Australian Hockleys
There are a few branches of the Hockley family tree which have been established in Australia since at least the middle of the 19th century.  Although most are now represented across the whole country, it is useful to list the branches by the colony in which they first seem to appear.  .  .  .  .  .  

HOCKLEY CONVICTS TRANSPORTED  Take a trip back in time and read the original newspaper pages that recorded the names of the individuals and the crimes they committed.  Also read the original convict transport documents. NEW (May 12, 2015)

New South Wales

One line stems from a Samuel Hockley who was transported to Sydney, as a "guest" of the government on the Fourth Fleet in 1792 . . .Came for a 7 year stint and ended up staying for life . . . Owned land around George Street and later on in the Lakenba and Enfield area of Sydney . . . He was from Helions Bumpstead, Essex, England.

Another line begins with Ephraim Hockley who was sentenced for breaking into a cellar and stealing beer; and transported to Australia on the "Andromedea" II on 11th March 1833.  Indentured to Thomas Thompson , Dundas, NSW, Australia.  Ephraim Hockley was born 1812 in Grantchester, Cambridgeshire, England, son of Thomas Hockley and Susannah Collis.

Yet, another may stem from an Edmund Hockley and his wife Hannah, both aged 19 who arrived in NSW on 11 June, 1853 on board the "Harriet".  Edmund was from Hampstead, Berkshire, England, and his parents were Henry and Eliza. He stated that his mother was still alive and living in Hampstead.  His religion was Methodist and he could read and write. He said that he had no relatives in the Colony.  No descendants of this couple are yet known to this page.

South Australia

Another line begins through James Hockley, who married the widow Susannah Hart (nee Edis), in Adelaide in 1856.  There are some leads about how (and when) they might have entered Australia before that but no firm convictions.


And yet another branch was in Melbourne by mid last century but seemed to move more to Geelong.  It included the line . . . RICHARD HOCKLEY b. 1800, Kent, England, ~ THOMAS HOCKLEY (1831-1913) Stalisfield, Kent, England to St. Helens, Victoria, Australia ~ THOMAS Halliwell (Hal) HOCKLEY (1860-1948) - Geelong and Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia.

Now yet another branch of Hockleys descend from Mary Hockley and Henry Tuttleby. Mary was born c1816 to James Hockley and Jo(h)anna Giggins.  James was a Farrier by trade. Mary married Henry Tuttleby at Corringham, Essex, England in 1837. 

WILLIAM HOCKLEY of Collingwood 1856



Rebecca Hannah Hockley and Joseph Newman
Yet another branch of Hockleys descend from Rebecca Hannah Hockley born in 1855 at Hatfield, Essex, England.  She married Joseph Newman of Witham, Essex, England in 1878.  She died February 28, 1919 in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.  Her parents were Jabez Hockley and Sarah Ann Evans. 


If you have any questions, comments or details to add to this page contact Tom Hockley of Auckland, New Zealand; previously a resident of Frankston, Victoria, Australia.


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