Teaching Staff at Hampden Secondary School
The teachers recorded in the school during its inspection of 1955 included Westaway, Salter, Wilkinson and Wilson. All four of these were still at the school when I joined in 1959 and all but Wilson were at the school when I left six years later.

Peter Ballard
Very kindly taught me Biology after school hours, and is therefore a prime candidate for thanks in getting me where I am now. He left teaching for a career in a recording studio
Chapman English. An odd man. Once he was wandering down the corridore outside a lesson of Mr Measday, when he picked a fight with a boy at the back of the class. They ended up brawling on the floor. Mr Measday appeared to ignore them, though I am not sure that Mr Westaway ignored the incident.
Valerie Dodds
English. No memories, though I think she may have been an attractive young lady....
John Gower
Woodwork. Had an inconsistent approach to his pupils. One week he would accept things that the next week he would blow his top about.
Mrs Gower Cookery. Wife of the woodwork teacher. I know nothing about her because these were the days of rigid sex stereotyping, woodwork, metalwork and football for boys, cooking, typing and netball for girls.
R Joy
Gardening. No memories except that I really enjoyed these lessons.
Victor Measday Maths and Technical Drawing. He also had responsibility for hearing pupils when they were to read the morning lesson from the bible. He liked The Supremes. He had a rather odd sense of humour, which included whacking boys around the legs with flexi-curves when they were taking more interest in netball matches than his technical drawing lessons. He became my hero because he believed I was capable of far more than I ever did. Unfortunately he gave up on me in the 6th form, I know not why.
Valerie Salter Deputy Head. Religious Knowledge. Like the headmaster was fairly unflappable. Disapproval was more likely to be shown by a disdainful look down the nose than by a raised voice.
Leonard Tozer
PE. Rather too fond of his slipper, but allowed the members of his form some self expression. It is probably significant that it is his form I have photographs of.
Jean Rook
PE. Was there for at least two years. I think she left to get married.
G Westaway Headmaster. Amazingly optimistic outlook, I cannot remember him losing his cool.
R Wilkinson Geography. I was in his form for a year and can remember virtually nothing about him. Walkies with Wilkies springs to mind, which would suggest field trips and the like, but I cannot remember any.
Brian Wilson English. On arrival at the school, this man had a reputation of being a pupil slayer. I think he must have mellowed, although he was pretty scathing about at least one of my attempts, and made us sweat blood learning a poem by Masefield, salt caked smoke stacks and all. He may have left before I did.
Wray Science. He could not smell gas, which made using bunsen burners interesting. His party piece one open day was to have a tap suspended in the air with water running from it. It was very impressive, as was his demonstration of air pressure using an empty oil can with a little boiling water in it.
Young Science. Quite a pleasant man, but an absolutely hopeless teacher.





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