Following are some valuable sites to visit.

Family Tree of the Holtz's
The ancestors and descendants of Raymond Holtz with historical photos and notes.

The best web site for the history and organization of armed forces in the China, Burma and India area of the war.

Combat Cargo Index
Bill Bielauskas, in a tribute to his late father, put together a large site.  His CBI site is full of information on this part of World War II.  It has many pictures, many links to other military sites, especially those relating to the CBI, and brief histories of various divisions of the Army Air Force.  Included is a forum or guestbook where readers have left questions and remarks about experiences in India, Burma, and China.  This site is worth more than just a look.  This is a five star site!


Elmer Bukey has several sites related to World War II and the China experience.  The above is one of them that includes many pictures of military life in China from 1943 to 1945.  His personal experiences are written relating to the photos and the Army Air Force during that period.  As anyone interested in the war would realize, a first hand experience is invaluable information when fewer men are now available to give.

A Tribute To My Dad in CBI

A Tribute To My Dad - WARREN WEIDENBURNER - U.S. Army Veteran of the China-Burma-India Theater of World War II. Includes pictures from Assam, a brief history of CBI and links to other CBI sites. Large compilation of Ledo Road pictures. Dedicated to ALL who served in The Forgotten Theater.