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A pictorial history of Raymond Carl Holtz in the China-Burma-India theater of World War II

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Page 1) In front of a Chinese photo shop.
Page 2)     With a fellow soldier.
Page 3) With a fellow soldier.
Page 4)     With "Betsy", his truck, in India.
Page 5) At a Chinese marketplace.
Page 6)     At the American Red Cross, "Camelcade", Enlisted Mens Club, India
Page 7)     In India, by a monument
Page 8)     In China, on a rickshaw.
Page 9)     In China, purchasing jewelry from a man on a street.
Page 10)     In India, in the gardens.
Page 11)     In India, by a fountain.
Page 12)     In India, seeing the sights on a bicycle.

Page 13 to 30) India Photos