Samuel R Allen

Samuel R. Allen 

Samuel R. Allen probably arrived in Hardin County, Tennessee penniless.  Very little is known about Samuel’s childhood.  Born August 16, 1830 somewhere in Kentucky, Samuel was reared by his grandmother until around six years of age.  Samuel remembered his father, a native Kentuckian, was a stone mason.  Sometime after he turned six, he was “taken home” by a Mrs. Banks and remembered they traveled for a bout a year.  Samuel traveled from the Chattahoochie River in Georgia to Kingston, Tennessee; from there on a flatboat on the Tennessee River to Limestone Creek, Alabama.  It was there, around 1840, he met Shep Thacker and returned with Mr. Thacker to Hardin County, Tennessee. 

In September 1855 Samuel married Harriet Whitlow, the daughter of Milton and Sarah Wade Whitlow.  The union resulted in the birth of eleven children;  Granville, William, George, Milton, Sally, Sherman, Grant, Effie, Wilburn, and two unnamed children who died at birth.  The names of the children, Grant and Sherman, certainly reflect Samuel’s sentiments during the civil war. 

        Harriet died January 26, 1884 and is buried in Liberty Cemetery in Hardin County.  After Harriet’s death, Samuel married Isabella Falls McDaniel.  Samuel died February 02, 1910 and is buried in Liberty Cemetery, Hardin County, Tennessee.

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