Sarah "Sally" King Jones  
          by Julia Walker

    Sarah King daughter of Sarah Hockley and Charles James King, married a Welshman named William David Jones on 27 August 1889 in Wethersfield, Essex.  She appears to then have been known in the family as "Sally" King Jones.  The inscription on the back of the photograph says "Cousin Sally in Wales.  Sally King Jones.  You can keep it.  Do you remember her.  She is just like her mother"!!!  So she must look very much like Sarah Hockley her mother!   


Ancestors of Sarah King
William Hockley + Mary Bentley 
married 1705 in Great Sampford, Essex  
William Hockley + Mary Cornell 
married 1728 in Little Sampford, Essex  
John Hockley + Susannah Overall 
married 1762 in Stebbing, Essex  
Daniel Hockley + Elizabeth Chalk
married 1794 in High Easter, Essex 
James Hockley + Jane Bacon 
married 1820 in High Roding, Essex  

Sarah Hockley + Charles James King 
married 1855 in Barnston, Essex 

Sarah "Sally" King + William David Jones 
married 1889 in Wethersfield, Essex


Julia Walker
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Hockley Family History
Posted:  September 19, 2000