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History of the Hoey name

"It appears that most families bearing the surname Hoey, most numerous in Dublin and in Co. Louth, will descend from the southeast Ulister sept, O'hEochaidh, but it is possible that some may descend a sept of the same names which was located in Co. Meath." #1

"O'Hoey, O'hEochaidh. The O'Hoeys were of primary importance in Ulster till subdued by their kinsman the MacDunleveys about the year 1300. There are however, Hoeys in Ulster of planter stock. These are Huey, a derivative of Hugh. Hoey is also the name of a Meath sept. IF MI Map Down. See MacGahey and Howe." #2

"Howe. This well-known English name is in Ireland, an occasional synonym of Hoey and Hough." #2a

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