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A pictorial history of Raymond Carl Holtz in the China-Burma-India theater of World War II by his son, Robert L. Holtz

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Page 60-72)  Airplane Photos
Page 73) 1350th AAFBU in Kunming.  My father is the driver and the other man is unidentified.
Page 74) My father with his truck, "Betsy", in Karachi, India.
Page 75)     India
Page 76) India produce man.
Page 77) Fellow servicemen in India.  Unidentified men.
Page 78) Fellow servicemen in India.  Unidentified men.
Page 79) American servicemen in China with a captured Jap flag.  Unidentified men.
Page 80) Fellow serviceman in India, Unidentified.
Page 81) Unidentified men.
Page 82) 1306th AAFBU in Karachi.  Unidentified men.
Page 83) Unidentified serviceman friend on a rickshaw in China.
Page 84) 1350th AAFBU, Kunming.
Page 85) The rock of Gilbralter taken from the return ship.
Page 86-94)  Fort Dix, New Jersey