Photo:  Ian Rose

All Saints, Ulting
Essex, England


Parish Church Register
Transcribed by: Keith "Elmo" Eldridge  (1999)
From Original Registers
Marriage                             1839 – 1995


2 July, 1883
Samuel HOCKLEY, Laborer,  of Ulting,  son of Samuel HOCKLEY, Stockman
Esther BECKWITH, ,  of Hatfield Peverel,  daughter of James BECKWITH, Laborer
 Witnessed by Emma BECKWITH, David EVES

2 July, 1883
Ramond FRANCIS, 27, Gardener,  of Sutton Valence Kent,  son of Francis FRANCIS, Gardener
Eady Emma HOCKLEY, 20, ,  of Ulting,  daughter of Samuel HOCKLEY, Stockman
 Witnessed by Joshua HOCKLEY

10 October, 1885
Frederic HOCKLEY, Laborer,  of Ulting,  son of Samuel HOCKLEY, Laborer
Annie Maria LIVERMORE, ,  of Ulting,  daughter of William LIVERMORE, Laborer

7 August, 1912
Walter James WRITE, Chauffeur,  Aged 24,  of Langham,  son of Charles George WRITE, Gardener
Annie Beatrice HOCKLEY, ,  Aged 24,  of Ulting,  daughter of Frederic HOCKLEY, Gamekeeper
 Witnessed by Nelly Margaret HOCKLEY

22 December, 1920
John WILDREW, 28, Blacksmith,  of Ulting,  son of John WILDREW, Gardener
Nelli Margaret HOCKLEY,  29, ,  of Ulting,  daughter of Fred HOCKLEY, Gamekeeper
 Witnessed by Emma HOCKLEY, Walter James HOCKLEY

23 December, 1922
Frederic James BEARD, 34, Carpenter,  of Ulting,  son of James BEARD, Manager Gassworks
Alice Dorrothy HOCKLEY, 28, ,  of Ulting,  daughter of Fred HOCKLEY, Laborer
 Witnessed by Lillian Sarah HOCKLEY

4 August, 1923
Charles William TURNAG, 23, Horseman,  of Hatfield Peverel,  son of George Philip TURNAG, Horseman
Bessi Emma HOCKLEY, 30,  of Oak Cottage Langford,  daughter of Fred HOCKLEY, Laborer
 Witnessed by Edward HOCKLEY, Edith HOCKLEY

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