Family of John and Jane Isabella Hockley 


This old family photo is of John Hockley, his wife Jane Isabella (Barker), their daughter Sarah, her husband James Evans and their daughter, and Sarah's brother Fred.  John only has one eye.  The family story is that he lost the other while going through a hedge.  Presumably he got spiked in the eye by a twig or something.

Photo:  Ian Hockley  circa 1900

Family Group
            John Hockley______________Married: Nov 19, 1867_________________Jane Isabella Barker
            Born: 1832 in Takeley                                                                              Born: 1840 in Great Dunmow
            Buried in Debden
Mary Ann
Baptized: March 10, 1869 in Hatfield Broad Oak

Henry William
Baptized: October 19, 1870 in Hatfield Broad Oak
Baptized: April 11, 1873 in Hatfield Broad Oak

Baptized: December 13, 1874 in Hatfield Broad Oak

Born: 1879 in Elsenham

Ancestors of John Hockley
William Hockley + Mary Bentley 
 married 1705 in Great Sampford, Essex  
William Hockley + Mary Cornell 
 married 1728 in Little Sampford, Essex  
John Hockley + Susannah Overall 
 married 1762 in Stebbing, Essex  
Daniel Hockley + Elizabeth Chalk
 married 1794 in High Easter, Essex 
Daniel Hockley + Mary Ann (Speller or Clark) 

John Hockley + Jane Isabella Barker
married 1867  


Ian Hockley
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Hockley Family History
Posted:  September 15, 2000