Form 3M - Hampden Secondary School
Form 3M

1961 - 1962

There was a considerable jolt between my second and third years. I left those with whom I had spent the previous two years, and for some considerably longer than that, and entered a class of virtual strangers. Mr Measday was supportive, encouraging and fun. His form room was sandwiched between woodwork on one side and metalwork on the other and was pretty noisy as a result.

The Golden Cap 1962 The trip arranged for this year was to hike from Swanage to Salcombe, carrying camping equipment. It was lead by Mr Wray the science teacher, accompanied by his wife. I got on well with his wife to start with, she discussing the basics of genetics in saddle-back pigs. Unfortunately I allowed myself to get sucked into some silliness with some other boys and she refused to discuss anything with me after that. A crab salad and scrumpy cider at Salcombe is an enduring and very happy memory.

Peter Major, K Brooks, R Eckland, M Yearwood,
D Purdy, K Carr, P Nethams, T Brown, P Kelly,
Peter Jennings, Lynn Piggot, Ruth Matthews





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