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Introduction to my genealogy pages.
Come in, look around and have a nice visit :)

Hello and welcome to my pages. I'm glad you decided to visit.
I started researching my family tree out of curiousity. Now I'm hooked, with no way out, as my fellow researchers, family historians and genealogists can attest to. I've been concentrating on my dad's side of the family, since my cousin is doing my mom's (her dad's). Dad's side of the family was/is relatively easy to trace, being as they are concentrated in one area. While I've been working on these pages, Gene Wynbissinger, Chuck Holmer and Susan Hosman have been collecting information (or supplying it).
I'm glad you decided to learn a little bit about my family. If you're part of it, please feel free to share.
If you have any additional information on any of the following surnames, please feel free to contact one of us.

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Any comments, suggestions, problems or mistakes? Please write and let me know.
Any additional stories and pictures of the families are also welcome if you'd like to share.
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the Wybie family

Photo Albums

Here are some of the pictures we were able to find of the families. When you get to the family photo album, click on any image to see an enlarged version. If any of the pictures are mislabeled or you know who any of the ? are, please let me know.

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          the Holmer family photo album
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          the Hosman family photo album
the Wybie family photo album
          the Roberts family photo album
          the Miller family photo album

Other Seneca county links

Seneca county cemeteries
Seneca county churches
Seneca county township maps
Krista Kuhn genealogy links

More to come as I find related ones.

Dad's family

My dad was born and raised in Seneca county, Ohio. Most of his family still lives there as well as most of his ancestor's being buried in Reed Assumption church.

The branches of his family tree are...

Mom's family

My mom was born and raised in Erie county, Ohio. She still has many relatives living in and around the area, although some of the younger generations have spread out. My cousin Laura will be supplying the information for these families, as she has researched them.

The branches of her family tree are...

My husband's family

My husband is originally from Fayette county, Pennsylvania. Quite a bit of his family still lives there. Although his family tree is branching out slowly, since we can't visit as often as we like, I'll put in what we have so far. Hopefully someone reading this will be able to help us.

The branches of his family tree are (don't laugh!)...

Know these families?

Please be sure to check out the individual family homepages to see it there is anyone you might know. We'll appreciate it. For those of you with limited time, here are a few shortcuts.

Stockmeister, Statmaster, Seasley, Siesel
I'll give more information, when I start putting the Holmer information into pages (and find out what or who is missing).

Barbara Didion After her mother's death, her father and siblings moved to Mercer county, it is believed that she stayed behind with family.
? and Rose Daniel family. According to her brother's obituary, she lived in Reed Township.
? and Mary Landoll family. From different obituaries, she was found living in Oklahoma. Her sons all eventually were Reverands participated in Joseph F. Schoen's funeral (in 1930). At that time, they were listed as living in Indiana, Oklahoma and Kentucky.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Henry and Anna Hosman family We have nothing on their children other than Henry Jr.
Frank Hosman, Mary Hosman, Joseph Hosman, Catherine Hosman and William Hosman
Henry and Mary Hosman family Looking for information on Gertrude's siblings
Albert Hahl married Theresa Hosman
Frank Roth married ? Hosman
Charles Lutz married Rosa Hosman
? Crist married Cora Hosman

John and Francis Schreiner family We have nothing on their children other than Mary Veronica.

Fayette county, Pennsylvania names such as Roberts, Redman, Smith, Walters, Doubt, Phillips, Malone, Worrel, and many more...

Individual Family's homepages (cousins)

Here are some links to individual homepages of some members of these families. If you would like your page listed here, please let me know.

Michael and Karin Hudson
Cara Roberts


You are welcome to search for your ancestors through this search engine. If you do find a link, please let me know. You are also more than welcome to just browse through the pages. I add pages almost daily, so if you don't find anything today, please check back soon. Before you leave, please take a moment to vote in the poll. I'm trying to find out how much interest there is for reunions, newsletters and the like. Thanks for visiting.

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