China List
A pictorial history of Raymond Carl Holtz in the China-Burma-India theater of World War II by his son, Robert L. Holtz

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Page 13-30)  India Photos
Page 31) American building in Kunming.
Page 32) Chinese building.
Page 33) Chinese - American Building.
Page 34) Chinese street with a photo supply store on the right.
Page 35) American building in Kunming.
Page 36) Chinese - American Building.
Page 37) Chinese military building with armed guards on each side.
Page 38) Street in Kunming.
Page 39) U.S. quarters somewhere in China.
Page 40) Hotel Marina with a Chinese restaurant.
Page 41) Chinese hotel used by some American personnel.
Page 42) Posted rules for the above hotel.
Page 43) Arched entryway at the end of a street in Kunming.
Page 44) More busy city streets.
Page 45) Chinese - American building.
Page 46) Two photos of a gateway to a China Market in Kunming.
Page 47) Street vendors.
Page 48 - 49 - 50) Farming the rice paddy's with water buffalo.
Page 51 - 52)    Lake Dianchi, from the Western Hills of Kunming.
Page 53) Temple.
Page 54) Great wall of China.
Page 55) Train ready to be loaded.
Page 56) Train loaded with refugees and waiting to leave.
Page 57) Refugees walking the railroad tracks.
Page 58) American airfield camp.
Page 59) American caskets at Liulang Air Base, 1343 AAFBU
Page 60-72)  Airplanes