Descendants of Ephraim Hockley
by Margaret Kennedy (nee Sonter)



Ephraim Hockley was born  26th July 1812, son of Thomas Hockley and Susannah Collis who married in 1803 in Grantchester.  A small village 3 miles South of Cambridge in England. Ephraim was sentenced for breaking into a cellar and stealing beer.  Transported to Australia on the "Andromedea" II on 11th March 1833.  Indentured to Thomas Thompson, Dundas, NSW, Australia, where he gained knowledge and skills relating to horticulture.  When Ephraim was 29 years of age, permission was granted to marry in 1842 at St. Annes, Hunters Hill to Isabella Lawson who arrived on the "Surrey" I (10) 13th July, 1840.
Hunters Hill was a parish in the Field of Mars and part of this area in 1840 was changed to Eastwood when a William Rutledge built "Eastwood House".  Other parts of Field of Mars were also changed to Ryde, Pennant Hills Carlingford and also Dundas in 1890.
In the Field of Mars area later called Eastwood is where Ephraim and Isabella  farmed and had an orchard. Hockley Road, Eastwood is named after the family. 
Children of Ephraim Hockley and Isabella Lawson
William Kettley        1843
Eleanor                    1845
Susannah                 1849
Ephraim                   1851
Thomas Oliver         1853  
Ephraim and Thomas bought their own land in the Field of Mars, area of Dundas and grew fruit.   
WILLIAM KETTLEY HOCKLEY born January 20, 1843 and married Elizabeth Woolley in 1893.
ELEANOR HOCKLEY born 1845 married a WILLIAM KING ( B:1829, London, England) in 1863 at Pennant Hills (the name Oatley and Oatly is on certificates-this is incorrect) and their son Ephraim King was born 10.11.1863. William went in search of work so Ephraim was reared by his grandma Isabella Hockley.
Ephraim married  *Matilda Bowerman sister of Susannah Hockley 6.5.1888.
SUSANNAH HOCKLEY born 16 March 1849 at Pennant Hills, married JOHN THOMAS BELLAMY on 10 November 1870 at St Paul's, Carlingford NSW.
EPHRAIM HOCKLEY  Jnr.  born 20th Feb.1851 and married an *ELIZABETH A. BOWERMAN 26th May, 1891, daughter of *Richard Bowerman who also had a farm in the Field of Mars area  which was later named Carlingford. Ephraim died 7th July, 1929, at Dundas. 
Isabella A               23.5.1892
Rupert R                       1894
Charles Ephraim       4.2.1897
THOMAS OLIVER HOCKLEY (gravestone) born c1853, married *Susannah Bowerman, 13th February, 1873, daughter of * James and May Ann Bowerman, 26th May 1891,  brother of Richard Bowerman sons of * Mary Bowerman nee Partridge (photo) daughter of First Fleeters Richard and Mary nee Greenwood Partridge. Thomas Oliver died 28th November, 1920. 
Children of Thomas Oliver Hockley and Susannah Bowerman
Alice Lily May Hockley
[1874-1957] - married 1894 Norman KNIGHT [1871-1915] Issue: James Knight 1895 Ryde. 
Emily A. Hockley
Thomas J. Hockley
[1878-1951] married Eva M SUMMERS 1904 Sydney Australia. Issue: James Hockley, Beatrice Hockley 1908 Ryde.
Ethel Gertrude Hockley
[7.10.1880-] married William SMITH 1905. Issue: William Smith.
Horace Silas Hockley
Ernest Arthur Hockley
[1.11.1885-1948] married Bridget Anne SULLIVAN. Issue: 1. Arthur E.T. Hockley married Katherine ROBINS Issue: Ross Hockley. 
2.Clarence Ernest Hockley,  3.John Hockley [1913- ] married 1937 Violet Mary ROWE [1913-1973] Issue: Noeline Hockley b:1938 married Roger Charles PURVIS  & Jason Timothy PURVIS b:1872.m ?.
Eva Maud Hockley
[9.8.1888-] married Henry WHITE.
Herbert C. Hockley
[28.3.1891-] married Minnie BEAMES
James P. Hockley
[c1894 -1949] Issue: Percy Hockley
Robert Hockley
PHILLIP HOCKLEY  married Maria Carter 1868, Parramatta. Phillip had a vineyard bisected by a lane (now called Dunrossil Avenue), in the Carlingford area.
The families grew their own vegetables and had milk from their cows.  Horse and carts were kept to take the fruit down to ERMINGTON WHARF, transferred across the harbour and sold at the SYDNEY FRUIT MARKETS. Later the carts were superceded by horse drawn lorries.  

Hockley / King 
GROOM:                            WILLIAM KING
STATUS:                            WIDOWER 2/2/1863
OCCUPATION:                  PUBLICAN 
AGE:                                  34 
FATHER:                           WILLIAM KING 
OCCUPATION:                  LABORER
MOTHER:                          SARAH PACK  
BRIDE:                               ELEANOR OAKLEY
STATUS:                            SPINSTER   
OCCUPATION:                  NOT STATED    
AGE:                                  17 
FATHER:                            EPHRAIM OAKLEY     
OCCUPATION:                  FARMER   
MOTHER:                          ISABELLA LAWSON
DATE OF MARRIAGE       25 June 1863        
RELIGION:                        ACCORDING TO LAW  
MINISTER:                        PERCY SIMPSON   
In 1857, William King was a publican at the Spread Eagle Hotel, Pitt Street, Sydney.


In 1858, Publican at the Traveller Hotel, Parramatta (listed on license as Field of Mars-District of Parramatta). Sureties John Ferris and John Thomas Neale.(Film 1241 & 1240) also noted Daniel & Timothy Brien publicans and a John Bevan Field of Mars also.

Matilda Bowerman, sister of Susannah Hockley, (*James Bowerman and Mary nee Cornguit - Cornthwaite?- grand-daughter of John Martin First Fleeter, daughters) had a terrible experience when she was younger. Matilda and Mary (who married Joseph " Benjamin" Williams 1890 ) used to go every morning and night to Grandma Bowerman's house with breakfast and to assist her with her needs. The girls then aged 8 and 11 years , one morning found Mary burned to death. "After a careful summing up by the Coroner, the jury returned a verdict  'the deceased was burnt to death at her residence, Pennant Hills on 2nd August,1877 through her clothing, having become accidently kindled".
[Mary Partridge Bowerman--First Fleeter's Daughter - Richard Partridge on "Scarborough" 1788 and Mary Greenwood on Lady Pehryn" 1788.  Mary Bowerman, is the grandmother who burnt to death in the story about Matilda and Mary Bowerman - a ghastly coroners report!  Gravestone of James Bowerman son of Mary.]
*MATILDA BOWERMAN, married EPHRAIM KING born 10.11.1863 Field of Mars,  son of William & Eleanor King nee Hockley (Oakley on marriage license) on 6th May, 1888 at St. Judes Church, Dural. Settled in Dural  (later called Glenorie) as a Citrus Orchardist. 
ELEANOR:1887 married JOHN GAREMYN 1908 St.Judes,Dural.
CLARA EVELYN: 1.8.1890  married ALBERT ERNEST BEATER 1919.St.Judes,Dural.
CLAUDE B: 1902  married AMY L HEATON 1935,Granville.
LEONARD NOEL: 1904 married DULCIE JEAN HOFFMAN, 1936,Marrickville.
  Ephraim King was an astute business man and helped form the School of Arts and was President for many years.  He also helped  build a school  putting Eleanor his eldest daughters age up so the school would have enough pupils to warrant a teacher.
  In 1902, a railway line was extended to Carlingford from Sydney thus making it easier for the delivery of fruit to the Market. Matilda had a chicken hatchery and sold eggs and chickens for breeding and eating., this supplemented the poor earnings from the orchard as fruit prices were very  low.
  Ephraim and Matilda won many prizes in the Royal Agriculture Society of  NSW  exhibiting in the Sydney Royal Easter Show . Matilda Bowerman won several First Prizes for her cooking - Speciality - Swiss Rolls.
  When they visited Sydney for the show each  year they stayed at the Peoples Palace Hotel  in Sydney.
  Ephraim retired as President of the School of Arts, Glenorie in 1924 and a beautiful hand painted illuminated address  by T. F. CAMPBELL was presented to him and Matilda on Australia Day, 26th January, 1924.  The address was a thank you tribute from the Glenorie community for his services providing the establishment with a sound financial position for the future during a critical period in the history of the Institution. It was signed by the new president  H. WALKER, JOHN HUTCHINSON (Hon. Secretary), J. GAREMYN ( Treasurer), G. W. HITCHCOCK ( Vice President), and W. HOGARTY (the local Grocery Store Owner).
  However, during the depression of the 1930s it was difficult to make a living  on the land and the boys, Stanley Herbert, Claude, Wilfred and Leonard were not interested in being orchardists so Ephraim due to his failing health sold out and moved. He purchased land in Thomas Street, Parramatta  but only rented a house at 6 Ethel St Harris Park from the Mahoney family.  Wilfred built a house on Thomas Street land and wife Eileen nee Pickett lived there until the death of Wilfred about 1960 .
  The  balance of land owned by Ephraim had to be given to the Council for unpaid back taxes due to the hard economics of the day. Ephraim died 1934 and Matilda died 1947 at 6 Ethel St Harris Park. (Now known as  Anglican Elderly Care Centre, Parks St. Parramatta.)

PETER BEATER  (christened 1st December, 1822 in Parish of Rampisham, Devon, England. Descendant of John Beater and Maria nee Grundy, Parish of Rampisham. Peter Beater emigrated from England 1857 onboard the "Fitzjames"., married 1866 ANN FARRELL - descendant of  SARAH CAMPBELL born 9.6.1819-died 12.9.1891 - Number 2 child of  LEWIS CAMPBELL B: circa.1783, County Galway, Ireland arrived in Australia 3rd September, 1817 on the ship "Dick" as Sergeant of the  48th Regiment, British Army, with wife MARY nee GORDON B:circa 1798, County Limerick,Ireland. Lewis Campbell died 7.4.1854, Prospect . Buried in St.Bartholomews church graveyard, Prospect NSW, Australia.. Mary Campbell nee Gordon died 25.3.1832, Parramatta Buried St.Johns.Issue: 5 children .Sydney. married c.1836, Parramatta JOHN FARRELL born in Australia 1805 of Irish Ancestors. 
Children were born 1868-1884 to Peter Beater and Ann nee Farrell.
1868 - John F, at Parramatta, married  Catherine Messer, 1919 in Petersham, NSW, Australia and died 1925, Petersham.
1870 - Anne Maria, Parramatta, 
1872 - Mary A, Parramatta.,
1875 - William Edward, Parramatta ;Died 1939, Parramatta.
1877 - Elizabeth S, Parramatta; 
1879 - Albert Ernest, Parramatta; Died 1941,Liverpool.
1882 -Martha J,Central Cumberland.
1884-Arthur L.P Central Cumberland., Died 1938,Parramatta.
CLARA EVELYN KING (grave) born 1.8.1890, daughter of Ephraim and Matilda nee Bowerman,  on the 20th September,1919 at St.Judes church, Dural ,married ALBERT ERNEST BEATER born at Parramatta about 1879 son of English Emigrant  Peter Beater and Ann nee Farrell.
Ronald Albert, Died:1923, at Annandale. 
Vera:Died 1924 (3yrs Old), 
Evelyn: 26.1.1924 Baulkham Hills,  
Ernest Roy: 22.5.1922 Baulkham Hills, 
Cecil :29.9.1929 Baulkham Hills.  
ALBERT BEATER was a Tram conductor on the Castle Hill to Parramatta line and Lived at Baulkham Hills, New South Wales. Clara was a domestic worker .
On the 27th January, 1923 the trams stopped running and a Railway Train Service was introduced.  Clara and Albert seperated about 1931. Clara moved to Harris Park/Parramatta area. 
Albert died 1941 at Liverpool.
Probate of his will was not given until 1950 as it was to stay in trust until Cecil turned 21 years then each of the children received a small inheritance.
Clara died 11th July, 1966 and was cremated at Northern Suburbs Cremetorium and her ashes placed in a memorial vase on son-in-law Kilner Sonters grave  who had died 25th February,1966 and buried in Rookwood Cemetery - Grave No.4564. C of E section.  

Evelyn May Beater (grave) was born 26th January, 1924 (AUSTRALIA DAY - a celebration of the Nation relating to British  Sovereignty) at  Russell Street, Baulkham Hills and lived there until the separation of the parents when she was about 7 years old, then moved with mother and brothers to 6 Ethel Street, Harris Park, NSW, Australia to live with Grandmother and Grandfather King.  
Attended Parramatta Central School and was a champion tennis player and athlete. Received a certificate as 13 year old NSW. STATE RUNNING CHAMPION 23rd July, 1937.   
School Book prizes for Geography, Mathematics, and English were given those days as memory of achievement with written acknowledgement on the inside cover. "Millicent Gwent School Girl","Concerning Jennifer J" 1st in Geography, "Rosamond Takes the Lead" by E. E. Cowper - 1st in Mathematics,1937- Teacher. J. Hitchcock. Several books written by Australian author Ethel Turner were also presented to Evelyn.
As a member of the  Parramatta, Baptist Church  received several prizes for her attendance and devotion to Sunday School.
In 1937 attained her certificate of achievement to go to Secondary Education. However, decided to work in the Bonds Cotton Mills as a machinist.
Evelyn was excellent at needlework, embroidery, knitting, crocheting and cooking. Received prizes in shows exhibiting her needlework - embroidery and knitting. Catered for several family weddings and birthdays.
In 1943, she married Kilner Sonter (grave), grandson of William Sonter and Sarah Bowerman sister of James Bowerman, Evelyn Beaters grandfather.  "A marriage of cousins".  
Margaret Rose: 1944
Yvonne May 24.5.1949 (Empire Day - celebration of the British Queen Victorias birthday).  
Kilner worked for Homebush abbatoirs and Riverstone when Homebush was on strike as a labourer. Evelyn was a carer for her elderly grandmother King nee Bowerman  and mother Clara Beater and lived in Harris Park near Parramatta, NSW, Australia.
Hobbies and Interests of Kilner were: Greyhound training, rearing ferrets for rabbiting, playing cricket (in 1941 Kilner received a cup for best Bowling and Batting Average - St. George Cricket Club, he also had played Sheffield Shield Cricket ) and he was an avid fisherman, going deep-sea fishing in Port Hacking area with George Wilkins of Parramatta , one of his best mates.
After the death of Kilner 25th February, 1966 and mother Clara, 11th July, 1966 Evelyn decided  in September, 1969 to move to Cartwright, near Green Valley, Liverpool area.
Lived in Cartwright for 28 years with daughter Yvonne, who in later years was her Carer.
Evelyn died 1.8.1997, in Liverpool hospital having suffered for many years with asthma and respiratory related illness. Buried in Rookwood cemetery with husband Kilner and mother Clara Evelyn Beater. Church of England section. Grave No. 4564.  

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