebook
I came across your website as I have been researching my husbands family.  We have a very old almanac/notebook with a list of Hockley names and dates of birth, and we believe they are from the Odiham area, Hampshire, England.  One of them, Ann Hockley married Henry Colyer, (in All Saints, Odiham) and I suspect the other names are her siblings, as this is how other pages of the notebook have been set out.  However, we can't find any evidence for them, or find out who their parents are.  All the other names listed in the notebook are Colyers.  I have fared much better with my research on them! They are clearly set out in sibling groups, which is why I think the Hockleys on this page may be a sibling group too - along with the fairly regular succession of dates.
I would be interested to know if they match any info you may have to help solve the mystery.
Help Sarah solve her Hockley mystery!


Elisabeth Hockley was Borne Sept ye 18 " 1753
John Hockley was Borne March ye 13 : 1755
Sarah Hockley was Borne Janry ye 18 " 1758
Hanah Hockley was Borne Novbr ye 6 1760
James Hockley was Borne Sept ye 20: 176?  
Mary Hockley was Borne Novbr ye 14 " 1764
Matthew Hockley was Borne Janry  ye 5 " 1766
Tomhas Hockley was Borne July ye 13 " 1767
Ann Hockley  was Borne July ye 7: 1770

Posted March 23, 2015 
David Hockly
Email:  [email protected]
Hi There
Can you explain why the 1820 settlers Hockly Clan who emigrated to South Africa dropped the "e" in the surname?
Thanks David
Institute For Commercial Forestry Research
PO Box 100281
Scottsville .3209
Cell: 0825873907
Direct Line: 033-3862314 ext 246


Posted March 23, 2015 
Deborah Hockley
Email:  [email protected] 
My grand father was William Jess Hockley he married Elsie Held their children: Joyce, Shirley Elizabeth (Betty), William Jacob, and Ken Hockley.
Joyce married Edward Zazada
Shirley married Glen House
Ken married Janet ?
William Hockley married Hazel Mathews
Betty married Stan Hoffman.
Joyce an Ed had a son Edward, a daughter Bridget-Joanne.
Shirley, an Glenn had a daughter Karen, two sons Larry an Ray
Ken an Janet had to sons Derrick, an Dave
Stan an Betty had 5 daughters Terry, Martha, Stacey, Pam, Leslie
William  an Hazel had 2 sons Charles (Chuck), Gordon, 3 daughters Deborah, Shelley, an Susan.
William Hockley divorced, remarried at Barrie, Ontario, City Hall, to Anna Lowe, they had 2 daughters: Tanya, an Jamie-Lyn.
William Jess Hockley (my grandfather) originated from Orangeville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Most of the Hockley children an theirs are on Facebook.ca
My name is Deborah Hockley.
My friends knew a Robert Hockley he owned the ice cream café on Cundles road, near Zehrs, Barrie, Ontario, Canada.  He came from Collingwood Ontario. He said there were 3 brothers that were Hockley:  Robert, Thomas, an sorry can not  remember the other ones name.
Hope this will help you for any information on the “Hockley Clan”

Posted March 22, 2015 
Judith and Les Whale 
Email:   [email protected]  
I am sending the Whale information I have to add into the Hockley family tree:
William Whale born June Q 1871 in Holloway died 20 April 1942 Barnet
Married Ellen Louise Hockley 1 April 1918
Ellen died (Easter) April 1955
Ellen remarried in 1947 to Charles Wilburn
Yes this is not a typing error and shocked us all as they got married in 1918 and not 1981 as we were all told and showed on many records. 
Amazing as a daughter had a child out of wedlock and left the boy with her brother in England to be reared by him and his wife.  She then came to Australia and married and lived here the rest of her life.  I am still researching her but she is also illusive but I will keep plodding away.
William John born 1822 Bexley Heath Kent    
Charles William born 1894 Bexley Heath Kent
Florence born 1896 Bexley Heath Kent  (She is the daughter who came to Australia and I am still researching her and it is difficult)
Ellen Louise born 1899 Bexley Heath Kent
Edith Ellen born 1901 Dartford Kent
George born 1903 Hanwell Middlesex
Violet born 1908 Hanwell and died 1910 Hanwell
Thomas Henry born 1909 Southall Middlesex died 1930
Les’s Parents.
Albert born 14 Jan 1911 Uxbridge Middlesex died 25 Mar 1985 Southall Middlesex
Married Emily Jane Ransley 21 Dec 1935
Emily born 27 Feb 1916 Rainham Kent died 12 June 1972 Southall Middlesex  
They had 5 children all living and 9 grand children living.
Walter Frederick born Dec Q 1913 Uxbridge Middlesex died 8 July 2007 Somerset
Ruby H born Mar Q 1917 Uxbridge died 2000
Leonard born June Q 1919  Islington (he is the only one born in wedlock)
So I hope this is helpful information to add into the tree.
I do not know how far you want to go with this Whale line but if you want any more information please let me know as I have wives and children of the families for the next 4 generations. 
I really enjoy researching family genealogy and I have now extended my research out to extended family and friends.
A couple few years ago I joined our local Genealogy Society  and I have now been asked this year to join the research team although I have been doing this job for quite some time unofficially.  I am enjoying helping people with their research and everybody has wonderful stories to share about their family.   
My adopted sisters family makes very interesting research as she is descended from convicts on the second fleet and she has convicts on every line of her family.  Convicts married convicts so it gets very interesting.  
The early colonists kept the most amazing records and now with Trove digital newspapers coming on line you can read incredible articles of the times.    
After doing much research on all the our family trees I am now beginning to write personal history to add in so our descended families can read of our times and life style.  Les is also keeping a living diary so that will be interesting for the future generations to read.  Otherwise so much information will die with us and be lost.
If I can ever help you with any researched here in Australia please let me know as I would be happy to see if I can help you.
Judith Whale.

(Original posting:  June 22, 2002 was replaced with updated research.)

Posted March 20, 2015
Mary Fuller-Fougerousse
Email:  [email protected] 

I am such a novice!! I am trying to find more information about my GG Grandfather's family.  His name is William James Thomas Hockley. He was baptized on Dec. 19, 1824. His parents were William (profession was a Wheel Wright), and Amelia. They were living in the Rushey Green area at the time of the baptism.  I am trying to validate my research with solid documents - and would be appreciative if anyone has any leads.  Thanks in advance!

Posted January 9, 2014
Alan Henderson
Email:  [email protected] 

I’m looking to find out about a William Hockley who may have jumped ship in Australia or New Zealand in the 1850’s, changing his name to William Turner.

Any help would be gratefully accepted!


Posted January 7, 2014
Jill Sandon-Skousgaard
Email:  [email protected] 

I am searching for any links to a Derek Percy William Hockley, (1924-1988) born in West Ham,  and who died in Waltham Forest. (ENGLAND)

In 1975 he married Doris M Wilson at Newham.

He had three listings in the London Gazette, and in 1984 he was living at 40 Vallentin Road East, London.


Posted January 3, 2014


The year is 1886 a boy is born in Leyton, Essex, and the father on the birth certificate is Charles Hockley, a Veterinary Surgeon.  Were any of your Hockley men listed as Veterinary Surgeons, if so, we would like to hear from you.


Darlene Heal

[email protected]  

Posted October 22, 2013
Daan Botes 
Email:  [email protected]       

Mary Ann Hockley was one of the 1820 settlers to South Africa.

Have you got anymore information on her?

Thank you

Hood or Hockley,  Mary Ann  http://www.southafricansettlers.com/?p=9547 

Last Name:   Hood (nee Hockley)
First Name:   Mary Ann
Date of Birth:   17 Aug 1801 chr. 1 Nov 1801
Place of Birth:   Saint Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, London, England
Parents – Father:   Samuel Hockley
Parents – Mother:  Elizabeth
Name of Spouse:   widow of the Rev. T. S. Hood
Marriage Date:
Marriage Place:
Date of Death:  2 Aug 1865
Place of Death:  Hope Dale, Cape  

Darlene Heal wrote:

Below, the baptismal transcripts for Mary Ann Hockley and her siblings, recorded at Saint Mary Magdalene’s, Bermondsey, London, England.  The father Samuel Hockley was a Tanner/Carman/Coal Merchant.  The Hockley family lived at Grange Walk from at least 1801 to 1841.

During this same time period there is a James Hockley who is having children baptized at the same parish church, he is also employed as a Tanner and lives on Willow Walk.  There is a good chance that James is related to Samuel Hockley.

1841 UK Census:  The Hockley family is still living in Bermondsey on Grange walk, Elizabeth is 60 years of age, no Samuel.

Located an LDS Hockley Tree and history for a Samuel Hockley with wife Elizabeth which includes Mary Ann Hockley baptized November 1, 1801 at Saint Mary Magdalene’s, Bermondsey, London, England.  It also includes an extensive history about a Samuel Hockley who was a Mariner/Tea Trader.  I’ve concluded the researcher incorrectly attached the family of Samuel Hockley (Tanner) to their tree.     

Mary Ann daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth Hockley baptized November 1, 1801 at Saint Mary Magdalene’s, Bermondsey, London, England.  Occupation of father: Tanner  Abode: Grange Walk

Maria daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth Hockley baptized October 30, 1803 at Saint Mary Magdalene’s, Bermondsey, London, England.  Occupation of father: Tanner  Abode: Grange Walk

George son of Samuel & Elizabeth Hockley baptized March 9, 1806 at Saint Mary Magdalene’s, Bermondsey, London, England.  Occupation of father: Tanner  Abode: Grange Walk

Sarah daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth Hockley baptized April 10, 1808 at Saint Mary Magdalene’s, Bermondsey, London, England.  Occupation of father: Carman  Abode: Grange Walk

William son of Samuel & Elizabeth Hockley baptized June 3, 1810 at Saint Mary Magdalene’s, Bermondsey, London, England.  Occupation of father: Carman   

Thomas son of Samuel & Elizabeth Hockley baptized November 5, 1815 at Saint Mary Magdalene’s, Bermondsey, London, England.  Occupation of father: Tanner  Abode: Grange Walk

Hetty daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth Hockley baptized November 5, 1815 at Saint Mary Magdalene’s, Bermondsey, London, England.  Occupation of father: Tanner  Abode: Grange Walk

Elizabeth daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth Hockley baptized March 29, 1818 at Saint Mary Magdalene’s, Bermondsey, London, England.  Occupation of father: Coal Merchant  Abode: Grange Walk

Posted March 10, 2012
Josephine (nee Clark) 
Email:   [email protected]     

Does anyone know of a connection between the Clark or Brown family of Matching Green (High Laver, Ongar, Essex, UK) and members of the Hockley family who used to live in that area (nr. Sawbridgeworth, Herts) or possibly more towards London (Epping & Harlow)?  If so, were these families related or just neighbours or friends in the early half of 1900s and perhaps before) Thank you.  

Posted February 5, 2012
Clive Hughes
Email:  [email protected] 

I am researching First World War casualties linked to Anglesey in North Wales.  I recently came across Albert John Hockley of the Royal Engineers, who is on the Hockley family website Remembrance page, because in 1915 he married an Anglesey girl Mary Hughes of Llanrhyddlad.  He died in 1920 and is buried at Woodgrange Park Cemetery, East Ham, Essex.  It has taken me until now to spot this and link him to Anglesey because he isn't (to the best of my knowledge) named on a war memorial in that county.

I have managed to access his service records (badly damaged in the 1940 Blitz) and some related Census records and would like to know a bit more about him; and am also happy to share what I have located so far in case it is of wider interest.

Read more about Albert John Hockley of the Royal Engineers . . .  

Posted September 11, 2011
Email:  [email protected]    

I am writing in regards to the Hockleys. I have a great grandmother (deceased) June Hockley whom we have no information on. We know that she lived in Ontario, Canada for awhile in the early 1900's and was married to James Odell, in Saskatchewan. We also know that she passed away in Ontario sometime between 1960 and 1970. She had a son born in 1922 with the first names of Reginald Barclay, he was later adopted by Mr. Odell. We do not know the sons birth surname. We believe she may have been from England and been a war widow. If there is anyone out there that may have some information it would be of such great interest to our family. 

Thank you

Posted July 8, 1911
Angela Barnett

Email:   [email protected]

Emma J. Hockley was married in Sept q.e., 1932 at Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England. She married Arthur John BARNETT. This was Arthur's second marriage and it may have been the same for Emma, as Arthur was 51 years old when he got married the second time. Looking for a family connection.

Posted April 28, 2011
Lesley Masters 
Email:  [email protected] 

Its several years since I sent a posting to your Hockley website but I wanted to update on 2 things.  First, my email address has changed - please change it to [email protected]  as this is the address I use for all my family history contact.

Second, not long after my original post was added to your site I was contacted by a woman in Canada who was helping her cousin research their Hockley ancestry.  It turned out that this cousin and another lady are both descended from my great grandfather' Jesse Hockley's first cousins,  Louisa Hockley &  Mary Hockley who emigrated to Canada from Surrey in the early 1900s.  We have kept in touch and last September we all met as the three ladies were visiting the UK together on a part holiday, part family history trip. It was lovely to finally meet and would not have happened without your site, so thank you!

Lesley Masters

Original Posting
January 28, 2005
Lesley Masters

The earliest Hockley I know of is Henry Hockley, baptised on 17 May 1795 at Holy Trinity Church in Takely, Essex.  He was born to a Henry and Mary Hockley, and he married Mary Savil on 4th November 1817.
Their son, William Hockley, was born in 1819, and married Mary Felstead on 26 June 1841.  William and Mary's children were, Emma (1841) Henry (bap 2 Jul 1848, buried 12 Jul 1848) George (1850)  Thomas & James (twins 1852) and Henry (1854) - all information taken from the Parish records of Takeley church and some supported by data from the 1871 Census .
Thomas Hockley was my great great grandfather and he married Elizabeth Thurley (born 1854, Great Canfield) on 19 October 1878.  They had one son Robert, in 1879 before moving away from Essex to the Croydon area of Surrey where they had four other children:  my great grandfather, Jesse (b. 25 Dec 1885 South Norwood), Charlotte Elizabeth (b. 28 Aug 1887 Woodside), George Allan (b.1889 Thornton Heath), and Rose (b.1891 Croydon d.1901 ) - this information comes from 1881, 1891, and 1901 Census data, plus some birth certificates and GRO index searches.  I would love to hear more about Robert, Charlotte, and George if anyone has come across them in their own searches - I know from my grandmother that Charlotte married a Fred Grose and had two daughters Joyce and Elizabeth, Robert had two children called Robert and Charlotte and George had two children called Lionel and Polly.
 Jesse Hockley married Mabel Brett (b.1891) on 7 Nov 1908 in Thornton Heath, Surrey.  They had three children, William (1911-1991) Lilian (1912-2001) and Jessie (1914-1918).  Jesse Hockley was killed in action during the First World War, on 26 Nov 1917.  His widow Mabel, remarried, but had no further children, and she died on 9 May 1937. 
Lilian Hockley was my grandmother and she married in 1934 at St Saviours Church in Thonrton Heath, and had three daughters, of which the youngest is my mother.
Look forward to hearing from other Hockley researchers and thanks again Darlene for the site!
Lesley Masters

Posted April 28, 2011
Camilla Price 
Email:   [email protected]

The Hockley Scrapbook Mystery  

I recently found a scrapbook of a man’s life, which he must have put together whilst he was alive. I have worked out that he was born around December 1894; his name is Edward Geoffrey Hockley. I do not have any information on his relatives however he fought in the First World War and all letters which have been sent to him are addressed to 20 Pelham Road, Gravesend. I have not seen his name mentioned on this site however if anyone knows of any information on this man it would be of great help to me as I am intrigued to find out more about his amazing life.

Basically, I was searching around my school's history department for school archives which I heard had been stored in their stock room. Whilst going through the pile of photos and such from the early years of my school's history, I came across a large book which was titled 'Newspaper Cutting'. This book is what lead me to Edward Hockley as the book is a scrap book of his life, which seems to have been put together by himself. Around the 20's it does suddenly stop. I have no idea where this book came from or who it belongs to, there is nothing else in the room that seems to link to the scrapbook and as far as I know no one even knew it was there.

I am a sixth former at Welling School in Kent, England last year for my art A-Level I began looking in to my school's history and the pupils that attended the school during the 1950's. Whilst talking to ex-students I began searching through the school's archive department and came across many documents from the school's history. However, whilst looking through quite recently I found the scrapbook which lead me to E. G. Hockley. It's a book of his life beginning at the age of 9 and goes up until the early 1920's. There are two photo's placed in the back of the scrap book, war documents and many letters and newspapers which Hockley had collected. Last week I went to one of the Head's in my school to ask if he had ever seen the book before and if he knew where it had come from, he said that the book was given to him from what he thinks was a student years ago. He can not remember who gave it to him or how long ago however I guess whoever it was must have been a relative of Hockley. After it was given to him he didn't really know what to do with it so the book has been sitting in a stock room for years. This book is amazing! I would say it's a tad larger than A4 and is quite a thick book with over 100 pages yet only around 40 are filled.

If you are a relative of Edward Geoffrey Hockley, born 1894 in Gravesend, and died October 5, 1929 in Gravesend, Kent, England please contact Camilla!

Posted November 1, 2010
Nancy Weber 
Biggar, Saskatchewan 
Email:  [email protected]  (New email address July 2011 - March
21, 2015 Inactive email address)


Do you recognize anyone in this photograph?   

The groom and bride are the only identified persons in this photograph.

Charles William Pack Hockley and Kate Louise Ashby were married on December 25, 1906 in the Parish Church of Arundel, in Arundel, Sussex, England which was in the registration district of East Preston. When they married Charles was living in Arundel, and Kate had been living in a village outside of Arundel named Tortington. Charles’ mother, Amelia Hockley and Kate’s brother David James Ashby were two of the witnesses.

Possible individuals in this photograph: The older woman left of Charles in the photo could be his mother (57 years), and the man on the right of Kate could be her brother David (45 years). Kate’s parents, David and Mary Ashby both died in 1900, so we know they are not in the photo. One of the women in the photo is likely Mary Amelia Hockley who would have been 32 years of age in 1906 and in 1911 she was still a single woman living with her mother in Portsmouth. In 1906, David Ashby was married to 44 year old Mary Ann with children, Kate (19), Harriett (16), Albert (7), Arthur (5), Charles (1); with these details we can assume that Kate’s brother attended the wedding with his wife and children, so the woman in the back with baby in arms is likely Mary Anne and baby Charles, the two young boys might be Albert and Arthur Ashby, and the girl beside Amelia Hockley that of 16 year old Harriett Ashby.

This Hockley group is that of Alfred Charles Hockley born 1821 in Great Canfield, Essex, died 1880 and buried in Thaxted, Essex. He married Amelia Robinson in 1869 at Bishop’s Stortford, Herts. Amelia Robinson was born about 1849 in Berner’s Roothing, Essex.


Albert Alfred Hockley baptised 1870 at Takeley, Essex. Died May 13, 1943 in Victoria, B.C. Buried at the Naval Cemetery in Esquimalt. Wife Lillian died in Victoria in 1962. Their two children Patricia and Alfred R. died December 10, 1917 in the Halifax Explosion.

Rosa Jane Hockley baptised 1872 at Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex

Mary Amelia Hockley baptised 1873 at Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex. Born July 27, 1873. Died 1949 in Kentsville, Nova Scotia.

Henry Herbert Hockley baptised 1876 at Bishop’s Stortford, Herts.

Emma Florence Hockley baptised 1877 at Bishop’s Stortford, Herts.

Charles William Hockley, 22 month old, buried 1879 at Bishop’s Stortford, Herts.

Bernard Walter William Hockley baptised 1880 at Bishop’s Stortford, Herts.

Charles William Pack Hockley born March 2, 1886 in Leyton, Essex. (Alfred Charles Hockley died in 1880, and his widow Amelia Hockley registered the birth of a child in 1886 naming Charles Hockley, as his father.) Did Amelia Hockley remarry? Charles William and his wife Kate Louise and two children immigrated to Canada in 1911. Both Charles and his mother Amelia were living in Portsmouth, Hampshire at different addresses in 1911.

Amelia Robinson Hockley also immigrated to Canada. Died in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia on November 23, 1921.

Darlene Heal wrote (April 28, 2015)
National Archives of Canada PDF Service File for Herbert Henry Hockley R104233  This file contains 167 images and can be downloaded by clicking on the above link.

Another photograph from this Hockley family.  .  . Can you identify them?   


Posted July 4, 2010
Email:  [email protected] 

Hello fellow Hockleyites!!  I hope my Hockleys are one of yours!

I just discovered your website through "Googling" the ancestor in my tree called "Giles Millward Hockley".  He was my Gt Gt Grandfather.  Unfortunately I cannot trace his birth (despite the double-barrelled name) and do not know who his father or mother were.  Giles was a Shoemaker and died in the district of Christchurch, Surrey in 1848 aged 57 and left a Will, which I have.   I know he married Elizabeth Lutman in 1819 at St.Saviour, Southwark in the presence of a "James Hockley" who may or may not have been his father.  But they did name their son "James Hockley" and he married "Eliza Sheffield" in 1853 and they had a daughter they named "Elizabeth Sheffield Hockley" in August 1854 at Christchurch, Southwark, London.  This Eliz.Sheff.Hockley was my grandmother and by 1861 she was parted (for some reason) from her mother & father and living with relatives - she was never ever reunited with them again according to all subsequent censuses and they apparently disappear from all records after her birth.  This is still worrying me after 8 years of searching. 

Can anyone shed light on GILES MILLWARD HOCKLEY'S ancestry? or JAMES & ELIZA HOCKLEY'S whereabouts after 1855?  Any pointers in the right direction would be very much obliged.


Posted March 25, 2010
Robert Hockley 
Email:   [email protected]

Hi, my name is Robert William Hockley and I am Sheffield Born.  Has anyone any idea where the Hockley link comes from the south ( Essex and Hertfordshire) to us up here in the north, Sheffield South Yorks. My uncle is William Robert and my Grandfather was Robert William. I believe the family name suggested that there is a link somewhere. My grandfather and Grandmother are buried in Fenton, Lincolnshire where they lived until my Grandfathers death. I only know this from my Grandma's conversation before she died. My brother Trevor Keith Hockley posted information on this site in 2008 but got my birth date as 1953 when in actual fact I was born  in 1952.

Any info please to  [email protected]

Posted December 1, 2009
John Hine
Email:  [email protected] 
Can anyone give me background information about the following address on the front of a letter dated 16 December 1785?

Miss Bowles, at Mrs Hockleys, Blacklands Chelsea"
































Mike Boardman
Southern Cross Ranch
PO Box 818
Corning, California
96021 USA
Email:  [email protected]  (New email address September 2009 - March 21, 2015 Inactive email address)

Has traced his line back to Samuel Hockley born 1730 and Mercy Miller. They were married in 1748. This Hockley line is from the area around Helion Bumpstead, Essex. One member of this family line, Samuel Hockley, born 1771 in Bumpstead, Essex…was sent to Australia on board the “Royal Admiral” as a guest of his majesty in the convict fleets, that arrived in the Colony of NSW in 1792.

Nov 7/98   Mike wrote,  ‘It appears that Maria Smith, nee Hockley, of  "Granny Smith Apples" fame is a granddaughter of "our" Samuel Hockley from Helion Bumpstead, Essex.........’

Descendants of Samuel Hockley

1       Samuel Hockley  - 1794
        +Mercy Miller   ABT  1730 - 1785
2       Mercy Hockley   1749 - 1749
        +John Claydon
2       John Hockley    ABT  1753 - 1777
        +Amy    - 1796
3       Samuel Hockley  1771 - 1859
        +Margaret Dollason      ABT  1774 - 1816
4       Mary Ann Hockley        1799 - 1799
4       William Hockley 1803 - 1803
4       Sarah Dollison Hockley  1806 - 1896
        +John Smith     1794 - 1889
5       John William Smith      1824 - 1826
5       Margaret Smith  1826 - 1900
        +John Tritton
5       Joseph Smith    1828 - 1904
5       William Thomas Smith    1830 - Bef. 1896
5       Maria Smith     1833 - 1878
        +William Miller
5       Sarah Smith     1835 - Bef. 1896
5       Diana Smith     1837 - 1838
5       Samuel John Smith       1840 - 1841
5       Elizabeth Jane Smith    1842 - 1940
        +Thomas West    1837 - 1912
5       Martha Smith    1843 - Bef. 1896
5       John Smith      1845 - 1850
5       George Thomas Smith     1846 - Aft. 1896
5       Sarah Jane Smith        1850 - 1860
4       Elizabeth Hockley       1813 - 1813
        *2nd Wife of Samuel Hockley:
        +Ann Williams   ABT  1777 - 1835
4       John Samuel Hockley     1818 - 1882
        +Jane Barwell   1826 - 1890
5       Amy Hockley     1845 -
        +Richard Hawkins
5       Samual Joseph Hockley   1848 - 1929
        +Elizabeth Jane Pettit
5       William C Hockley       1850 - 1855
5       Sydney George Hockley   1852 - 1932
        +Emma Jane Ladd
5       Martin Fredrick Hockley        1855 - 1875
5       Rosanna Hockley 1857 - 1881
        +Charles W Evans
5       Josephine Hockley       1860 -
        +Edward Horne
5       Angelina A W Hockley    1862 - 1878
        +James Glover
5       Walter F Hockley        1864 - 1872
5       John Samuel "Jack" Hockley      1867 - 1939
        +Ellison Harriett Gray  1862 - 1936
5       Willam A Hockley        1869 -
        +Emma Parcell
5       Florence Ada Hockley    1872 -
        +John McNeill
4       William M Hockley       1820 - 1820
3       William Hockley ABT  1773 -
3       Amy Hockley     ABT  1775 -
2       Dorothy Hockley ABT  1755 - 1802

Posted August 13, 2009
Email:  [email protected]  

I am Nicholas Hockley from Sussex. My family of Hockleys all came from Essex. My father was James George Hockley and was one of 7 boys and 1 girl.

Kind Regards,

Nick Hockley


Posted March 20, 2009
teve Hockley
Email:  [email protected]  
I have ground to a halt searching my family line.
My ggg grandfather was Joseph Hockley born 1794 in Southampton, Hampshire, England. He was a butcher/poulterer.
He married an unknown woman, don't know if it was before or after moving to Holborn, Middlesex where my gg grandfather, also Joseph, was born in1826.
They moved to Wednesbury in Staffordshire where a line of Josephs can be traced up to my uncle who died in 1997.
Can anyone help with tracing Joseph Hockley prior to moving to Wednesbury? 

Posted March 15, 2009
Email:  [email protected]    
(March 21, 2015 Inactive email address)


Hi, I’m hoping there is someone out there who could shed some light on my HOCKLEY line.

My great grandfather was Frederick James HOCKLEY b.1888.  Frederick’s grandparents were James HOCKLEY and Sophia HAM from Alton, Hampshire, England. 

Fredericks parents were Joseph HOCKLEY b. 26 Aug 1846 and Charlotte Emma ANDREWS b. 20 Jun 1851.  They had 3 children born in Alton (Walter Norman, Harold Bertram, William Gaythorne) and one in Newport, Scotland (Alice Hettie Gertrude) before arriving in Australia in 1888 (ship unknown).  It’s believed that my great grandfather was born in Rockhampton on their way to Melbourne where most of the family remained.  Other children born in Melbourne to Joseph and Charlotte were Isabelle Crowley Hockley, Ernest Edward and Edith Emma Roseline.

Many thanks


Posted January 21, 2009
Kathy Wallwork
[email protected]

Surrey Hockleys in Witley, Worplesdon and Mortlake.

I'm actually researching my father's family of Sales, but his mum's mum was Annie Susan Hockley from Mortlake. I haven't done any detailed looking through the censuses, as I'm so tied up with the Sales - there are a lot to research in Kent, and wonder whether anyone has researched this family:

Joseph Hockley m Mary

ch Thomas Hockley bap 6 Sep 1818 m Harriet
ch Arthur Hockley b abt 1839
ch Emma Hockley b abt 1840
ch Joseph Hockley b abt 1842
ch William Hockley b abt 1844
ch George Hockley b 12 Jan 1846
ch Albert Hockley b abt 1849
ch Ellen Hockley b abt 1850

George Hockley m Charlotte Annie Gardner (I have a photo containing Charlotte)

ch Annie Susan Hockley b 9 Jun 1868
ch Charles G Hockley b abt 1870

If anyone can help me with this, and even knows of a link back to Essex, I would be so grateful.

Many thanks.

Kathy Wallwork

Posted September 28, 2008
Rachel Blinkho
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(March 21, 2015 Inactive email addresses)

Hi!! To anyone who may know something about my family on my mothers fathers side.

My name is Rachel Marie Blinkho, my mother was born Sondra Marie Hockley to my grandfather James George Hockley and my grandmother Florence Hockley (maiden name Middleton), my mother also had a sister named Linda Hockley.  My grandfather James George Hockley was born to his unmarried mother Constance Maud Hockley, born around 1920's  his father was unknown so he carried his mothers maiden name. Constance my great grandmother b) around 1889 had a sister I only remember her as aunt em, I believe there was also another sister named Elizabeth though i dont have any memories of her.  My great grandmother Constance was the daughter of George and Mary Hockley and lived in the Wandsworth or Battersea area of London... I only have memories of the names Elsie and Rose i think they were my grandfather James (Jim) cousins, Elsie may have been his aunt.  I also remember visiting a very large family of about 13 children.....Also my grandfather had family living in a place called Box Hill.....If there is anyone out there that could give me any information please email me.

Many thanks Rachel

Darlene Heal wrote: This Hockley line appears to have originated in Alton, Hampshire, England, from a James and Sophia Hockley. Do we have any Alton researchers out there in cyberspace?

Bill Cronkrite
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(Updated email address August 7, 2008)
My wife's gggrandmother was Ann HOCKLEY. She married Joseph HALL on 18 Dec 1864 at St. John the Baptist, Hoxton. Her parents were John HOCKLEY and Maria SMITH. According to the 1861 census John was born c 1805 in White Rutten (sic).
From the parish records listed on this site there is a christening for a John HOCKLEY son of Robert & Ann on 1st Aug 1802 and a marriage for Robert to Ann BACON on 6 Nov 1795. Other christenings for children of Robert and Ann listed are James on 27 Mar 1796, Benjamin on 4 Mar 1798 and Stephen on 23 Feb 1800. Also the burial for Ann, wife of Robert on 18 Jun 1803.
From census information John and Maria also had the following children: Lydia, Charles, Jacob James, Robert or Esau and Henry.
Bill Cronkrite
Original posting May 16, 1999--Last Update August 7, 2008
Posted August 7, 2008
Robert Hockley
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(March 21, 2015 Inactive email address)
Like others before me I stumbled upon this site by accident. I can confirm that the Hockley name is also well represented in Australia.
Gordon Hockley (born 1926) married Joyce. Among other achievements, Gordon served in the Royal Australian Navy for many years and was also a member of Parliament in the State of Victoria for 8 years.
Gordon and Joyce produced 4 sons, Robert, Gregory, Lindsay and Andrew.
Robert has 4 sons, Gregory has 2 sons and Andrew has 2 daughters.

Posted August 7, 2008
Email:  [email protected] 
I see most of the Hockley messages are concerned with the origin being Essex, England - my Hockleys originate (so far) in Great Amwell, Hertfordshire. I wonder are there any other researchers for that county.
I am descended from Hannah (b 1809) daughter of Daniel and Ann (nee Lambert).
Pearl in Tassie

Posted March 25, 2008
Trevor Hockley
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(March 21, 2015 Inactive email address) 
Sheffield, England

My name is Trevor Keith Hockley (born in Sheffield 1956) and I live in Sheffield, England.  Until just now, I was not aware of this site and neither did I think that Hockley was a common name.  How wrong was I?!!!!

My brother is Robert William Hockley and he was born in Sheffield in 1953.  Our father was Derrik Hockley born 27th November 1927 who also had a brother William Robert (known as Bob).  Their family, I believe, originated in Treeton near Sheffield South Yorkshire and now that I have found this site, I must gather more information relating to them.

I have done no searching of family trees or anything of this kind previously.  Are you able to give me some pointers in how I go about it please?

Kind regards (and what a fantastic website)

Posted January 31, 2008
Email:  [email protected] 
Rainham, Essex, England . . . . . .  I hope Justin Coombs reads this as I am descended from Eliza Ellen Hockley b April 1876 who was John Harry Hockley's younger sister.  Eliza Ellen had 13 children, 12 surviving. Here goes with the list...
John (Jack)
James (Jim)
Florence (my mum)
Annie was the first born but she died about the time that George was born.
 I do know that Frederick Hockley b 1886 was killed in 1918 just before World War One ended (he was a gunner).  Also one of the brothers in that family was nicknamed "Tid", I remember him when I was a child.  Do you know which brother it was?
It was fascinating to get so much information on the Hockleys in one go.  I'll keep my eye on this website!

Posted August 21, 2007
Lesley Parsons
Email:  [email protected] 
I am researching my husbands family tree and have drawn a blank on two branches thought someone might be able to help . . .
His grandmother was Constance Annie PUDDICK (b.1882 Southwark) an only child(?). From her birth cert her parents were William Puddick and Ann Puddick Formerly HOCKLEY.

The 1881 census shows William and Ann living in Lancashire and giving Anns birth as c.1844 in Havant Hants

I am having trouble tracing anything about either William or Ann
Any help would be greatly appreciated
Thank you
Lesley Parsons

Joanne R. Grant
PO Box 259
Victoria   3892
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HOCKLEYs in Australia.

My research interest is in the ancestors and descendants of Thomas HOCKLEY (1831-1913) who came from Stalisfield, Kent, England to the Port Fairy, St Helens and Yambuk regions of Victoria, Australia.
Earliest known ancestor - Richard HOCKLEY, (1800-1878), Kent, England, m. Emma LYNCH.
Descendant line - Thomas Halliwell (Hal) HOCKLEY (1860-1948) - Geelong and Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia. Associated surnames - HALLIWELL, BINGHAM, SERONG.
Best regards, Jo

Posted July 26, 2006
Evelyn Appleton
Email:   [email protected]  (March 21, 2015 Inactive email address)


My maternal great-grandmother was Rebecca Hannah Hockley who married Joseph Newman in Essex, England, just 2 months before emigrating to Rockhampton, Australia in February 1879 on the "Scottish Lassie". I have reasonable proof that Jabez Hockley and Sarah Ann Evans are the parents of Rebecca Hannah Hockley. Jabez Hockley was born December 4, 1831 and Sarah Ann Evans about 1829 at Hatfield Peverel, Essex.


I was given the following photos by a second-cousin of mine just the other day. They are written with a question : "Are these Jabez and Sarah Ann Hockley (nee Evans)?" Someone within the family has written that quote on the bottom two pictures, and has typed the words on the top pictures. The two sons with Rebecca Newman (nee Hockley) are the two older brothers of my Grandmother who was Daisy Johnson (nee Newman).The two women could either be Rebecca's sisters (taken in later years) OR her Aunts, as Jabez & Sarah Ann Hockley (according to the 1861& 1871England Census records about Jabez Hockley) list several children born to them, with Rebecca Hannah the eldest that I can deduct.



January 1, 2006
Brooke Howes
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 (March 21, 2015 Inactive email address)

I am trying to find information about my 6th Great Grandmother Jone Hockley.  She was born in 1685 in Darenth, Kent, England and died in  December 1747 in Darenth.

She married Thomas Ludlow on the 7th August 1708 in Darenth and had the following children:
Thomas Ludlow born 1710, died 1710
George born 1711, died 1753
Thomas, born 1712, died 1777
Mary, born 1716, died 1717
William born 1718, died 1718
William born 1720
Henry born 1723, died 1798
Ann born 1727, died 1728
Any help you can give me would be so appreciated.

December 28, 2005
Email:  [email protected]   

I'm hoping someone can help me make a connection (that I'm fairly certain exists...).

My ancestor is Henry HOCKLEY, who married Martha LAMBERT on 18 Aug 1825 in Great Dunmow, Essex. Henry was listed as being from St. Andrew Undershaft, London. His son, William, was born about 1834 in either Stock, Essex or Mile End, Middlesex.

I have found a family on the censuses, starting in 1851 that I think might be connected. There is a widower named Henry HOCKLEY, born about 1798 in London City, on the 1851 census. With him are four children: William (c1834), Frederick (c1839 in Stock, Essex), Francis (c1846 in Bethnal Green), and Ellen (c1848 in Bethnal Green). By the next census in 1861, the oldest son, William is out of the house. I've found my William living with his wife and two oldest children in 1861. Is it the same William?

Is anyone else researching this family? If I knew the name of the census Henry's deceased wife (she must've died about 1850, but I can't find a record), it might help me tie this family to my own.


August 27, 2005
Pearl Marsh

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(March 21, 2015 Inactive email address)

I read with interest your website regarding the Hockley family, in reply to the posting from James Hockley, Chesham, Buckingham dated 30 June 2003 -

My name is Pearl Marsh, nee Hockley, my Aunt and Uncle were James Hockley and Ada Rust.  My father Frederick John Hockley was James Hockley's brother.  They lived at 1 Whitepost Cottages, Upminster Road, Rainham, Essex and we lived at number 3.  Your grandfather, Richard, was my cousin.  We all grew up together and as children played in the woods and fields that surrounded Whitepost Corner.

James & Ada had eight children not thirteen, (7 boys and 1 girl) they were Rose (eldest) - still alive and living in Stoke-on-Trent, and then in order of age, George - deceased, Alfred (known as Jack) - deceased, James (known as Jim) - still alive as far as I am aware and living in Uckfield, Sussex, Richard (your grandfather), William (known as Bill) - deceased, Ronald (known as Ted)  still alive and living in Hornchurch, Essex and Douglas (known and Doug) still also alive and living on the Isle of Wight.

My family consist of my father who was Frederick John Hockley, my mother, Mary Ann (nee Hearn), sister Joyce (now Chapman) myself, Pearl living in Essex, sister Dorothy (now Palmer) and brother, John Frederick Hockley (living in Sydney, Australia for the last 36 years).

My father, Frederick and his brother, Uncle Jim, lived with other siblings (amount not known except that one was called George and another called Elizabeth, known as Liz, who I understand died at a young age) with their parents (names not known).  Frederick and Jim's parents (my grandparents) moved to Rose Cottage, Dunton, Essex - this has since been demolished and a large house built, which is owned by your grandfather's cousin called Sid.  My Great Grandparents lived at Spring Cottages, Upminster Road, Rainham (which is very close to Whitepost Corner)  - these cottages have now been demolished and a Jewish Cemetry is now there.  The cottages at Whitepost Corner are still there. 

I have got some photostat copies of photographs of my Great Grandparents, (these would be your Great Great Grandfather and Grandmother), in these there are also some children, though I don't know who they are.  You are welcome to copies if you want them.

I can be contacted through my daughter, Yvonne, her e-mail address is [email protected]

June 30, 2003
James Hockley
Buckingham, England
Email:  [email protected]  (March 21, 2015 Inactive email address) 
My family going back 3 or 4 generations are mainly from the Rainham area of Essex, England. I have spoken to family members and have managed to get back as far as my great grandfather and mother.
Father – Richard John Hockley (born 1950 and known as John due to his fathers name) Has 2 sisters Pam and Linda
Mother – Susan Shirley Horton – Has one brother – John (Parents Joseph Horton and (D)Elsie)
(D)Grandfather – Richard John Hockley (has 13 siblings! – wonder what my great grand fathers hobby was!) Haven’t located names as yet however they were 13 boys and 1 girl
(D)Grandmother – Grace Phillips – Unknown so far about siblings and parents.
(D)Great Grand Father - James Hockley
(D)Great Grand mother – Ada Rust.
(D) = Deceased
This is about as far as I have got so far. I have checked the 1901 census for the area of Rainham and James Hockley appears at both 1 and 3 spring cottages – so still trying to track down which one, if any, I am related to – the census does however show other siblings at the address.
Also have noted that the only James Hockley’s in the area at this time were 2 and 5 years old respectively and after checking for Ada Rust there are two listings in Essex both around this age at the time so I think I may have a good potential lead here.
Should you have anything that would help it would be much appreciated.
Note: In October 1998, Ray Hockley [email protected] added a posting to this page. He also descends from James Hockley and Ada Rust of Rainham, Essex. 

July 8, 2005
Elizabeth Kaegi
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Email:  [email protected] 

I am researching my family history and find I have a Hockley in the shadows!

Ann Gardener/Gardner married Thomas Wood  in the 1880s. Because Wood is an impossible name to research we have been trying to follow Ann's line. It seems that she was born Ann Hockley in 1843  or 1844 to parents William and Louisa Hockley in Frimley , Surrey. It seems that William died sometime between 1847 and 1856 and Louisa married again ... so OUR Ann became Ann Hockley Gardener.

Have you any information at all on a William Hockley born I guess about 1805 -1825 and who died 1847-1856 in the Frimley area of Surrey UK.

The story is muddied slightly by the fact that sometimes her name appears as Hackley eg in 1861 census she appears as Ann Hackley Gardner.

I would be most grateful if you can help at all. I note that there is at least one Hockley of Frimley on the site so I remain hopeful!

July 8, 2005
Grace D Hockley
17224 115th Ave SW
Vashon, WA 98070
Email:  [email protected]  

I am Grace Hockley, daughter of the late George Oliver Hockley, and granddaughter of the late Oliver J. Hockley of Washington State, U.S.A. George O. Hockley died last year, and can you put my name in the place where his is on your website.

Ruth Hockley wrote:
The late Oliver J. Hockley did a great deal towards sorting out a large portion of the early Hockley history and after him came Darrel Hockley who managed to collect further information, particularly for the emigrant branches of the tree. Michael Peck had done lots of research on the Hockleys and he was kind enough to let me have a copy of his tree however, it wasn't until Ian Hockley started delving into the older records and checking out what had been amassed by the others, that it became clear that our branch was connected to Oliver's and that they all came from the same stem (Thaxted, Essex). I, myself, had done quite a lot of research into our branch but had picked up a 'red herring' on the way and it was Ian who sorted this out for me. There are many others, each of whom have researched their own part of the tree and made their contribution.

This Hockley family appears on THE BIG TREE OF HOCKLEYS  by Ruth Hockley. 

Original posting 1999--
Updated July 8, 2005

February 22, 2005 
Sue Brooks
Email:  [email protected]
(March 21, 2015 Inactive email address)
My branch of the family were in Hampshire and  have traced back through my dad, Frederick John Hockley who was born in Compton, Nr Guildford, Surrey, his dad Frederick George Hockley who was born in Crookham (Crondall) Hampshire and back to my GGG Grandfather Thomas Ockley born c1801 married to Sarah born c1796.  Thomas was a blacksmith and fathered 11 children.  I am stuck at that point as I can find no trace of their marriage so do not know Sarah's maiden name. But I am still trying! 
Incidentally, one of the entries in the Hockley tree - William George who settled in Feltwell - was my grandfather's nephew.  It is fascinating to see the links cropping up.  
I also see there were some Hockley's in Froyle which was very close to Crookham, but I can find no link to my family.
Many thanks for all your hard work on the Hockley tree, and I would be very happy to pass on my information to anyone who may be interested.

Ruby Heard  
1 Sheco Court 
Courtice, Ontario
L1E 2X2
Has been working on her Thaxted-Clavering line for over twenty five years. She descends from William Hockley born 1789 in Thaxted. William moved from Thaxted to Clavering in 1816. William and most of his large family immigrated to Canada in 1843. This family settled near Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada.
Original posting January 1, 1999--Updated March 28, 2005

March 28, 2005
Amanda Bartley  
Email:  [email protected]  

I am interested in members of the Hockley family with the middle name Croucher. I have 2 relatives - Harriet Croucher Hockley and William Croucher Hockley (father and daughter). I believe Harriet was born in Huntington (about 1814), and William married in Hampshire (1809).

The name Croucher continues to be throughout further generations.

January 25, 2005
Sue Dunbar
Email:  [email protected]   
My name is Sue Dunbar and I am looking for a James Hambly Hockley/Hockly. We don't have any information on our James we are hoping that someone may be able to help us. All we know is that he came from a wealthy family and was sort of sent to Australia so he would not cause the family name any trouble and that he was expelled from a posh school for drinking so you could say that the family disowned him. Any help would be appreciated.

November 23, 2003
Rory Jones-Hockley
Email:  [email protected]
I wonder if there is anyone out there who could help me trace my family tree. The only information I have is my father's name Kenneth Raymond Hockley son of Maude Edith Hockley. My father was born in London, England on 17th December, 1921. My grandmother later married a Thomas Jones and my Dad's step-sister's maiden name is Cathleen Jones.  Hoping someone might know more.
Rory Jones-Hockley

October 13, 2003
Karen Hartling
Email:  [email protected]  (March 21, 2015 Inactive email address)
I'm looking for Nelson C. Hockley, born July 27, 1827 in Ohio, USA. He married Mary Long and Nancy Huls and had a daughter, Eva Pearl Hockley with 2nd wife Nancy. Eva was supposedly born in Pueblo, Colorado on July 28, 1881 but I can find no record of this. Nelson and Nancy were married and resided in Kansas where they both died. It is odd that Eva would have been born in Colorado but there are no records for her birth in Kansas either. Any help would be appreciated.

Posted: August 12, 2003
From: Linda Alvarez 
  [email protected]
I was in London recently and went to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and went to the family history centre.
I was trying to find out information on Henry Hockley of St Andrew Undershaft.  They had some transcripts from the church under the new name of Independent Church, Poultry Chapel, Camomile Street.
I did not find my Henry Hockley but there was an entry for Maria Louis Hockly (no e) born 26/11/1820 daughter of Samuel and Priscilla Hockly.
This might be of help to someone.

Updated: June 30, 2003
Sue Tearne
Auckland NZ
Email:  [email protected] 
I'm descended from Ellen Hockley, born 1842 Great Bealings, Suffolk, England, who married Frederick Boon. They are my 2x gtgrandparents. I searched for years to find their marriage details, as their surnames were both spelt incorrectly, Hookley and Boone. But now I know I am part Hockley.
Ellen was the eldest of 6 children born to William Hockley and Phoebe Martin, all in Great Bealings. Both the parents were born and died there.
William Hockley, born about 1820, was the eldest of 6 children of Robert Hockley and Hannah Cook, also of Great Bealings
Robert Hockley, born about 1792, was the 4th of 5 children of William Hockley and Sarah Nusan, again from Great Bealings.
Through the website, I am now in contact with a lady who lives not far from Great Bealings. She is descended from Henry Hockley(b1830), the younger brother of William(1820).
So count this as a success, Darlene!  I have a new 3 rd cousin once removed!
All the best
Original posting November 19, 2002

Updated May 31, 2003
John Henry “Harry” Hockley
British Columbia, Canada
Email:  [email protected]  (March 21, 2015 Inactive email address)
Harry descendants from John Hockley and Jane Hooker (circa 1820) of New Alresford, Hampshire, England. His parents John Hockley and  Marcia Wyatt Hayter emigrated to Canada in 1910, and gradually moved across country, from Halifax, through Ontario to Saskatchewan. They settled on a homestead with the Fraser brothers before going to Semans, Saskatchewan
"I was advised that my father had a brother Robert and a niece Pearl who apparently lived somewhere in Ontario at one time. I only saw my father a few times in my life when I was very young, and once later after I returned to Canada from the war, so I don't have too much information on him."
Original posting February 1, 1999

May 13, 2003
Barb Hardee
Email:  [email protected]  (March 21, 2015 Inactive email address)
My great grandmother was Rebecca Hannah Hockley born in 1855 at Hatfield, Essex, England. She married Joseph Newman of Witham, Essex, England in 1878. She died in 2-28-1919 in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.  Her parents were Jabez Hockley and Sarah Ann Evans. I may have more information from relatives but have just started researching my relatives. 

April 5, 2003
Jory Betts
Email:  [email protected]   (March 21, 2015 Inactive email address)
I am trying to get started researching my mother's line. My great grandmother was Rhoda  Martha Hockley Soelberg.
She was born in Bedford Village, New York, USA. She married Ragneald Soelberg from Oslo, Norway.
Does anyone have any information on this Hockley line?
Thank you very much!

November 5, 2002
Greg Taylor
Email:  [email protected] 
Kent, UK
                   I just wanted to say thank you for the Hockley website. I found the information useful.
I am descended from William Hockley baptised 27 June 1819 in Takeley, and who married Mary Felstead in 1841. William Hockley died 2 March 1901 in Little Canfield aged 82, and Mary died 8 January 1907, aged 84 in Little
I knew William Hockley's father was named Henry, and he died on 14 September 1846 in Takeley, aged 52 but I didn't know William's mother's name, so your website was helpful. Henry Hockley was living alone in 1841, so I guess his wife must have died before then.
William and Mary's son, George Hockley, baptised 29 September 1850 (born 31st August 1850) was my great great grandfather, and he moved to Chelmsford, and then to Kent, where he died 6th January 1912.

November 2, 2002
Doug Hockley
Sechelt, B.C., Canada
Email:  [email protected] 
                        Doug is determined to unravel his Hockley/Pymar family mysteries. Can you help?

George Benjamin Pymar was born in 1861 and baptized on August 18, 1861 in the Wickhambrook Parish Church, Suffolk, England.  His parents are Thomas & Emily Pymar.  Thomas was a butcher. Emily died on May 20, 1865 at the age of 27 and Thomas died a year later on May 31, 1866, at the age of 32.  George Pymar would've been only five years old when his father died and he went to live with his grandfather, Benjamin Pymar who was 65 years old in 1866.   Benjamin was a tailor in Wickhambrook.   George is alleged to have died in 1902, but an investigation has failed to find a death certificate for him.

According to the 1881 British Census George B. Pymar was a boarder living with the Charles Pamment family in Bury St. Edmunds, St. James, Suffolk, England.   His occupation at this time as well as on his marriage certificate is Railway Engine Cleaner as was Charles Pamment. 

    George Benjamin Pymar married Hannah Hockley on Christmas Day, 1883....George was 22 years old and Hannah 20 years old and they went on to have one son and two daughters....apparently in 1902 George died and his son was sent to live with his uncle, George A. Hockley.    I am searching for anything on George Benjamin Pymar: enlistment records for First World War or the Boer War, death notice, divorce degree, prison record, etc.

    My grandfather, George Sydney Pymar, took on the Hockley name when he came to Western Canada with his cousin, William Brewster Hockley and never legally changed it until two months before he died in 1958. Shortly after William Brewster Hockley married Minnie in British Columbia in 1916, they moved to Los Angeles, California, USA, where William started 'Hockley Realty' in the Seal Beach area.   

NOTE: Keith Hockley of Bradford, West Yorkshire, England, posted an outline to this page in 1999 about this Hockley family. Also, read Doug's message in our guest book!

New email address added January 19, 2014

October 21, 2002
James Hockley
Glencoe, Ontario, Canada
Email:  [email protected]   (March 21, 2015 Inactive email address)
I was just given the personal effects of an uncle I had only seen three times.  In it are a lot of old photographs.  Some of a Fred Hockley & his wife Queenie of Western Canada, Mary & Henry Hockley & Lottie.  Also Dolly, one of Marth taken circa 1920.
My Uncle was Joseph Hockley born 1930 in or near Walkerton, Ontario, died childless a few years back - my Dad is Ernest Hockley. Their father was Harry Henry Hockley born in England but have no dates (around 1909 I think) their mother was Mary Box - don't know Harry Henry’s father's name.
                                                          Do any of these names ring a bell with you?

October 6, 2002 
David W. Hockley 
United States of America 
Email:  [email protected]   (March 21, 2015 Inactive email address)
            I was idly surfing the web and typed in my surname and 'voila', suddenly I am in a world of Hockleys! 
My name is David William Hockley, I was born in Birmingham, England in 1953 and emigrated to Kendallville, Indiana U.S.A. in 1977. I am descended from Samuel Hockley born in Paddington Middlesex in 1778 and who died in Birmingham in 1865. I have a number of Hockley relatives and contacts with other descendants of this Samuel Hockley. If I can be in any way useful to you or any other Hockley descendants that would be great. Best wishes.


August 27, 2002
Nick Murrie 
Email:  [email protected]  (March 21, 2015 Inactive email address)
I'm trying to find information on a FREDERICK HOCKLEY (1808-1885) living in the Hoxton, Croydon and London areas of the UK. It's a long shot I know, but all contributions gratefully received.
I'm researching for a new book on eccentric Victorian gentleman. There's a book of his letters - "The Rosicrucian Seer - Magical writings of Frederick Hockley" by John Hamill. 
I'll quote from the back cover: 
"Frederick Hockley was a major influence on the spiritual revival of the nineteenth century, though little is known of the man, his life of what happened to his manuscripts."
What we do know:
--- Educated till age 8 at Captain Webb's School at Hoxton, worked in Catherine Street, Covent Garden, London as a bookseller.
--- Unknown wife died in the 1850's 
--- Was an accountant by the early 1840's
--- Lived in the 1870's at 3 Raymond Buildings, Grays Inn, London.
--- Annual trips to Alnwick, Northumberland (North England).
If you can assist me in any way I'll be forever in your debt. Thanks,  Nick Murrie
Darlene Heal wrote: Searched the 1881 British Census Index and managed to locate Mr. Frederick Hockley. If anyone else has information on this gentleman feel free to contact Nick Murrie directly.
1881 British Census Index 
Dwelling:    Little Piazza Tavistock Chambers 
Census Place:   St Paul Covent Garden, London, Middlesex, England
Source: FHL Film 1341072     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 0333    Folio 29    Page 17 
Marr    Age      Sex      Birthplace
Chas. MANT   M         40        M         Bombay British Subject, East Indies
Rel:      Head 
Occ:     Major R E Active List
Fredk. HOCKLEY      W        72        M         Lambeth, Surrey, England
Rel:      Lodger 
Occ:     Public Accountant 

Posted: June 9, 2002
Darlene Heal
Email:  [email protected]
Will Abstracts
Berks County, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. 
CLEVER, ELIZABETH, wife of Peter, Douglass. October 3, 1823 - November 1, 1823. To my nephew Henry HOCKLEY whom I raised from infancy, the plantation in Douglas, containing 100 acres, subject to following legacies: To sister Magdalena ARMES £200. To Elizabeth wife of David CLEVER £50. To my husband Peter CLEVER all estate real and personal during life. Letters to Peter CLEVER. Wit: John ZUBER and Thomas BOONE.
Source:   https://sites.rootsweb.com/~paberks/wills/wilab14.html 

Posted: May 21, 2002
Darlene Heal
Email:  [email protected]
Last month I visited the Alberta Archives in Edmonton and recorded the following details from a Hockley birth registration. 
Acc. No. 89.440
Box No. 2
Item No. 0186-0739B
Registration of Birth
Registration Division of Macleod, Alberta, Canada
When born: February 1st, 1899
Name: Harold Edward Hockley
Sex: Male
Name and Surname of Father: E. F. Hockley
Name and Maiden Name of Mother: Hellen Hockley
Rank or Profession of Father: Clerk in Holy (order?), English Church
Description and Residence of Informant: E. F. Hockley, (Standoff?), Alberta
Name of Doctor: Dr. Waddy
Informant: Edward F. Hockley
May 17, 2002 
Geoff Marshall 
Email:  [email protected]

Geoff is researching his Hockly family in India and would appreciate any information anyone has in their files on this family. To read more about his family, visit the Hockly Family in India page. 

April 8, 2002 
Noeleen Mulholland 
Email:  [email protected] (March 21, 2015 Inactive email address)

I would be interested to hear from anyone who has any info on the marriage or family of Mary Hockley who married William Windiate in 1811, Odiham, Hants.

I am researching the Windiate family from Hampshire.

March 24, 2002
Judie Morris 
Vic., Australia 
Email:  [email protected]

My Hockley is way back in the 17th century.  I have e-mailed Brian Hockley, but would like to also ask anyone if they know anything about the father of Jane Hockley, as follows: 

Jane Hockley m. John Pluckrose in 1691 in Linton, Cambs.  I am unable to find out anything about her or her family. 

Jane and John had a son, Thomas Pluckrose b. 10.12.1698 who m. Nose Natt in Linton, Cambs., 1722.  No doubt they would have had other children. 

I hope Jane isn't going to be the beginning and the end of my Hockley Tree! 

Jane's descendants follow down from Pluckrose/Burgoyne/Whiffen - until my gt. grandmother Emma Whiffen, whose parents came to Australia in 1852.  These families were all from Linton. 

March 24, 2002
Les & Monica Pink
Hampton, Middlesex. England
Email:  [email protected]  (March 21, 2015 Inactive email address)
Descendants of William Hockley
 Generation No. 1
1.  WILLIAM5 HOCKLEY  (DANIEL4, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, WILLIAM1) was born 1797 in High Roding Essex, and died 24 January 1835 in Good Easter Essex.  He married LUCY LUCK 23 December 1819 in High Roding Essex.  She died Bef. 1881.
Children of WILLIAM HOCKLEY and LUCY LUCK are:
2.                i.       HENRY6 HOCKLEY, b. 1821, Good Easter Essex; d. Aft. 1881.
                  ii.       WILLIAM ABRAHAM HOCKLEY, b. March 1823, Good Easter Essex; d. April 1823, Good Easter Essex.
                 iii.       MARY HOCKLEY, b. October 1824, Good Easter Essex.
Generation No. 2
2.  HENRY6 HOCKLEY (WILLIAM5, DANIEL4, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, WILLIAM1) was born 1821 in Good Easter Essex (Source: Census of 1881.), and died Aft. 1881.  He married (1) EMMA.  She was born Abt. 1824 in Hackney Middlesex (Source: Census of 1881.), and died Aft. 1881.  He married (2) MARY DAVIS 17 January 1844 in Parish Church Little Totham Essex (Source: Marriage Certificate.), daughter of WILLIAM DAVIS.  She was born 1821 in Little Totham Essex, and died 4 August 1856 in Stanstead Ware (Source: Death Certificate.).
Children of HENRY HOCKLEY and MARY DAVIS are:
                   i.       HENRY WILLIAM7 HOCKLEY, b. 6 April 1847, Little Totham Essex (Source: Parish Register Stow Maries.); d. Bef. 1881.
3.               ii.       DANIEL HOCKLEY, b. 7 April 1855, Stanstead Abbots  Ware Hertfordshire; d. 30 January 1929, 108 Sherbrooke Road Fulham.
Generation No. 3
3.  DANIEL7 HOCKLEY (HENRY6, WILLIAM5, DANIEL4, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, WILLIAM1) was born 7 April 1855 in Stanstead Abbots  Ware Hertfordshire (Source: Birth Certificate.), and died 30 January 1929 in 108 Sherbrooke Road Fulham (Source: Death Certificate.).  He married SUSANNAH ELBEL 16 May 1875 in St Mary Magdalenes Church St Pancras (Source: Marriage Certificate.), daughter of WILLIAM ELBEL and FRANCES THOMPSON.  She was born 2 October 1845 in 1 Christopher Place St Pancras London (Source: Parish Register St Pancras.), and died 17 December 1892 in 47 Marville Road Fulham (Source: Death Certificate.).
4.                i.       CHARLES HENRY8 HOCKLEY, b. 24 February 1876, 32 Brunel Street Vauxhall Lambeth Surrey; d. 15 March 1934, Fulham Hospital Fulham(107 Wardo Avenue Fulham).
                  ii.       ARTHUR HOCKLEY, b. March 1878, Chelsea.
                 iii.       LOUISA ELLEN HOCKLEY, b. March 1881, Chelsea; d. September 1908, Fulham.
Generation No. 4
4.  CHARLES HENRY8 HOCKLEY (DANIEL7, HENRY6, WILLIAM5, DANIEL4, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, WILLIAM1) was born 24 February 1876 in 32 Brunel Street Vauxhall Lambeth Surrey (Source: Family Bible & Birth Certificate.), and died 15 March 1934 in Fulham Hospital Fulham(107 Wardo Avenue Fulham) (Source: Family Bible & Death Certificate.).  He married FLORENCE ELIZABETH JEFFERY 4 December 1909 in All Saints Church Parish of  Fulham (Source: Family Bible & Marriage Certificate.), daughter of JOHN JEFFERY and HARRIET BARNES.  She was born 5 September 1883 in Chase Side Southgate Edmonton (Source: Family Bible & Birth Certificate.), and died 15 April 1957 in Fulham Hospital Fulham(107 Wardo Avenue Fulham) (Source: Family Bible & Death Certificate.).
5.                i.       LOUISA FLORENCE9 HOCKLEY, b. 1 June 1910; d. 13 July 1992.
6.               ii.       EDITH FRANCES HOCKLEY, b. 20 December 1911, 82 Wardo Avenue Fulham London SW6; d. 17 January 1991, Princess Alice Hospice Esher Surrey.
7.              iii.       CHARLES DANIEL HOCKLEY, b. 19 April 1915; d. 24 July 1990.
                 iv.       MARGERY HOCKLEY, b. 4 April 1917 (Source: Family Bible.); d. 7 April 1917 (Source: Family Bible.).
Generation No. 5
5.  LOUISA FLORENCE9 HOCKLEY (CHARLES HENRY8, DANIEL7, HENRY6, WILLIAM5, DANIEL4, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, WILLIAM1) was born 1 June 1910 (Source: Family Bible.), and died 13 July 1992 (Source: Family Bible.).  She married JOHN ALEXANDER HART 14 June 1934 (Source: Family Bible.).  He was born 7 December 1907 (Source: Family Bible.), and died 9 March 1975 (Source: Family Bible.).
Children of LOUISA HOCKLEY and JOHN HART are:
8.                i.       BERNARD JOHN10 HART
9.               ii.       PETER CHARLES HART
10.            iii.       GRAHAM ARTHUR HART
6.  EDITH FRANCES9 HOCKLEY (CHARLES HENRY8, DANIEL7, HENRY6, WILLIAM5, DANIEL4, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, WILLIAM1) was born 20 December 1911 in 82 Wardo Avenue Fulham London SW6 (Source: Birth Certificate), and died 17 January 1991 in Princess Alice Hospice Esher Surrey (Source: Death Certificate).  She married ROBERT THOMAS TRUMBLE 13 July 1935 in St Etheldreda Fulham London (Source: Marriage Certificate), son of THOMAS TRUMBLE and CHARLOTTE DENT.  He was born 11 November 1908 in General Lying In Hospital York Road London (Source: Birth Certificate), and died 29 November 1972 in West Middlesex Hospital (Source: Death Certificate).
ii.       SEYMOUR
11.             ii.       MONICA GRACE TRUMBLE
7.  CHARLES DANIEL9 HOCKLEY (CHARLES HENRY8, DANIEL7, HENRY6, WILLIAM5, DANIEL4, JOHN3, WILLIAM2, WILLIAM1) was born 19 April 1915 (Source: Family Bible.), and died 24 July 1990 (Source: Family Bible.).  He married EMILY CURTISS 31 August 1946 (Source: Family Bible.).  She was born Abt. 1911.
12.              i.       ELIZABETH JANE10 HOCKLEY
13.             ii.       CHRISTINE MARY HOCKLEY
This Hockley family appears on THE BIG TREE OF HOCKLEYS  by Ruth Hockley.

January 27, 2002
Carolyn Webb
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Email:  [email protected]
I just looked through your excellent website on the Hockley family and thought that I should perhaps make a submission. I am related to Julie Campbell, who made an earlier submission to your site.
Mary Hockley born circa 1816 in Essex England. Parents were James Hockley, a farrier, and Johanna Giggins. Mary married Henry Tuttleby (son of William Tuttleby and Philadelphia Barnes) at Corringham, Essex, in 1837. Mary, 37, and Henry, 38, left England from Deptford on the ship Sacramento on Christmas Day, 1852 with three children, Henry, 3, Mary, 13, and baby Alice Tuttleby. It was a disastrous voyage - seven children under seven died within the first month, among them one year old Alice Tuttleby, on Jan 8, 1853. A Melbourne newspaper report says the ship's doctor had died 10 days after leaving from ``an affection (sic) of the throat'' and that a chaplain took the surgeon's place. The ship, before getting clear of England had been detained near the Downs for nearly a month by weather, which may mean Alice's death was registered in England. Just before landing in Melbourne, Australia, the Sacramento was wrecked at Point Lonsdale, Victoria, on April 26, 1853. No loss of life but Henry is said to have lost his carpenter's tool chest worth 100 pounds. A new son, Alfred, was born in Australia in 1854. In total, Henry and Mary had eight or nine children, all but Alfred born in England, but only Henry and Mary junior and Alfred survived their parents. Henry Tuttleby senior died of typhoid only a year after arriving in Australia, while his wife Mary (Hockley) Tuttleby remarried a James Bogle and died  age 77 on 16 Feb, 1893.
Carolyn Webb

November 26, 2001 
Rita Metcalf Crocker 
Email:  [email protected]  (March 21, 2015 Inactive email address)
I'm still looking for anyone who has information on Samson Hockley Metcalf. Samson was my Gggrandmother. She was married to William H. Metcalf and I think she was the first of many of William H.'s wives. Samson and William H were the parents of Phenton Metcalf, my ggrandfather. Phenton was born in 1835, Hampshire county, West Virginia or Virginia, USA.
Rita Metcalf Crocker

November 10, 2001
Aileen G. McKAY 
Email:  [email protected] (March 21, 2015 Inactive email address)
My husband's mother was a HOCKLEY. Below is a brief outline of the descendants chart for this branch of the tree. Much of the information was given to me by his mother, Winifred and Auntie Nellie. I did buy a few certificates.
Best wishes from Aileen McKAY
Descendants of George HOCKLEY
1 George HOCKLEY b: Bet. 1842 - 1843 Chelmsford, Essex, England d: Bef. April 1900 Occupation: 1881 Bricklayer
    .. +Mary Ann b: Bet. 1852 - 1853 Chelmsford, Essex, England m: Bet. 1867 - 1870 Chelmsford, Essex, England
........ 2 George HOCKLEY b: 1870 Chelmsford, Essex, England d: October 19, 1957 Occupation: Carpenter
............ +Maria Elizabeth GILES b: April 18, 1874 Lying-in Hosp, Endel St. Soho, Mddx, England m: April 15, 1900         Parish Ch. St.John, Waterloo, London. Lambeth Regn.Distr. d: March 21, 1954
................... 3 George Robert William HOCKLEY b: January 25, 1901 Lying-in Hosp, Endel St., Soho, Mddx, England d: 1970
 ....................... +Mary "May" BLACKMAN b: Eng. m: Bet. 1930 - 1934 Mddx, Eng. d: Bet. 1945 - 1960
................... 3 Arthur HOCKLEY b: May 01, 1902 Soho, London, Mddx, Eng. d: March 21, 1941 Burial: March 1941 London, Mddx, Eng.
....................... +Nellie m: Bet. 1930 - 1939 Eng.
................... 3 Helen HOCKLEY b: June 12, 1904 Charing Cross, Mddx, Eng. d: April 14, 1995 Burial: April 1995 St.Pancras Cem. London. Occupation: Tax Clerk, London. Known as Auntie Nellie.
................... 3 Winifred HOCKLEY b: September 18, 1907 Lying- in Hosp.,Soho, Par.of St.Martins, London d: October 24, 1987 Burial: October 1987 London Occupation: Embroiderer. Mother of 6.
....................... +William McKAY b: April 25, 1906 Dover, Kent, Eng. m: December 15, 1935 St.Martin in the Fields, TrafalgarSq, London, Eng. d: February 15, 1979 Occupation: Painter, Clerk, Inspector of Taxes.
................... 3 Edward HOCKLEY b: February 23, 1909 Bedfordbury, Mddx, Eng. d: October 13, 1984
....................... +Florence "Floss" m: Eng.
................... 3 [1] Henry HOCKLEY b: November 02, 1913 Charing Cross, London, Eng. d: February 16, 1996 Burial: February 1996 Funeral service at St. Saviour's, Pimlico, London SW1. Occupation: Menswear retail sales, Dept Store, London
....................... +Mathilda "Lil" m: 1936 Eng.
................... *2nd Wife of [1] Henry HOCKLEY:
....................... +Elzbieta BEDNARASKA b: 1941 Poland m: December 28, 1974 London, England d: November 06, 1999 Burial: November 1999 London, Eng. Occupation: PolishShippingOffice organiser, London.
........ 2 Frank HOCKLEY b: Abt. 1871
........ 2 Ernest HOCKLEY b: Abt. 1873
........ 2 William HOCKLEY b: Bet. 1876 - 1877
........ 2 Emma HOCKLEY b: Abt. 1880

October 11, 2000
Howard Martin
Email:  [email protected]  (March 21, 2015 Inactive email address)

I have a Jane Hockley in my family tree who was born in Bentley,
Hampshire, England 10 Feb 1828. She married a Richard Dare in Eton on 22 August 1846. Their son Richard is my wife's great grandfather. I believe Jane's parent's were Thomas and Mary but have no other information on them.
Hope this may be of some use to someone. Likewise if anyone can provide further knowledge of this family then I would like to hear from them.  

Posted: October 1, 2001
Ruth Hockley
Email:  [email protected]
I had a play on http://google.com . One Hockley match that came up was a resume for Marion Velda Coulter (formerly Hockley). This was from a site which gave biographies of Staff of a College who had worked there for over 10 years. She is on our tree and there was quite a bit of detail of her life:
Western Christian College Faculty and Staff with Ten Years of Service Velda Hockley Coulter

Marion Velda May Coulter was born in 1923, at Bengough, Saskatchewan. She is the only child of William and Roseanna Hockley (now deceased). She first came in contact with the church of Christ at a gospel meeting conducted by J.C.Bailey in 1929, at a country school near Bengough. Her father had been baptized a number of years previously at Yellow Grass by an evangelist who, during his meetings there, converted 65 people.

Velda received her elementary and secondary education at Bengough, then she attended Normal School in Regina (1941-42). In 1986, she received her Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Regina. She has also studied courses from the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Waterloo.
In 1949, at Moose Jaw, she married Stanley Coulter and they had six children:
Rosemary (b 1950 - d 1967), Ruth (1951), Betty (1953), William (Bill) (1955), Hope (1959), and Leslie (1965). After teaching school many years, Stanley passed away in December 1985, at Weyburn.
Velda taught school in various locations of Southern Saskatchewan: Knoxville (1941), Harptree (1942-45), Moose Jaw area (1945-46), Crestwynd (1946-49), Kildeer (1957-58), Kisbey (1961-62), and Lake Alma (1965-67). Then became assistant librarian and teacher at Western Christian College (1976-86). Velda has also sold real estate in Regina (1969-71) and at Weyburn (1987- ). In Weyburn, she sold Electrolux for three to four years.
Velda and Stan Coulter and family moved to Weyburn in 1972, so that it would be easier for the children to attend Western Christian College. In church and community service, Velda has taught at vacation Bible school in Bengough and Moose Jaw, has assisted in provincial and federal election campaigns (1967-72) in Regina, and has cared for foster children (1967-75) in both Regina and Weyburn.
Velda is proud of her children and pleased with the growth and change within herself since she became a licensed realtor in 1988. Her chief enjoyment is derived from private Bible study. At Western, Velda enjoyed the students, their openness, their impulsiveness and lack of inhibitions. She also appreciated the Oriental respect for age and authority. Her favourite teaching subjects were typing and E.S.L. (English as a second language). Velda has two regrets about Western. She regrets the move to Dauphin, believing that the bargain in buildings is not a bargain when the location of the city is considered. She also regrets not taking more time to become better acquainted with the staff. Yet, during her Western days, Velda was a very busy woman. In addition to teaching, she was studying university courses and visited her husband daily at the Souris Valley Extended Care Hospital for four years prior to his death in 1985.
Published in The Old Paths Archive http://www.oldpaths.com

August 20, 2001
Vivian Funsten Donahue
Email: [email protected]  (March 21, 2015 Inactive email address)
Mary Betsy Hockley was my ggreat grandmother, descended from Thomas Hockley probably of Philadelphia Pa, USA or in Vermont or NH. Do you know how these names fit into your tree?

August 3, 2001
Ruth Hockley 
Email:   [email protected] 
This kind lady in Essex offered to post up any references she found to Hockleys and I wrote and said "Yes Please" and that they might go on the Web site.
From: Sue [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: July 20, 2001 6:37 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: HOCKLEY name
Thank you listers for being so patient and realizing  that I was beginning to meet myself going backwards!!!!!
Some Hockley info I noticed whilst looking for other things for other listers.  Hope it helps someone, and as a number of you requested I am posting to the list:-
Parish records Beaumont Essex 1832
Death of Thomas Hockley aged 59 years buried Dec 28th
Parish records Beaumont
Baptism 1821
15th April David, son of Mary and Thomas Hockeley, occ Cordwainer
Parish records Beaumont, Essex
1822 Baptism Robert, son of Thomas and Mary, HOCKLEY, occupation Cordwainer (sorry for some reason didn't note the date and month)
Parish records 1890 Rochford, Essex
William Walter HOCKLEY aged 24 marrying Sarah Baynes
Parish records BOCKING Essex
William Hockley aged 21 marrying Elizabeth Sizer? ( Sizer is what it looked like)
On Dec 25th 1871
Father William Hockley, labourer
Father James James SITZER Mechanic
This is all I gleaned folks, and the name just struck me as it is the name of a place near me, I live in Southend, and another lister had asked for me to look out for another place name as a surname DUNMOW. ( didn't see any)
Good Luck
aged 24
Fathers occ. tailor  Fathers name Abram HOCKLEY deceased, occ. gardner
brides fathers name George Baynes Bootmaker
witnesses George and Maud Mary BAYNES

Brian Hockley
Cambridge, UK
E-mail:  [email protected]

HOCKLEY ancestors in Cambridgeshire

I have traced my ancestors back to my 5th g-grfather:  John HOCKLEY; b. ? m.(1) 6 Jan 1703(4), Mary Challice, Weston Colville, Cambs. m.(2) 20 Nov 1708, Mary Smith, Chippenham, Cambs. Their son, John, b.
1709, was married at Wickhambrook, Suffolk, in 1732. (There are a lot of Hockley references in the Wickhambrook registers, which I can't tie into John). d. Reach, Burwell, Cambs, 19 Oct 1720; buried Burwell 21 Oct 1720.

I have been unable so far to find the birth/baptism of the first John Hockley above. However, looking at the distribution of the Hockley surname in Cambridgeshire in the C16 and C17, it seems the name is mostly grouped in the parishes in the S E of the county, Castle Camps, Shudy Camps, Horseheath, and Linton, which are adjacent to N E Essex (Helions Bumpstead) and S.W. Suffolk.

My ancestors remained in Cambridgeshire, moving steadily northwards, until the 1850's when my g-grfather and one of his brothers moved from the Wisbech area (entries in the Wisbech St. Peters, Elm, and Upwell registers) to Sheffield, Yorkshire. I moved back to Cambridgeshire some 30 years ago.

Another pointer regarding my family is that Isaac (a fairly unusual name) is a very common given name - there are 6 instances between 1760 and 1900 in my family in Cambridgeshire. The only instances I know of the name Isaac Hockley in eastern England which I have so far been unable to connect to my family are:

Isaac Hockley, s. of John and Alice, bapt. Shudy Camps, Cambs, 25 Oct 1652;  Isaac Hockley m. Mary Bitton, Withersfield, Suffolk, 1696;  Isaac Hockley s. of Isaac and Mary, bapt. Horseheath, Cambs, 5 Dec 1697
(probably the son of the above).  Isaac Hockley, s. of Thomas and Margaret, bapt. Ware, Herts., 25 Sep 1644;
Isaack Hockley m. Elizabeth Lublyn or Lupton, Ware, 6 Sep 1668;  Isaac Hockley, s. of Isaac and Elizabeth, bapt. Ware, 11 Jun 1678.  Ware is also very close to the border of Essex.

If anyone can help with any of my connections I would be most grateful.

Also I have a great deal of Hockley information collected from Cambridgeshire parish registers which might help someone else, including the parishes mentioned above adjacent to the Essex border.

Original Posting: November 10, 1998

Rob Hockley
10 Elstree Avenue
Chester, England
[email protected]   (March 21, 2015 Inactive email address)
Homepage:  http://www.robhockley.co.uk

Rob researched the Hockley family in Surrey (Woking, Knaphill, Chobham, Bisley, Bagshot, Frimley) and Hampshire (Yateley) from 1680 to the present day.  Rob has a lot of data on Hockley's in these locations.

July 24, 2001
Tom Hockley
[email protected] 
Tom has been trying to pinpoint where his James Hockley came from in England. The few leads he has are that his James Hockley married the widow Susannah HART (nee EDIS), in Adelaide in 1856. Was a remittance man. It is believed that his father was also James. Was a Primitive Methodist from at least 1857.
Tom writes: (8/10/98)
There are at least 3 different lines of HOCKLEY's who seemed to have made their way into Australia.
There are those who descend from Samuel H, who came as a guest of His Majesty for a 7 year stint and ended up staying for life. He came from Essex to Sydney, via the Fourth Fleet in 1792. Then there is your lot (Joanne Grant) from Kent to Melbourne (Richond area I think) thence to Geelong area. Finally, there is my mob. The first of mine is James H coming from unknown place in England. I don't know when or where he arrived but he married the widow
Susannah HART (nee EDIS) in Adelaide in 1856. And there the family stayed for decades, in fact until today, although my branch moved to W.A. in the depression 1930, and myself to Victoria since 1970.
Original Posting September 27, 1999 - Updated email address November 19, 2012

April 18, 2001
Anthony Hockley
Email:  [email protected]  (March 21, 2015 Inactive email address)
Hello, I've just started to try and trace my family tree. The only info I have concerns my dad, GEORGE STEPHEN HOCKLEY son of GEORGE STEPHEN HOCKLEY and MARY HOCKLEY (nee MOLE )
My dads date of birth was 31-March-1906. It's possible he had two sisters named FLORENCE and MILLIE of which I know nothing. They lived in EDMONTON, MIDDLESEX
Hope someone might find a link somewhere! Regards, AH....

April 5, 2001
Denis Hockley
Email:  [email protected]

Denis Hockley of Australia wrote, ". . . . One night I was joking with my wife about ego-surfing using  'google.com' and after giggling at some of the sites with her mother's name we put in our      little boy's name, Phillip William George Hockley; and after a few pages up popped 'Phillip     Hockley had a vineyard at Carlingfo......' "Whoa!" I said to the wife. "He's one of mine! How did  that get there?" We clicked on and I nearly fell off the chair as Ephraim's details opened--I fell off again when I saw my own father's name!! Then getting serious about it I saw Marg Kennedy had submitted it to the Hockley Family History Site; and even more surprises when I saw she was a descendent of Ephraim's elder daughter whom I believed had died as a child. The parish records    are missing for a few years and she is not on Ephraim's death cert. as living. The reason is very simple in that she was incorrectly entered by the vicar as 'Ottley' on the marriage certificate and I   was not familiar with the groom's name, King. . . . . ."

Denis has graciously contributed a (newspaper) article which has been linked to the Ephraim Hockley - Australia page. The newspaper article is about the trial and sentence of   Ephraim Hockley for stealing ale from a cellar! This is a valuable piece of family history and      makes me wonder how many other newspaper articles are stored on microfilm in libraries around    the world that would help add some "bark" to your family tree!

March 11, 2002
Denis Hockley
Subject: Ephraim Hockley
G'dday Darlene,
While we were away on holidays in QLD a lady in Sydney left a message on the phone that she had seen the Hockley site after a Biddles person in Seattle mentioned that this name was on the page for Ephraim.
This is my Uncle Norm Biddles and we have subsequently spoken on the phone and exchanged photos etc. and reminiscences of the 50s. SO ANOTHER HIT FOR THE HOCKLEY PAGE.
Many thanks for your effort in putting together and maintaining the site and I hope to send some more info soon.
Bye for now
Denis and Gill Hockley

February 1, 2001 
Michael (Mick) Loxdale
Orpington, Kent 
Email:  [email protected]   (New email address May 2002)
My ancestor, Ann Hockley was baptized 29th May 1796 at High Roding, Essex, England and died 29th May 1859 at Aythorpe Roding, first came to my notice on her marriage to John Draper of Aythorpe Roding (1795-1867) on the 20th December 1824 at High Roding. Ann is the eldest child of William Hockley (bp 14 Jan 1765 in Stebbing -1847) and Sarah Barnard (????-1802) of High Roding and has siblings as follows:- Sarah baptized 1798, William 1800-1873, Mary 1801 and Barnard 1802-1802. 
This Hockley family appears on THE BIG TREE OF HOCKLEYS  by Ruth Hockley. 

Dennis Galley
R.R. #3
Port Elgin, Ontario, Canada
N0H 2C7
Email:  [email protected] 

Hockley Descendants of Braintree, Bocking and Black Notley, Essex, England

July 11, 2000
Steve Cordery

Maidstone, Kent, England
Email: [email protected]    (New email address November 2002)

My Hockleys (so far!) are all based in Little Dunmow with an offshoot who migrated to Naburn in Yorkshire. All births, baptisms etc. at Little Dunmow (Essex, England) unless otherwise indicated. Much of the information was obtained from census returns.

Benjamin HOCKLEY 1800 - 1831. Married Oct 1819 : Elizabeth Sarah PERRIN(?) 1803? - 1830.

Children :
William 1819 - ????
George 1821 - ???? : Family given below.
Harriett 1823 - ????
Joseph 1825 - 1830
John 1828 - ????
Samuel 1830 - 1830

George HOCKLEY 1821 - ????. Married 21 Oct 1841 : Maria CHALK 1822? - ????

Children :
William 1842? - ???? : Family given below.
Samuel 1844? - ???? : Family given below.
Eliza 1849 - ???? : My great grandmother. Married Henry HURRELL, then Charles KEMP.
Benjamin 1851? - ???? : Family given below.
Martha 1856? - ????
Caroline 1858? - ????
Anne 1861? - ????
Charles 1866? - ????
Henry 1868? - ????

William HOCKLEY 1842? - ????. Married : Matilda ATTRIDGE 1844? - ????

Children :
George William 1864 - ????
Earnest A 1866 - ????
Minnie Maria 1868 - ????
Amos Frederick 1870 - ????
Lilly 1872? - ????

Samuel HOCKLEY 1844? - ????. Married : Lydia GREEN 1846? - ????

Children :
Albert Henry 1866 - 1867
Walter Arthur 1867 - ????
Ada Elizabeth 1870 - ????
Arthur Wm 1874? - ???? : born in Naburn, York.
Elizabeth 1876? - ???? : born in Naburn, York.
Clara 1877? - ???? : born in Naburn, York.
Jennett M 1879? - ???? : born in Naburn, York.
Anne M 1880? - ???? : born in Naburn, York.

Benjamin HOCKLEY 1851? - ????. Married Eliza ???? 1853? - ????, born in Rainham, Essex.

Children :
Benjamin Wm 1880? - ???? : born in Rainham, Essex.
On 1881 census for Rainham, Benjamin has a step son Henry W JOHNSON, age 5, born in Rainham, Essex.

Charles and Eliza KEMP had several children including Eleanor KEMP who married Frederick Thomas CORDERY in 1904 at Little Ilford, Essex.

Frederick and Eleanor had 11 children including my father, George Cyril CORDERY.


June 8, 2000
Derek Hockley

Email:  [email protected]  (March 21, 2015 Inactive email address)

Is trying to trace his family line back to England, but does not have much to go on! "My father said we had relatives in Little Dunmow, Essex."

Derek wrote: (10/13/1998)
I have obtained a copy of the Birth certificate for my father REGINAL FRANK HOCKLEY and found he was born in Wimbledon, South London on the 26th July 1905 to BEATRICE MARGARET HOCKLEY but there was no Father’s name on the Certificate!

I remember visiting my fathers "mother" who lived in Brighton and her surname was PURCHASE and I now seem to remember that her name was Beatrice but I don’t know if that’s auto suggestion.

So, I wonder if anyone has come across a ‘Beatrice Hockley’ in their investigations?

March 28, 2000
Ian Hockley

17 Great Cob
Essex  CM1 6LA
Email:  [email protected]

Ian did a lot of work on the early Hockley lines and continues to contribute. We appreciate all your hard work!!!

This Hockley family appears on THE BIG TREE OF HOCKLEYS  by Ruth Hockley. 

February 22, 2000                                                        
John Payne 
Email:  [email protected]   (New email address March 2008)

I'm searching for information on Emily Hockley, my great grandmother. Emily married or lived with John Payne (no marriage traced at present from 1864- 77). They had 7 children.

1881 Census - Ipswich at 21 Turret Lane
John Payne, 38, Head, Coachman Dom, Walton Suffolk
Emily, 33, Wife,  Godlaiming (sic)
1891 Census - Ipswich at 23 Foundation Street
John Payne, 51, Head, Coachman Dom, Kirton Suffolk.
Emily, 42, Wife,  Milford Surrey.

Emily's birth place is recorded as two places near Guildford, and year of birth 1848 or 49.

It is possible I have found one sister Julia Hockley, born 'about' 1854 in Milford.

Family notes show that Emily's father was a stonemason of Witley (no first name unfortunately) which is also near Guilford.

At this time, that is all the information I have. I would like to find the names of Emily's parents, siblings, her birth/baptismal date, and marriage date. I have full details of all Emily's children to the present day. Any information on this Hockley line will be gratefully received.

February 18, 2000
Joan Hamilton
Email:  [email protected]    (THIS ADDRESS NOT VALID)

Joan is helping her friend Vera research her Hockley line. The following is what Vera knows about her Hockley's. If you can help Vera, drop Joan an email!

(?) HOCKLEY married  (?) BURTWELL and had the following children:

1. Clement Burtwell Hockley - married Elsie Maud Eavis
Clement and Elsie went to Winnipeg, Canada in 1923. Two children: Vera Elsie b.1923 and Joyce Evelyn (Joyce married (?) Flanagan, now lives in Burnaby, B.C.)
CLEMENT died in Winnipeg 1953.
2. Sidney Hockley - immigrated to the U.S.A.

3. Vera Hockley - married Ernest HANNEMAN
Vera (Hockley) Hanneman was a school teacher in Shepherds Bush and had three children: John, David and Gillian.
4. Eva Hockley - died in Burma

January 18, 2000
Margaret Kennedy
Email:  [email protected]   (New email address January 2003) )
Margaret has traced her line back to THOMAS HOCKLEY and SUSANNAH COLLIS, married 1803 in Grantchester, Cambridgeshire, England. Their son, EPHRAIM HOCKLEY was transported to Australia in 1833, and had a large pioneer family in the Carlingford area which is part of Hornsbyshire of NSW Australia.


December 10, 1999 
Julie Campbell

Wodonga, Victoria, Australia
Email:  [email protected]
  (New email address January 2003 - March 21, 2015 Inactive email address)

My research into the TUTTLEBY family from Essex, England has shown that my 4 x great grandmother was a Mary Hockley. Mary was born circa 1838 in Essex, her parents were James Hockley and Johanna Giggins. Mary married Henry Tuttleby and they had 9 children and are thought to have lived around West Thurrock, Essex. They immigrated to Australia in 1853 with three of their nine children. Henry Tuttleby died in 1855 and she married James Bogle in 1858. Mary's parental information comes from her marriage certificate to James Bogle.

November 30, 1999
Justin Coombs

1 Highview Gardens
RM14 2YU

Note: New entries from the Great Dunmow Registers indicate that this Hockley line begins with a Daniel Hockley, not David. The marriage entry for George Hockley and Eliza Crow list the father as Daniel Hockley.  For more details see the Great Dunmow page.   

Following the recent talk of HOCKLEYs, I thought I'd add my name to the list:

I don't know a huge amount about my Hockley ancestry, but I've shown my line of descent from David Hockley of Great Dunmow below.  I'm very willing to share the Hockley info/sources I have with anyone interested, and would be keen to hear from anyone who can tie in any links!

Line of descent from David Hockley to Justin Coombs (other lines of descent not shown here for brevity)

1. David Hockley
      2.   i   George Hockley.

Second Generation

2. George Hockley Occupation: labourer, m. 6 Nov 1843, in Parish Church, Great Dunmow, Eliza Crow, b. c. 1820, Great Dunmow, (daughter of William Crow and Judy) Baptism: 18 Jun 1820, Parish Church, Great Dunmow.
         i     Daniel Hockley b. c. 1847, Great Dunmow, Essex.
         ii    Elizabeth Hockley b. c. 1849, Great Dunmow, Essex.
   3.   iii   James Hockley b. 24 Apr 1849.
         iv    Emma Hockley b. c. 1853, Great Dunmow, Essex.
         v     Lucy Hockley b. c. 1854, Great Dunmow.
         vi    Charles Hockley b. c. 1855, Great Dunmow, Essex.
         vii   Alice Hockley b. c. 1856, Great Dunmow.
         viii  Sarah Hockley b. c. 1858, Great Dunmow, Essex.

Third Generation

3. James Hockley b. 24 Apr 1849, Halfway House, Great Dunmow, Birth Reg: 7 Jun 1849, Dunmow, Occupation: agricultural labourer, m. 25 Dec 1870, in Parish Church, Great Dunmow, Elizabeth Wilton, b. 6 Aug 1847, Great
Dunmow, Essex, Birth Reg: 13 Sep 1847, Dunmow volume XII page 69, (daughter of Richard Wilton and Catharine Byatt)
         i     George Hockley b. c. 1872, Dunmow, Occupation.
         ii    Charles Hockley b. c. 1874, Bromley, London.
         iii   Eliza Ellen Hockley b. c. 1876, Hornchurch, Essex,
               Baptism: 25 Jul 1881, St Andrew's Church, Hornchurch.
    4.   iv    John Harry Hockley b. 25 Jul 1881.
         v     Emily Hockley b. c. 1884, Hornchurch, Essex.
         vi    Frederick Hockley b. c. 1886, Hornchurch, Essex.
         vii   Alfred Hockley b. c. 1888, Rainham, Essex.

Fourth Generation

4. John Harry Hockley b. 25 Jul 1881, South Hornchurch, Essex, Birth Reg: 31 Aug 1881, Hornchurch, Occupation: farm labourer, m. 25 Dec 1901, in Parish Church, Rainham, Elizabeth Ellen Rolph, b. 31 Mar 1882, Railway
Cottages, Chadwell St Mary, Birth Reg: 17 Apr 1882, Orsett volume 4a page 766, (daughter of Henry Rolph and Eliza Joslin) d. 22 Mar 1964, Death Reg: 1964, Orsett Volume 4a page 298.  John died 6 Aug 1964.
    5.   i     John Hockley b. 30 Apr 1903.
    6.   ii    Annie Hockley b. 25 Oct 1904.
         iii   Alice Hockley b. 27 Sep 1906, d. 3 Oct 1952.
    7.   iv    William John Hockley b. 13 Sep 1908.
    8.   v     Frank Hockley b. 31 Dec 1910.
    9.   vi    Elizabeth Hockley b. 21 Oct 1912.
         vii   Robert Hockley b. 1916, Birth Reg: Orsett volume 4a page 1224, d. 1921 (?), Death Reg: Rochford volume 4a page 735.
         viii  Died in infancy.

Fifth Generation

5. John Hockley b. 30 Apr 1903, Melville Cottages, Rainham, Birth Reg: 2 Jun 1903, Romford volume 4a page 641, Occupation: various, m. (1) 30 Aug 1924, in Gt Wakering Church, Kate Pheobe Wisdom, b. 30 Sep 1904, Great
Wakering, m. (2) 3 May 1947, in Register Office, Southend, Ethel Mary Brinkley, b. 27 Dec 1911, Birth Reg: 8 Feb 1912, Recruiting Office, Epping, (daughter of Jack Nat Brinkley and Hester Chilvers) d. 6 Apr 1986, Pantile House, Southend-on-Sea.  John died 29 Jul 1978, 62 Burnaby Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, Death Reg: 31 Jul 1978, Southend-on-Sea, Essex.
Children by Kate Pheobe Wisdom:
    10.  i     Myrtle Joyce Hockley
         ii    Margaret Kathleen Hockley
    11.  iii   John Hockley
            Children by Ethel Mary Brinkley:
    12.  iv    Brenda Doris Hockley

Sixth Generation

12. Brenda Doris Hockley b. private, Rochford, Essex, m. private, in Holy Trinity Church, Southchurch, Dennis Michael Coombs, b. private, (son of William Percy Coombs and Elsie Gertrude Pack)
         i     Justin Christopher Coombs b. private, Dagenham, Essex.

August 27, 1999
Keith Hockley

Bradford, West Yorkshire
Email:  [email protected]

The Hockley's of Sudbury
Absalom (Absolom) Hockley bn. 1794? - Occupation: Silk Weaver
+ Elizabeth Nobbs 13th Sept. 1814 (Died 1817? -but prior to 1839)
+ Anne MAcrow (nee Jones) 29th Jan. 1839

Daur. Emma bn. 27th Apr. 1841 (Died Nov. 1841)
Son   George bn. 27th Aug. 1842 - Occ. Silk Weaver
+ Elizabeth Caroline Prior (bn. HAlstead, Essex) 28th Jul. 1862 - Occ. Silk Weaver
Daur. Hannah bn. 20th Sept. 1883 - Occ. Silk Weaver
Son   Frederick William bn. 20th Apr. 1873

Son   George Arthur bn. 26th Jan. 1866 - Occ. Engineer (E&M)?
+ Emily Matilda Brewster 25th Dec. 1885 - Occ. Dressmaker
Son   William Brewster bn. after 1890? Possibly in North London (Emigrated to USA/Canada in 1912)

Son   George Arthur bn. 11th Sept. 1886 - Occ. Engineer
+ Fanny Avison (nee Lyons)
Son   George Arthur bn. 13th Jan. 1912 - occ. Papermaker
Son   Frederick bn. 1918 - occ. Company Director

Son   William Brewster bn. 5th Mar. 1916
+ Lille Louvain Last 26th Jun. 1937

Until 1880/90 all resided in Sudbury, Suffolk then the family seems to have moved to North London (possibly Tottenham area) where George Arthur is thought to have attended a Bluecoat School prior to joining the Royal Navy in 1898/99.

After leaving the RN in about 1908 George Arthur then joined the Trawler Fleets out of Grimsby until re-enlisting during WW1. During the 1920's the family moved to Gillingham, Kent where he started a business using steam lorries prior to moving to Gravesend, Kent where he started a Taxi company and later a coach firm (Reliance Coaches)

As I have only recently started my research any connections/links would be welcomed even if they appear tenuous.

August 26, 1999

Email:  [email protected]
(March 21, 2015 Inactive email address)

Hockley of Herts
My Hockley connection is Hannah! All I know is that she is on the 1871c and says she comes from Herts - she was born according to age given at Census in 1811 - she married Henry Perkins in London in 1836 but that gives no details due to being before registration - can anyone help - the only Hannah I have found is born Gt Amwell - the daughter of Daniel and Hannah - how can I find anymore all the Hockleys seem to originate in Essex.

August 26, 1999
Cheryl Connell

Email:  [email protected]   (This adddress not valid) 

My Hockley connection is one of the dead-ends' of my family history research. The only information I have is as follows: Rose Hockley married George Rueban Reynolds in 1851, at St.Peters Church of England, Melbourne, Australia. They had the following children:

Walter Edward Born 1861, married Lucy Ann Smith
Amy Rose Born 1855, died 1859
Arthur Phillip, Born 1859
Charles Thomas, Born 1857
Emma Jane Born 1863,
Henry Charles Born 1853.
I would love to find anyone who can fill me in on any further information.
Cheryl Connell (nee Reynolds)

February 7, 1999
Rick Burrows

Gillingham, Kent
Email:  [email protected] 
(March 21, 2015 Inactive email address)

I have the following Hockleys in my wife's family tree:

Walter Hockley (1836) married Ann Thornton (1838) in 1861 in Maldon, Essex. Walter was born in Hatfield Peveral, Ann in Langford.
Their children were:

*David (1860/61)
Joshua (1863)
Rose (1872)
Frederick (1874)
Walter (1877)
Ernest (1879)

All were born in Langford or Maldon, Essex

DAVID HOCKLEY was born about 1861 in Langford, Essex. He married ELIZABETH ESTHER BRIDGE in 1884 in St Georges' in the East, London.

In 1891, David’s occupation is shown as a Railway Shunter, at that time he was living in Glasshouse Street, Whitechapel, London.

Children of David and Elizabeth were:
1. Daisy Hockley
2. Violet Hockley
3. George Hockley b.1886 Whitechapel.
4. Alfred Hockley b.1889 Whitechapel.
5. Lillian A Hockley b.1890 Whitechapel.
6. *Florence Rose Hockley b. 1894 Whitechapel.

FLORENCE ROSE HOCKLEY was born 23 April 1894 in Whitechapel, London and died 3 May 1936 in Bermondsey, London. She married BENJAMIN JOSEPH FOORD in 1919 in Camberwell, London, son of HERBERT FOORD and MARY ANN FLACK. “Ben and Florence were my wife's grandparents.”

Children of Florence and Benjamin are:
1. Benjamin David Foord b.30 December 1919 in Bermondsey, London d.18 December 1998 Guys Hospital, London.
2. Violet Elizabeth Foord b.Private in Bermondsey, London.
3. Alfred James Foord b.21 May 1924 in Bermondsey, London d.11 July 1983 London.
4. Florence Foord b.16 March 1926 in Bermondsey, London d.26 July 1995 in Thetford, Norfolk.

Florence Rose, was knocked down by a car around 1935 and never fully recovered, ultimately dying in 1936 of a brain hemorrhage. I have a copy of a photograph of Florence and Benjamin Foord taken around the time of the First World War, Ben is in his Army uniform.

As you can see the only surviving child of Florence Rose is Violet who lives these days in Welwyn Garden City, Herts and who we see quite regularly. Violet has written down some of her wartime reminiscences also covering the period of her mother’s death. If anyone would like a copy of these or the photograph please let me know.

My wife, Brenda Foord, is the only daughter of Alfred James Foord, and we live in Gillingham, Kent with our two daughters Shelly and Sarah.
Brenda has four brothers, Barry, Mick, Steve and David. Barry lives in Kent some way away from us and the other three still live in London.

That’s our potted history so far.

November 13, 1998
Carole Botwright

5, The Green
West Tilbury
Essex RM18 8TU
Email:  [email protected] 
(March 21, 2015 Inactive email address)

My maternal great grandmother was Elizabeth Ann Walter, she came from the Stepney area of London and arrived in Tilbury, Essex, newly married to Walter William Gladwin in 1890. Family stories passed down, say the Hockley’s were cousins. Elizabeth Ann had a sister who married a Hockley and had children, one being ‘Midge.’

So I need someone with the Walter surname married into their Hockley line, c1890 or even earlier. Possibly St. John's Church, Stratford, West Ham  or perhaps in the Chadwell St. Mary Parish.
Parents of Elizabeth Ann Walter:
Father - Thomas Robert Walter, a fireman when his daughter Elizabeth married.
Mother - Charlotte Davis

If ANYONE can give me leads on this family, I would be most pleased to supply what I have on the Gladwins and Walters and tie them all in together.

October 19, 1998
Ray Hockley

Email:  [email protected]   (Invalid email address)

I am very interested in the Hockley researcher’s list. All I can say at present is that my father, Edward Hockley, was one of six children born in Dunmow, Essex in 1909. I shall try to find more information.

October 18, 1998
Dean Hockley

Box 85
Tailem Bend
South Australia 5260
Email:  [email protected] (March 21, 2015 Inactive email address)

All of my relatives descend from a JAMES HOCKLEY. Tom Hockley of Australia and myself are both direct descendants of this James. The contact we both need is the connection in the UK!

October 13, 1998
Ray Hockley

Email:  [email protected]  (March 21, 2015 Inactive email address)

As much as I can tell you off of the top of my head right now, is the following.  (Bear in mind I have never done this before, so don't know the correct format). I will attempt to get more accurate details from the surviving members of the family. I know that at least one member of my family has some very old (pre 1900) photographs of my Grandfathers family. I do know my dad had a cousin called Sid who definitely had a farm in Dunton, Essex.

A long time ago my dad and I went to Dunton to a little church just off the A127 to a graveyard to look at a couple of Hockley headstones.   I know that they were demolishing the church, and I think the headstones were going to be discarded.

So here goes:

Myself Ray Hockley  b. Rainham, Essex 1965, married 1990 (now divorced) no children, lived all over the place (including Australia) but since 1993 have lived in Upminster, Essex son of: Douglas Hockley b. Rainham, Essex 1939.

My grandfather, James Hockley (married Ada Rust) lived in Whitepost Cottages, Rainham Road North, Rainham, Essex. Both deceased. c1978 and c1976 respectfully.

My dad (Doug) was the youngest of seven brothers and one sister. In age order (don't ask me years, but Rose is the oldest, my dad Doug the youngest and I think there are about 15 years between them. All of them were born in Rainham Essex to the best of my knowledge (but will check).

Rose Hockley
Married name Patterson

George Hockley
Now living in Hornchurch, Essex.

Alfred Hockley
Always known as 'Jack'.  Now deceased.  Was a milkman, spent the last 20 years of his life in Glastonbury, Somerset. Married Doris (now deceased) No Children.

James Hockley
Has lived for the last 30 years in Uckfield, Sussex

Richard Hockley
Always known as 'Dick'.  Now deceased.

William Hockley
Always known as 'Bill'  Lives in Rainham, Essex.

Ronald Edward Hockley
Always known as 'Ted'  Lives in Hornchurch, Essex.

Douglas Hockley (my dad)
Always known as 'Doug'.  Married Doreen Cole at (St Helen's and St Giles) Rainham Church in 1961.
Lived in Rainham, then Hornchurch until 1987 when my parents moved to the Isle-Of-Wight My sister June (Spence married name) also moved there in 1986.

December 10, 1998
Maurine Carr Ward

Hyrum, Utah USA
Email:  [email protected] 
(March 21, 2015 Inactive email address)

My only tie to the HOCKLEY name is Thomas HOCKLEY, who married Julia LIVERMORE at Maldon, Essex on 6 May 1873. Julia was the sister of my great-grandmother. I would like to find out any information on Julia and Thomas. Thank you.

Joy Green
8 Stratton Road
Tel:01464 674406 (Jul 1995)

Great Granmother Jane Croucher Hockley bn 1844 Bermondsey - her mother Rebecca Church bn Hornchurch Essex 1818 - 1819, her father Robert Croucher Hockley married Bermondsey, birthplace unknown.

Albert T Hockley (Bert)
28 Pemberton Ave
Gidea Park
Essex  (May 1992)

1..Robert Hockley married Ann Bacon 6 Nov 1795 at White Roding
2. James baptised 27 Mar 1796
3. Benjamin bap 4 March 1798 m Mary b 1793
3a  James bp 28 Jan 1824 m Sarah Turner 19 Jul 1845
3a.1 Charles bp 30 Jan 1848
3a.2 Benjamin bp 1850
3a.3 George bp 1853
3a.4 Thomas (b20 Sep 1858-26 Dec 1949 m Julia Annie Dawkins (1861-1935)    

3a.4.1 Albert Arth. (1880-1955)m Amy E Baker (1889-1918) in 1916
3a.4.1.1 Albert Thomas b 1917 m Rosemary Ferdinand 1944
3a. Mary Rose b 1947 m Roger S Brooks 1071
3a. Richard William Brooks 1975
3a. William Henry Brooks  1977
3a. Edward Thomas brooks 1981
3a. Trevor Harry b 1951 m Fadzai Gwaradzimba
3a. Rujeko Reema Hockley 1894
3a.4.1.2 Julia Lily b 1918
3a 4.2 Horace George b 1882 d 1918
3a.4.3 Ernest Cecil b 1884 d 1968
3a 4 4 Lily Jane b 1887 d 1985
3a 4 5 Louis Tom b 1890 d 1968
3a 4 6 Daisy Alice b 1892 d 1984
3a 4 7 Julia Annie b 1895
3a 4 8 Harry b 1898 d 1951
3a 4 9 Dulcie b ?
3a.5 Alfred b 1862
3a 6 Ellen b 1864
3a 7 Annie b 1870
3b Benjamin b 1831 bur 1864
3c Mary Ann b 1832 m Samuel Lee 1854
3d Sarah Ann b 1835 bur 1850
4. Stephen bp 23 Feb 1800
5. John bp 1 Aug 1802

Fred and Kit Brown
49 Acorn Avenue
Bar Hill
CB3 8DT   (May 1992)

Martha Hockley was my 3rd Great Grandmother a native of the village of Elsenham being baptised there 11 Oct 1772. Her father was WILLIAM HOCKLEY  and his wife Sarah - no marriage found for them.

Martha was the 7th child. Children of William and Sarah were:
Thomas  1750
Sarah  1754
Elizabeth 1758
William  1762
John  1763
Mary  1776
Martha   1772 (this is the date given though that would make her the 6th child)

Martha moved to High Laver, presumably for work where she met and married Thomas Brown in High Laver’s Church 10 Oct 1794. Married by the Rector Richard Bloodworth, Wits Joseph Brown and Thomas turner. Joseph was the Grooms father and the Parish Clerk.  They had 8 children, 6 boys and 2 girls all baptised at All Saints Church High Laver.

Martha died aged 74 and was buried 25 June 1847.  Her husband survived her for 7 years and was buried 30 May 1854.  There is no headstone to mark their grave.

Grace Hurst
94 Ingrebourne Gardens,
RM14 1 BW  (written 1992)

John Hockley( ? - 8 July 1729) m Sarah Banks 1709 White Roding dau. of Richard Banks and Bridget White who were married Takeley 2 June 1681
 1.Sarah bn 4 Mar 1710 Margaret Rhoding
 2.John b 1713 Margaret Roding
    m Lydia Crossingham 13 Apr 1736 Marg. Rhod.
  2a Mary bn 1736
  2b John bn 1737
  2c Lydia bn 1739
  2d Robert Hockley 1741 - 1781
       m Sarah Wilson 1766 Stamford Rivers
   2.d.1 Sarah bn 1767
   2.d.2 Robert bn 1769
   2.d.3 Mary Hockley 1770 - 1849
            m. John Skelcher (1760- 1820) 11 Oct 1790 at Beauchamp Roding
   2.d.4 Lydia bn 1772
   2.d.5 Anne bn 1773
   2.d.6 John bn 1775
   2.d.7 Samuel bn 1777
   2.d.8 Esther bn 1779
   2.d.9 James bn 1781
  2e Thomas 1744 - 1744
 3. Richard bn 1716
 4. Thomas bn 1719
 5. William bn 1723
 6. James bn 1726

Thomas Hockley b 1719 “of ye Parsonage”
John Hockley “of ye Parsonage” buried Marg. Roding 8 July 1729

Stanford Rivers Registers
John Hockley’s wife buried 2 May 1650
William Hockley buried 6 June 1651
John Hockley buried 8 Mar 1651
John Hockley buried 21 Dec 1659
Sarah wife of John buried 17 Dec 1662
Joseph Hockley buried 29 May 1668
John Hockley buried 31 July 1670
Mary Daughter of Richard buried 1678
Anne buried 20 Jan 1691
Richard buried 25 March 17??

Enid Cole
40 Wesley Way
NP6 6PG    (April 1994)

Hockleys from the area of Bentley in Hampshire.  Great Great Grandfather - JAMES HOCKLEY - had younger brother FREDERICK HOCKLEY born 1851.  Frederick returned to Bentley shortly after his discharge from the Rifle Brigade in 1882 following active service in the Ashanti Wars 1873/74. Soon after her left home and nothing further is known of him.

Joy Hall (nee Peckam)
The Orchard
SO43 7GG    (Oct 1996)

Searching for the marriage of her Great Great Grandparents Mary Ann Hockley and David Finch.  At least one daughter EMILY ELLEN HOCKLEY born 23 March 1856.Emily Ellen m Walter Eve when she was 19. Her residence was given as Danbury where they married.  Walter Eve came from Stock.

No marriage found in Indexes 1837 - 1856

Marg Clarkson
She lives in Ontario
[email protected]   (New email address May 2002)

She wrote  “..........you may have some of my family located in Suffolk in the 1800’s.  My gg grandmother Harriet Bullingham b. Mellis, Suffolk m. Henry (Harry) Hockley ca 1860’s. My Grandmother Ellen Bullingham was Harriett’s first child born ca 1861 in Eye, Suffolk.  Harriet married Henry I believe after Ellen’s birth and they had another 9 Hockley Children, presumably in the 1860’s onward.  Here is what I know of them in their birth order:

Sarah m. THOMPSON - moved to Australia, had 5 children
Kate m. Jack TEBBUTT, lived in South Africa
Rose m, Ben GODBOLT
Annie m Harry YOUNG
Laura m. Alfred DANIELS (England)
Fred HOCKLEY m ? was in the Navy.  Children: Fred, Olive(m.? CLIFFORD) and Stanley
Frank HOCKLEY - was in the army - disappeared in India
Harriet Olive (1878 - 1971) m Leonard ROBINS
William HOCKLEY m Cecily

Ellen Bullingham m William PLUM(B) of Pentlow, ESS at Clare Suff.  Her father Henry Hockley was said to be a Bricklayer at the time of their marriage.

Ruth Hockley
6 Brook Croft
Marston Green
Birmingham, England
B37 7EP
Email:  [email protected] 

Has been researching the Hockley name for years! She has collected a large amount of data and has placed this data on a chart “The Hockley’s of Essex” which dates back to the mid 1600's. Her Hockley family data begins in Great Sampford, Essex, passes through Thaxted and Stebbing , settles in High Roding, High Easter, Barnston, then to London and Dartford in Kent.  Connected family trees are those of Darlene Heal,  Ian Hockley, Darrel Hockley and many others.

This Hockley family appears on THE BIG TREE OF HOCKLEYS  by Ruth Hockley. 

Darlene Heal
10308 - 112 Avenue
Fort St. John, B.C. Canada
V1J 2W7
Email: [email protected] 

Descends from John Hockley born 1822 in High Roding, Essex and Martha Puffett.
Mary Ann born 1846 in Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex (married George Thorn)
William Puffett born 1848 in Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex (Died young)
John born 1850 in Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex
James born 1852 Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex (settled in Great Waltham)
Martha born 1854 in Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex
Henry born 1856 in Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex
Daniel “Richard” Hockley born 1858 in Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex. Daniel arrived in Canada in 1884,  spent one winter on the Prairies, then moved into the Oregon Territory…married and had children. In 1903, moved to and settled in the Big Valley District of Alberta.
Betsy born 1859 in Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex
H. Frank born 1861 in Mashbury, Essex
Ernest born 1863 in Mashbury, Essex

This Hockley family appears on THE BIG TREE OF HOCKLEYS  by Ruth Hockley. 

Debbie Waddell
Email:  [email protected]

Is searching for information on the family of James Hambly Hockley, who was born about 1854. Apparently he was expelled from Eton and sent to sea by the family. He had a sister named Janet and a brother, possibly named Ross, who it is thought was a captain on the Orient line and who eventually settled in India.

Geneva Lawrence
South Carolina, USA
Email:  [email protected] 

Geneva and Justin Coombs have succeeded in linking their family lines! Perfect!

Geneva immigrated to the US with her family in 1951. She descends from a Daniel George Hockley born about 1849 in Great Dunmow and Sarah Skinner born about 1856 in Braintree.
Children born in Great Canfield are:
George Arthur  born abt 1878
Beatrice Margaret born abt 1880
Samuel Frederick born abt 1881
Christopher Hockley born 1888

Keith "Elmo" Eldridge
Cherry Tree Cottage
Western Lane
SK23 7NS
Email:  [email protected]

The top of our HOCKLEY tree now looks like this :-

First Generation

1. John HOCKLEY. Born About 1750/1751. Buried 4 Aug 1829 in Hatfield Peverell. He married Ann DOWSETT, 6 Oct 1785 in Ulting, Essex, England. Christen 1765. Buried 1 Apr 1828 in Hatfield Peverel, Essex, England.
        2       i.      Elizabeth HOCKLEY
                ii.     Ann HOCKLEY; Born About 1788. Christen 14 Dec 1788 in Hatfield Peverel, Essex, England.
        3       iii.    John HOCKLEY
        4       iv.     Samuel HOCKLEY
                v.      Mercy HOCKLEY; Christen 12 Feb 1796 in Hatfield Peverell.
        5       vi.     Joshua HOCKLEY
                vii.    Thomas HOCKLEY; Buried 6 Nov 1801 in Hatfield Peverell.
                viii.   Sarah HOCKLEY; Christen 26 Dec 1802 in Hatfield Peverell. Buried 21 Jul 1803 in Hatfield   Peverell.

Second Generation

2. Elizabeth HOCKLEY. Born About 1786. Christen 15 Oct 1786 in Ulting, Essex, England.
        6       i.      Thomas HOCKLEY

3. John HOCKLEY. Born About 1790. Christen 12 Sep 1790 in Hatfield Peverel, Essex, England. Buried 13 Apr 1831 in Hatfield Peverel, Essex, England.
He married Elizabeth FITSPATRICK, 18 Nov 1827 in Hatfield Peverel, Essex, England.
                i.      Sarah HOCKLEY; Born About 1828. Christen 22 Jun 1828 in Hatfield Peverel, Essex, England.
                ii.     John HOCKLEY;
                iii.    William HOCKLEY; Born About 1830. Christen 2 May 1830 in Hatfield Peverel, Essex, England.

4. Samuel HOCKLEY. Born About 1794 in Hatfield Peverel, Essex, England. Occupation Labourer.
He married Elizabeth BURNES, 18 Oct 1819 in Great Totham, Essex, England.
                i.      Mary HOCKLEY; Born About 1821. Christen 22 Apr 1821 in Gt Totham.
        7       ii.     Thomas HOCKLEY
                iii.    Hannah HOCKLEY; Born About 1825. Christen 13 Mar 1825 in Hatfield Peverel, Essex, England.
        8       iv.     Samuel HOCKLEY
                v.      Elisa HOCKLEY; Born About 1830. Christen 14 Feb 1830 in Hatfield Peverel, Essex, England. Buried 20 Mar 1847 in Hatfield Peverel, Essex, England.
        9       vi.     Emma HOCKLEY
        10      vii.    Walter HOCKLEY
                viii.   Jane HOCKLEY; Born About Oct 1838. Christen 29 Oct 1837 in Hatfield Peverel, Essex, England. Buried 24 Jun 1838 in Hatfield Peverel, Essex, England.
                ix.     Isaac HOCKLEY; Born About 1839. Christen 12 May 1839 in Hatfield Peverel, Essex, England. Buried 31 Aug 1852 in Hatfield Peverel, Essex, England.

5. Joshua HOCKLEY. Christen 17 Mar 1799 in Hatfield Peverell. Died 6 Nov 1868 in Hatfield Peverell. He married Elizabeth THORINGTON, 21 Oct 1822 in Hatfield Peverell. Born 1787 in Bocking. Buried 6 Aug 1856 in Hatfield Peverell.
                i.      Ann HOCKLEY; Born About 1823. Christen 10 Aug 1823 in Hatfield Peverell.
                ii.     Joshua HOCKLEY; Born About 1824. Christen 27 Nov 1824 in Hatfield Peverell. Buried 3 Dec 1824 in Hatfield Peverell.
                iii.    Sarah HOCKLEY; Born About 1824. Christen 27 Nov 1824 in Hatfield Peverell. Buried 4 Sep 1825 in Hatfield Peverell.
                iv.     Amey HOCKLEY; Born About 1826. Christen 24 Sep 1826 in Hatfield Peverell. Buried 21 Oct 1827 in Hatfield Peverell.
                v.      Joshua Potter HOCKLEY; Born About 1828. Christen 13 Apr 1828 in Hatfield Peverell. Died 28 Aug 1858 in Hatfield Peverell. Buried 3 Sep 1858 in Hatfield Peverell.
                vi.     Martha HOCKLEY; Born About 1829. Christen 3 May 1829 in Hatfield Peverell. Buried 16 Apr 1844 in Hatfield Peverell.
                vii.    David HOCKLEY; Born About 1833. Christen 8 Dec 1833 in Hatfield Peverell. Buried 17 Jun 1852 in Hatfield Peverell.

Third Generation
6. Thomas HOCKLEY. Born About 1805. Christen 6 Jan 1805 in Hatfield Peverel, Essex, England. Buried 3 Jun 1832 in Hatfield Peverel, Essex, England.
He married Rebecca GAUL, 4 Oct 1823 in Hatfield Peverel, Essex, England. Born in Hatfield Peverel, Essex, England. 1881 Lived at Alms Cottage, Hatfield Peverel, Essex 106
                i.      Elizabeth Franklin HOCKLEY
                ii.     Thomas HOCKLEY
7. Thomas HOCKLEY. Born About 1823. Christen 5 Jan 1823 in Hatfield Peverel, Essex, England. 1881 Lived at Nounsley, Hatfield Peverel, Essex107 He married Sarah. Born About 1823 in Hatfield Peverel, Essex, England107.
1881 Lived at Nounsley, Hatfield Peverel, Essex107
                i.      Elizabeth HOCKLEY

8. Samuel HOCKLEY. Born About 1827. Christen 9 Sep 1827 in Hatfield Peverel, Essex, England. Occupation Labourer. He married Charlotte.
                i.      Samuel HOCKLEY
                ii.     John HOCKLEY
                iii.    Eadie HOCKLEY
                iv.     Joshua HOCKLEY
                v.      James HOCKLEY
                vi.     Charlotte HOCKLEY

9. Emma HOCKLEY. Born 18 Sep 183229 in Hatfield Peverel, Essex, England45. Christen 21 Oct 1832 in Hatfield Peverel, Essex, England. Died 3 Jun 190629. Buried 8 Jun 1906 in Wickham Bishops Churchyard, Essex, England.
1858 Lived at :  Malting Cottage, Witham, Essex81
1861 Lived at :  Malt Office Cottage, Witham, Essex68
1871 Lived at :  Malting Cottage, Witham, Essex69
1881 Lived at : Carters Lane C+, Wickham Bishops, Essex 45  Possibly now cottages have been knocked through into one (1962), Dooley House,
Wickham Bishops, Essex. CM8 3LF  Owners Jill & John Mulshaw (01621) 891642
1891 Lived at : Darcey Road, Wickham Bishops, Essex 46
Buried : Wickham Bishops Churchyard, Essex29
Research: Death registered 1906 2Q  Aged 74  Braintree  4a  378
She married William WILLIAMS, 3 Oct 1832 in Purleigh, Essex, England.
Born 3 Feb 182729 in Mundon, Essex, England45. Died 20 Jun 189429.
Buried 23 Jun 189449 in Wickham Bishops Churchyard, Essex, England.
Occupation Woodman45.
Buried : Wickham Bishops Churchyard, Essex29
Research: Started the Family Bible29
Death registered 1894 2Q  Aged 67  Maldon  4a  255
Burial Information49 from Margaret Clark niece of Erny Rose, Oak
Cottage, Wickham Bishops, Essex.  (01621) 891780
        11      i.      Harriet WILLIAMS
        12      ii.     William WILLIAMS
                iii.    Walter WILLIAMS
                iv.     Walker WILLIAMS

10. Walter HOCKLEY. Born 1835 in Hatfield Peverel, Essex, England. Christen 3 May 1835 in Hatfield Peverel, Essex, England. Died 10 Sep 1923 in Hawkwell, Essex, England. Buried 15 Sep 1923 in Hawkwell, Essex, England. Occupation Carman.
1881 Lived at 163 North Street, Limehouse, Middlesex
He married Ann THORNTON, 20 Apr 1861 in Langford. Born 1838 in Langford. Christen 22 Apr 1838 in Langford.
They had the following children:
                i.      David HOCKLEY
                ii.     James HOCKLEY
                iii.    Joshua HOCKLEY
                iv.     Arthur HOCKLEY
                v.      Frank HOCKLEY
        13    vi.     Rose HOCKLEY
                vii.    Frederick HOCKLEY
                viii.   Walter HOCKLEY
                ix.     Ernest HOCKLEY

Dorothy Warwick
29 Cardigan Street
Guilford 2161
Email:  [email protected]   (New email address October 2003)

Another researcher with connections with Samuel from Helions Bumpstead, Essex.

Darrel D. Hockley
9 - 2174 McIntyre Street
Bergman Lodge Appts
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
S4P 2R7
Email:  [email protected]   (New email address June 2011)

Wrote a booklet that traces the Hockley family from the early 1700's to 1962. It is largely a reprint of the work of Oliver J. Hockley, portions of the early history have been redone and corrected. Darrel's Hockley line comes from the Thaxted-Hatfield Heath branch that settled around Yellow Grass, Saskatchewan. 

This Hockley family appears on THE BIG TREE OF HOCKLEYS  by Ruth Hockley. 


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