Descendants of
Mary Hockley and Henry Tuttleby

Submitted by Julie Campbell
Wodonga, Victoria, Australia
July 24, 2001
Mary Hockley born about 1816 to James Hockley & Jo(h)anna Giggins.  James was a Farrier by trade.  Mary Hockley married Henry Tuttleby at Corringham, Essex in 1837.  Mary and Henry migrated to Australia on board the Sacremento from London finally arriving at Portland, Victoria, after surviving Sacremento's shipwreck at Pt Lonsdale 25 April 1853 (no loss of life).  There are only 2 of their 9 children listed in the ship's manifest.  Henry was engaged to work by Gibbs & Robertson of Merri Creek for period of 3 months.  The family then lived at Campbellfield, Victoria, where their 9th child was born.  Henry Tuttleby died 14 February 1855.
Children of Mary Hockley & Henry Tuttleby:
Mary b 1839 Essex (to Aust 1853, m Samuel Hamilton 1858 Campbellfield, Vic)
*  Henry b 1842 Essex
*  William b 1843 Essex
*  George b 1846 Essex (twin)
*  Golden (Golsden) b1846 (twin)
*  Alice b1847 Essex
Henry b 1849 Essex (to Aust 1853, m Harriet Charlton Pettitt 1878 Northcote Vic)
*  James b1852 Essex
Alfred b 1854 Campbellfield Vic Aust
(The children marked with  *  No record of them found in Australia to date - were they left behind in Eng ??)
Mary Hockley remarried on 28 Jan 1858 to James Bogle at her home in Campbellfield.  Her occupation at time of this marriage is stated as Storekeeper.  She is also shown to have by that time 6 deceased and 3 living (Mary, Henry, Alfred) children - no deaths in Australia have been found for the 6 children.  There were no children born to the marriage of James Bogle & Mary Hockley.
Mary (Hockley) Bogle died aged 78 yrs on 16 Feb 1893 in Collingwood, and is buried in Will Will Rook (formerly Campbellfield) Cemetery, Broadmeadows, Vic.  Both her husbands and other family members are also buried there.
I have additional information regarding the descendants of Mary Hockley & Henry Tuttleby's children Mary, Henry & Alfred if you are interested in following Mary Hockley's descendants further. I hope this is of some interest to you and I would be grateful for any information / assistance you could exchange on "Victorian" Hockley's ancestors in England - I'm not having much luck in that department I'm afraid!

Submitted by Carolyn Webb
Email:  [email protected]
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
January 27, 2002
Mary Hockley born circa 1816 in Essex, England.  Parents were James Hockley, a farrier, and Johanna Giggins.
Mary Hockley married Henry Tuttleby (son of William Tuttleby and Philadelphia Barnes) at Corringham, Essex, in 1837.  Mary (37) and Henry (38) left England from Deptford on the ship Sacramento on Christmas Day, 1852 with three children, Henry (3), Mary (13), and baby Alice Tuttleby.  It was a disastrous voyage - seven children under seven died within the first month, among them one year old Alice Tuttleby, on Jan 8, 1853.  A Melbourne newspaper report says the ship's doctor had died 10 days after leaving from ``an affection (sic) of the throat'' and that a chaplain took the surgeon's place.  The ship, before getting clear of England had been detained near the Downs for nearly a month by weather, which may mean Alice's death was registered in England.  Just before landing in Melbourne, Australia, the Sacramento was wrecked at Point Lonsdale, Victoria, on April 26, 1853.  No loss of life but Henry is said to have lost his carpenter's tool chest worth 100 pounds.  A new son, Alfred, was born in Australia in 1854.  In total, Henry and Mary had eight or nine children, all but Alfred born in England, but only Henry and Mary junior and Alfred survived their parents.  Henry Tuttleby senior died of typhoid only a year after arriving in Australia, while his wife Mary (Hockley) Tuttleby remarried a James Bogle, and died at age 77 on 16 February 1893.

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