Hockly Family in India
by Geoff Marshall

First Generation:
Reverend Thomas HOCKLY.
Thomas was employed Vicar of St Mary Abbots, Kensington, London.
Second Generation:
Captain Thomas Henry HOCKLY was born in Tufnel Park, London. He married Jenet CLEGHORN.
Thomas was employed Mariner.
Jenet CLEGHORN was born in Essex, England.
Jenet went to School at Bedford Grammar School in Essex, England.
Third Generation:
William Henry HOCKLY was born 11 Nov 1843 in Calcutta, India. He married Elizabeth Ann CLEGHORN.
William was employed Tea Planter.
Fourth Generation:
Ashton William Ross Pendarcene HOCKLY was born 13 Jan 1867 in Chandernagore, India and was christened in Hastings Chapel, Calcutta. He married Harriet Edna BRUCE on 1894.
Ashton was employed Colliery Manager in Bihar, India.
Fifth Generation:
Frank Bertram Ashton HOCKLY was born 7 Dec 1898 in Goluckdihi Colliery, Manbhum Dist, Bihar, India and was christened 7 Dec 1898 in Lutheran Evangelical Mission, Ghazipur, India. He died 24 Jul 1951 in Purley Hospital, London, England from Thrombosis of the heart. Frank married Clare Catherine WESKIN on 4 May 1926 in St James Church, Calcutta, India.
Frank was employed Inspecting Engineer, Commisioners for the Port of Calcutta in Calcutta, India.
Clare Catherine WESKIN was born 28 Feb 1897 in Calcutta, India and was christened 24 Mar 1897 in St Johns Church, Calcutta, India. She died 25 Oct 1972 in East Grinstead, West Sussex, England and was buried in Worth Crematorium.
Sixth Generation:
Anthony Leonard MARSHALL was born 1931 in Lewisham, South London, England. He married Sylvia Clare Ashton HOCKLY on 21 Jun 1932 in Croydon Registrars Office.
Sylvia Clare Ashton HOCKLY was born 13 Jun 1932 in Calcutta, India. She died 3 Oct 2001 in London, England and was buried in Worth Crematorium.
Seventh Generation:
Geoffrey Ian MARSHALL "Geoff" was born in Sussex, England. Geoff married Alison Jane DAVIS "Ali".

Submitted by Geoff Marshall


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Posted:  May 17, 2002