Hockleyís of Arkesden, Essex and Area


St Mary the Virgin, Arkesden

Marriage at Arkesden
Submitted by Ruth Hockley (February 2000)
1709 Nov 6               Hockly Thomas and Mary Ray


Marriages at St Mary the Virgin, Arkesden (1690-1900)
Submitted by Kathy Lowe (March 31, 2015)
1777 Sep 25              John Hockeley (x), bachelor of Ashdon, and Hannah Barker (x), spinster of Arkesden, by
                                  licence, John Rix, Vicar of Newport.  Witnesses:  Robert Living and John Campion.
1779 Jul 29               Thomas Josolyne (s), widower of Arkesden, and Sarah Hockley (x), widow of Arkesden, by
                                  licence, J Perkins, Vicar.  Witnesses:  John Rolfe and William Seamer.
1797 Jul 3                William Humphreys (s), bachelor of Arkesden, and Sarah Hockley (s), spinster of Arkesden,
                                  by licence, J Perkins, Vicar.  Witnesses:  Esther Monk and Wm T Rolfe.
1805 Sep 4                Daniel Hockley (s), bachelor of Arkesden and Henrietta Maria Stock (s), spinster of Arkesden,
                                  by licence, J Perkins, Vicar.  Witnesses:  Ann Stock and John Nash.
1815 Sep 26             William Hockley (s), bachelor of Arkesden and Mary Orger (s), spinster of Clavering, by
                                  licence, Thos S Griffinhoofe, Vicar.   Witnesses:  William Hayden and Amelia Hockley

                                  [Note:  Witness Amelia is probably not Wmís sister Ė different signature.]

1819 Jun 17             William Barnard (s) of Harston, Cambridgeshire and Amelia Hockley (s) of Arkesden, by
                                  Banns with consent of parents, Thos S Griffinhoofe, Vicar.  Witnesses:   George Womwell
                                  and Emma Barnard.

                                  [Note:  Amelia baptized as Mille Hockley, June 7, 1801.]

1829 May 23            John Glasscock (s) of Clavering and Anne Hockley (s) of Arkesden, by licence, Thos S
                                  Griffinhoofe, Vicar.  Witnesses:  James Stock and Susannah Mynott.
Baptisms at Arkesden
Submitted by Ruth Hockley (February 2000)
1712 Oct 4                Hockly, Thomas s.of Thomas & (no name)
1714 Oct 7                Hockly, John s. of Tho & (no name), born 27 September  
1717 Jul 27               Hockly, Mary d. of Thomas & Mary  
1719 Jul 4                 Hockly, William s. of Tho and Mary, born 9 June  
1724 Nov 5               Hockley Edward son of Thomas and Mary born 12 Oct
1780 June 18            Hockley Sarah d. of Daniel and Mary
1782 Apr 8               Hockley, Daniel s. of Daniel and Mary  
1784 Aug 22             Hockley, Sukey d. of Daniel and Mary  
1787 Feb 25              Hockley, Mary d. of Daniel and Mary  
1791 Jul 31               Hockley, Thomas s. of Daniel and Mary, Tax Paid  
1792 Sep 9                Hockley, William s. of Daniel and Dorinda  
1798 Mar 11             Hockley, Anna d. of Daniel and Dorinda  
1801 June 7              Hockley, Mille d. of Daniel and Dorinda
1804 May 11            Hockley, Anna d. of Daniel and Dorinda  
1823 Nov 11             Hockley, Martha d. of John and Martha, Arkesden Publican  
1825 Jan 2                Hockley, Charles s. of John and Martha, Arkesden Publican  
1826 May 21            Hockley, Allen s. of John and Martha, Arkesden Publican  

Baptisms at St Mary the Virgin, Arkesden (1690-1875)
Submitted by Kathy Lowe (March 31, 2015)

Child of Sarah Hockley and William Humphreys:

1801 Jun 7               Humphries, Mary Ann, daughter of William and Sarah Humphries

                                  [Note:  Baptized same day as her aunt, Mille Hockley.]

Children of Sukey/Susan/Susannah Hockley and John Barnes:

1816 Apr 14             Barnes, John William, son of John and Susan Barnes.  Father a gentlemanís servant. 
                                  Abode left blank.  Thos S Griffinhoofe, Vicar.
1820 Sep 3                Barnes, Daniel Hockley, son of John and Susanah Barnes. 
                                  Abode: Kingsland Rd, Middlesex. Thos S Griffinhoofe, Vicar.

Children of Mille/Amelia Hockley and William Barnard:

1820 Jun 18              Barnard, William Hockley, son of Wm and Amelia Barnard of Harston, Cambridgeshire, miller.
                                  Charles George, Rector of Wicken Bonant.
1821 Jul 15               Barnard, John, son of Wm and Amelia Barnard of Harston, Cambridgeshire, miller.
                                  Thos S Griffinhoofe, Vicar.
Burials at Arkesden
Submitted by Ruth Hockley (February 2000)
1718 Aug 23             Hockly, Thomas s. of Thomas and Mary
1822 Mar 20             Hockley, Daniel of Arkesden, 68yrs
1826 Aug 19             Hockley, Dorinda of Clavering, 61yrs
1826 Dec 13              Hockley, John of Arkesden, 28yrs  
1827 Aug 17             Hockley, Allen of Arkesden, 19 months  
Burials at St Mary the Virgin, Arkesden (1690-1915)
Submitted by Kathy Lowe (March 31, 2015)

1776 Dec 18              Hockley, Daniel

1791 Sep 2                Hockley, Mary, wife of Daniel Hockley, Innkeeper

1791 Oct 9                Hockley, Thomas, an infant

1814 Jul 29               Jocelyn, Sarah.  Age 86.  Abode:  Arkesden.  Thos S Griffinhoofe, Vicar.


Heydon Parish Church Register
Submitted by Ruth Hockley (February 2000)  
1779 Apr 27              Daniel Hockley (signed) of Arkesden, bachelor and Mary Smith (X) otp married by licence 27
                                  April 1779.  Witnesses: Richard Moul (s) and ?Matt Evenett (s)

Wendens Ambo Church Register
Submitted by Ruth Hockley (February 2000)  
1791 Nov 10             Daniel Hockley (s) of Arkesden wdr and Dorinda Smith (x) otp by licence 10 November 1791  
                                  Witnesses: William Cowell (s) and John Smith (x)  

Wendon Lofts Household
Submitted by Ruth Hockley (February 2000)  
William Hockley (farmer) married Mary Ann Kemp at Wendon Lofts in 1835.
         Children:        Daniel      (born circa 1826)
                                Thomas   (born circa 1831)  
                                Alfred      (born circa 1836)  
                                Selena      (born circa 1839)  
This family found in 1841 Census but not in 1851  

Wendon Lofts Church Register
Submitted by Ruth Hockley (February 2000)
1835 Oct 5               William Hockley (s) wdr and Mary Ann Kemp (s) otp by licence  
                                  Witnesses: Elizabeth Kent (s) & Robt. Wakefield (s)

Marriage at St Mary the Virgin, Saffron Walden
Submitted by Kathy Lowe (March 31, 2015)
1822 May 15            John Hockley (s), bachelor of Arkesden, and Martha Mynott (s) of Saffron Walden, by
                                  licence, Nicholas Bull, Vicar.  Witnesses:  Wm Mynott and Susannah Mynott.


Marriage in St George Hanover Square, Westminster, London
Submitted by Kathy Lowe (March 31, 2015)
1811 Mar 8               John Barnes (otp) and Susan Hockley (otp), by Banns, by Edwd Williams AB. 
                                  Witnesses:   Sarah Grigg and W Humphreys.

                                  [Note:  Susan baptized as Sukey Hockley, Aug 9, 1784.]

Hockley Households in Arkesden
Submitted by Ruth Hockley (February 2000)
1)  Thomas HOCKLEY married Margaret RAY at Arkesden in 1709
                                Thomas        (1712 - 1718)  
                                John             (1714 -  
                                Mary            (1717 -  
                               William         (1719 -  
                                Edward         (1724 -  

2)  Daniel HOCKLEY married Mary SMITH at Heydon in 1779
                                Sarah            (1780 -
                                Daniel           (1782 -  
                                Sukey            (1784 -  
                                Mary             (1787 -  
                                Thomas         (1791 -  

     Mary wife of Daniel died.
     Daniel married Dorinda SMITH at Wendon Ambo in 1791
                                William         (1792 -  
                                John              (1798 -
                                Mille             (1801 -  
                                Anna             (1804 -

3)  John HOCKLEY married Martha MYNOTT (details unknown)  
                                Martha          (1823 -  
                                Charles          (1825 -  
                                Allen             (1826- 1827)


Wills of Essex
Submitted by Ruth Hockley (February 2000)
Testators of the Wills of Clavering 1700-1858, giving the name of the testator (his occupation, the year when the will was proved).
Index of Testators of Wills of Clavering  1700-1858
Thomas Bailey (cordwainer 1852),  Edward Baker (wheelwright 1714),  Sarah Baker (widow 1714),  John Barker (farmer 1850),  Susannah Barker (spinster 1854),  Thomas Barker (yeoman 1730),  William Barker (farmer 1830),    Elizabeth Barnard (widow of James Barnard 1780),  Elizabeth Barnard (widow 1815),  William Berry (innkeeper 1770),  James Bond (carpenter 1833),  Ann Brand (spinster (1825),  Mary Brand (spinster 1814),  Oliver Brand (1774),  James Burgess (carpenter & common brewer 1843),  Samuel Bush (carpenter 1817),  George Canning (farmer 1828),  Frances Chipperfield (widow of Joseph, 1778),  George Chipperfield (yeoman 1756),  Joseph Chipperfield (yeoman 1773),  Thomas Cole (farmer 1828),  Isaac Cooper (grocer 1827),  John Crane (1780),  John Eden (1783),  Edward Gayler (yeoman 1729),  Henry Gayler (butcher 1701),  Richard Gaylor (farmer 1755),  Robert Glascock (higgler 1755),  Henry Glasscock (farmer 1797),  Henry Glasscock (farmer 1849),  William Harvey (victualler 1728),  James Hayden (blacksmith (1793),  Robert Hill (yeoman 1716),  Robert Hills (yeoman 1746),  Sarah Hills (widow 1781),  George Hockley (1851),  Benjamin Long (vicar 1737),  William Martin (carpenter 1851),  Breens Miller (farmer 1792),  William Morris (butcher 1801),  Mathew Munshow (carpenter 1739),  Thomas Murrell (yeoman 1738),  Ann Murrill (widow 1757),  John Newport (farmer 1836),  William Northage (yeoman 1755),  Elizabeth Nottage (widow 1823),  Thomas Nottage (higgler 1769),  William Nottage (butcher 1814),  John Pamphilon (gentleman 1820),  James Parker (husbandman 1721),  John Parker (husbandman 1720),  Henry Patten (gentleman 1708),  Anne Payne (widow 1711),  James Payne (yeoman 1711),  Francis Petchey (techer of the Gospel 1759),  John Piggott (labourer 1816),  George Pigram (farmer 1798),  Susanna Randall (widow 1806),  George Rayment (farmer 1796),  Nathaniel Salmon (gentleman 1739),  Peter Selby (1753),  Sarah Spencer (widow 1849),  Robert Spenser (1751),  Robert Tayler alias Dickason (farmer 1747),  Thomas Trigg (blacksmith 1728),  Mary Wales (widow 1827),  John Wisby (farmer 1831),  Richard Womwell (husbandman 1724),  Richard Womwell (yeoman 1755),  John Wright (husbandman 1764),  Thomas Wright (labourer 1801).  
Surname Index to Persons mentioned in Wills of Clavering 1700-1858.
The second list is an index of all the surnames appearing in those wills.  Some references are so fleeting that they are of little use to the family historian but others are so fulsome that they are of tremendous value to the family historian.  The sorts of references you would find are:  a beneficiary under the will;  a person who was related to a beneficiary under the will;  an executor of a will;  witnesses to the will;  owners & amp;  previous owners, occupiers & amp;  previous occupiers of property in which the testator has an interest
Andrews,  Ashby,  Ashton,  Bailey,  Baker,  Banson,  Barber,  Barker,  Barlee,  Barnard,  Barnes,  Barrington,  Bartrupt,  Bassett,  Bates,  Baynes,  Beard,  Bell,  Berry,  Berwick,  Bewcock,  Bond,  Bonham,  Botterell,  Bowman,  Brand,  Bridge,  Browne,  Buck,  Bullen,  Burgess,  Burr,  Bush,  Cakebread,  Calvert,  Canning,  Cannon,  Capp,  Cater,  Chandler,  Chesam,  Chesham,  Chipperfield,  Christy,  Clare,  Clarke,  Clayden,  Claydon,  Coe,  Cole,  Collin,  Cooper,  Cornwall,  Cornwell,  Coston,  Cowell,  Crane,  Creek,  Custerson,  Dalton,  Darnell,  Davye,  Day,  Deards,  Debnam,  Dickason,  Driver,  Eden,  Edwards,  Evans,  Everitt,  Eyre,  Fairman,  Finch,  Fiske,  Flack,  Folkes,  Fjoulds,  Fox,  Frost,  Funston,  Game,  Gardner,  Garrett,  Gayler,  Gaylor,  Gee,  Glascock,  Glasscock,  Good,  Graine,  Graves,  Griffinhoofe,  Grimwood,  Gygver,  Halls,  Hammond,  Hamond,  Hanchett,  Harrison,  Harvey,  Hawkes,  Hayden,  Haydon,  Hewes,  Hicks,  Hilburn,  Hill,  Hills,  HintonHockley,  Jekyll,  Johnson,  Johnstone,  Judd,  Kent,  King,  Knightly,  Knightley,  Lacy,  Larcher,  Lawrence,  Leet,  Lewes,  Ley,  Long,  Lucas,  Lyndsell,  Mansfield,  Marr,  Martin,  Mickley,  Miller,  Milner,  Mitchell,  Moore,  Morris,  Mott,  Mould,  Munds,  Munshow,  Murrell,  Murrill,  Newman,  Newport,  Newton,  Northage,  Nothage,  Nottage,  Orger,  Pakeman,  Palmer,  Pamphilon,  Parker,  Patten,  Pavitt,  Payne,  Pearce,  Perkins,  Perry,  Petchey,  Petty,  Phillips,  Pigg,  Piggott,  Pigram,  Pigrum,  Player,  Portway,  Pouter,  Powter,  Prisley,  Probert,  Randall,  Raven,  Rayment,  Reed,  Reeve,  Renn,  Reynolds,  Richardson,  Rider,  Rogers,  Rolfe,  Rule,  Salmon,  Savele,  Savill,  Scott,  Searles,  Selby,  Sell,  Sibley,  Speed,  Spencer,  Spenser,  Stanes,  Stephens,  Stevens,  Stevenson,  Stock,  Strange,  Suckling,  Sworder,  Tayler,  Taylor,  Thorpe,  Thurgood,  Tinworth,  Tenworth,  Trigg,  Trollope,  Tubes,  Umwell,  Underwood,  Waker,  Wales,  Walton,  Ward,  Warren,  Watson,  Waylett,  Webb,  Wenham,  West,  Westwood,  Wheeler,  Whitby,  White,  Wilkinson,  Williams,  Willis,  Wisby,  Womwell,  Wood,  Woods,  Woodcock,  Wotson,  Wren,  Wright,  Wyman.

Pub Licencees
Submitted by Ruth Hockley (February 2000)
The following refers to Arkesden:
Does anyone know whether the licensed pub which is now in business at Arkesden is one and the same building as the pub known as the Green Man in the 18th and 19th centuries?  Although I dined there some years ago, the name of it quite escapes me.  The current pub is rather ordinary on the outside (the old part is in the centre portion - brick with thatched roof), but the inside was full of "character" with ancient oak beams and plaster.
Anyway, the Green Man was the only pub at Arkesden in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.  Each year, it was necessary for the victualler to get a licence and he needed two sureties.  Experience shows that the sureties were usually licensed victuallers of other pubs.  Listed below are the licensed victuallers of the Green Man and a list of the names of men who provided them with references.
THOMAS PLEDGER (licences 1769-1774):  references from  Robert Baker, John Capp, Joshua Clarke, William Cox, Thomas Haydon, James King, John Miller, John Negus, John Parish, Charles Saville.
DANIEL HOCKLEY (licences 1775-1821):  references from Robert Baker, John Barker, Thomas Bayley, Thomas Brown, Edmund Capp, John Capp, George Charlick, Ambrose Flack, Richard Gapes, Isaac Gardener, Josh Groom, Thomas Hayden, Richard Helmer, Daniel Hockley jnr, Henry King, Robert Living, Ann Markin, Francis Markin, Thomas Nottage, John Parish, James Parker, Josh Perry, Wright Player, John Player, John Rolfe, John Savil, John Searl, Robert Speller, John Stock, Thomas Walton, John White.
JOHN HOCKLEY (licences 1822-1826):  references from Thomas Bailey of Arkesden, William Hockley of Clavering, John Spencer of Clavering, George Womwell of Arkesden.
MARTHA HOCKELY (licences 1827-1828):  references from George Unwin of Saffron Walden & Thomas Welby of Saffron Welby.
Licencees of Wicken Bonhunt:
The Three Horse Shoes (sometimes known as Horse Shoes) was the only pub at Wicken Bonhunt during the late 18th to early 19th centuries.  Listed below are the licensed victuallers of the Three Horse Shoes and a list of the persons who acted as sureties for them:

DANIEL HOCKLEY (licences 1769-1775):  Chas Brewer, John Capp, Jos Groom, Jas King, Chas Savill, Henry Silcock, Henry Smith, Wm Wood.

RICHARD GAPES (licences 1776-1808):  John Alles, Thomas Bailey, Robt Baker, John Barker, Wm Bramstone, Edmund Capp, Wm Chipperfield, Thomas Clarke, Jas Clarke, Joseph Collin, John Debnam, Jn Godfell, Jn Gurson, Thomas Havers, Daniel Hockley, James Ison, Henry King, Richard Lavender, Thomas Law, John Livermore, Robert Living, Thos Loveday, Jn Miller, Thos Mumford, Jas Newland, Richard Newman, John Nottage, Thos Patmore, Jos Perry, Jas Robinson, Henry Salmon, Robt Savill, George Savill, Henry Silcock, Robt Smith, George Smith, Robt Speller, John Stock, Richard Townsend.

JOHN WATSON (licences 1809-1828):  Thomas Bailey, Henry Baines (of Saffron Walden), Charles Bentley (of Manuden), Philip Buck, Philip Buck jnr, Daniel Burr (of Wicken), Edward Button, James Glascock (of Wicken), Richard Lavender, Thomas Living, George Martin, Henry Trigg.

Additional details added by Kathy Lowe (March 31, 2015):

1775       Daniel Hockley was the licencee of both the 3 Horse Shoes in Wicken Bonnet and the Green Man in

1776       Daniel Hockley was the licencee of the Green Man in Arkesden.

1777       Sarah Hockley was the licencee of the Green Man in Arkesden.

1778       Daniel Hockley was the licencee of the Green Man in Arkesden.

[Note:   The fact that the older Danielís widow Sarah was the licencee in 1777 (the year after he died) is further evidence that the older Daniel was the licencee from 1769 to 1776 and the younger Daniel was the licencee from 1778 to his death in 1821.]


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