North West Mounted Police

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Thomas Edward Hockley - North West Mounted Police


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The North West Mounted Police was established in 1873 to bring Canadian authority to the North West Territories (present-day Alberta and Saskatchewan). Its jurisdiction grew to include the Yukon in 1895, the Arctic Coast in 1903 and northern Manitoba in 1912.

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I have a subscription to the Paper of Records website  and while searching for information on a cousin, John Hockley Thorne, who went to the Klondike and never returned; I found the following details about another Hockley. Is this your Hockley family?
Dawson, Yukon Territory, Canada
Friday, June 6, 1902
Page 1 – Forty-Mile News Section


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1901 Canadian Census

1901 Canadian Census Image

1901 Canadian Census Clinton Creek Yukon Territory, f-40-a, page 1

Name:                                                     T. E. F. Hockley

Birthplace:                                               England

Age:                                                        22 years   (born abt. 1879)

Occupation:                                              North West Mounted Police (NWMP)

Years in Yukon:                                         1

Date of Arrival in Canada:                          1898

Marital Status:                                          Single


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National Archives of Canada
Reference:     RG18 , Royal Canadian Mounted Police , Series G , Volume 3416
File : 3460 , Access code: 90
Finding Aid number:  18-25

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Posted May 22, 2005 by Darlene Heal

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