Walter Johnson, Class of 1960, 40th Reunion  

Walter Johnson, Class of 1960, 40th Reunion, Nov 2000

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Mural in WJ Hallway

Hit it, Man [2 min. audio]

Oh the traditions, the traditions! Heel and Tie Day, Wear Green and White Day, Hang the Baron, and don't, don't ever, step on the spartan in the foyer, or you certainly will be down on your hands and knees shining up the plaque with toothbrush in hand. The above mural was respectfully submitted to WJ as a class gift and hangs prominently in a hallway of Walter Johnson. I took this photo of the mural on a tour of the school. But, to begin at the beginning:

Former classmates of the class of 1960 of Walter Johnson met for their 40th year reunion on November 10th, 2000. The reunion started off Friday night at the Kenwood Country Club with a dinner and DJ. Most felt too old or tired to dance, but we could still recall enough of the old days to laugh at ourselves and carry on lively conversations. Saturday, we got up early for a tour of the old high school with the Vice Principal.  Oh yes, the V.P. was much younger than any of us, but strangely enough, we still related. We heard many "one liners" from the boys and girls in our tour group as we walked through the halls, classrooms, cafeteria, snack bar, locker rooms, and the Principal's office. Afterwards, we car pooled it to Geppetto's Restaurant in Wildwood Shopping Center. No one asked for the Senior Citizen menu, at least not yet. The weekend continued with a few get-together parties. Then some of us packed up for the long trip home. As indicated from a page in the memory book, our class has now scattered to many other states including Hawaii and Alaska. Indeed, there are 27 former classmates living on the west coast in California!  So, hope to see YOU at the 45th?  In the meantime, enjoy a few reminisces from the 40th, and even a few from the 35th.

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UPDATE: In 2005, I attended our WJ 45th Reunion at Pooks Hill Marriott with camera in hand. But, rather than post them on this site, I posted the new images on my Internet album at my Picassa- be sure to click on the album entitled, "WJ, 45th Reunion".  And leave a comment for others to enjoy.

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